Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Viki Gomez bikecheck

An intro for Viki, without mentioning he's the 2010 World No 1, one of the most stylish and influential riders in the world is quite difficult, I've already blown that infact, but moving on, what I found interesting about this set up, is that Viki has tried all manner of set ups, read his advice at the end of this bikecheck and settled happily for this ride! What he might not settle for is the English winter! Enough of me rambling...

Frame: Fenix 2010 18,6 model made in L.A (Quamen bikes).
Fork: Space II fork with brake system.
Handlebars: Fenix 2010 9"model made in L.A  (Quamen bikes).
Barends: Kamakura.
Stem: Flybikes street.
Aheadset: Flybikes.
Grips: Suelo.
Griplocks: 059 brand (Japan).
Brakes: KGB reflex front brake system.
Tyres: Suelo 1,75.
Tubes: Flybikes cobra tubes.
Pegs: 059 brand plastic (Japan).
Seatpost: Suelo.
Seatclamp: Flybikes street.
Seat: KHE.
Chain adjustor: Kamakura.
Chain: KMC.
Cranks: Suelo 165.
Chainring: Suelo purple 20T.
Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Alcantara Grafito.
Rims: Suelo.
Front hub: Flybikes street.
Freecoaster: KGB.
Spokes: Primo.

Any modifications: 
I put a higher bar and a longer street stem for better balance in most of my tricks. Also shorter pecs for better and easier pivoting.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: 
My bike now is the ultimate model ever and just perfect just how it is.

Sponsors: RedBull,Suelo,Fenix Bikes,Innertwine.

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?If you want to improve your back wheel get a short frame,so you can manage deathtrucks, tailwhips, etc...if you want to improve your level of whiplashes put a very high and width bar and a longer frame. If you want to improve your pivot level, then put long pegs to learn even if you will not need them in the future. Besides that, train hard and try to learn something new everytime!

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bmxism said...

i wouldn't mind trying one of them FC..

flatmatters said...

What's fc Trevor?

Lísias Tabarelli. said...

Bike de Piloto Pro ...
no estilo de cada um...
Lísias Brasil.

flatmatters said...

Interesting about the smaller pegs, I can't pivot at all on them, kills my feet also, had to change to a bigger peg, the gomez fly peg ironically....

bmxism said...


Voodstoc said...

It is similar to the Boo, I believe. Taska's/Ares sealed bearing freecoaster. I love bike checks.