Saturday, 31 July 2010

Old school sundays...

My first pro contest, Limoges, France. Looking back, what a contest this was!

Friends and Family Day

Friends and Family Day from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Girls& Kids class at the KOG round 2

Terry Adams and Cali crew at the Globe spot

Jamie Bestwick 4 peats at the X Games!!!

Congrats to my old mate Jamie Bestwick killing at X Games last night, at the age of 39, Jamie just keeps getting better!! 4th title in a row! Inspiration to all us old heads!!

Battle of the year Singapore style!!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Yoshihiro Shinde Interview!!

Intro: Effraim
Interview: Effraim
Translation: Takuji Kasahara
Photos: Supplied by Shinde.

Shinde's edits this last year especially have catapulted him to flatland fame worldwide, of course besides being a great video producer, he is a great rider, giving a lot back to the scene in japan. Flatland could learn a lot from him. Sometimes I do interviews for this blog, and after I feel like I didn;t really learn anything, I have to to say, I got a lot out of this doing this interview, and i'm sure you will to! So without further a due, lets get started with this interview.

Whereabouts in Japan are you from?
I'm originally from Wajima,Ishikawa,Japan.It's like in the countryside, but it's very good place to be.
How did you get into flatland? When I was at junior high school I was so much into computer games and spent a lot of money on it. All of sudden I noticed that even if I master computer games getting nothing.I sold my computer games, and bought a skate board because, I wanted to do something opposite to computer games.I got good at it as soon as I started skateboarding. I'd been too elated that I was a good skateboarder. One day my brother introduced to me some BMX riders and I got impressed by them. They were York and Masashi who is Ares's designer.My brother was a college teacher and York and Masashi were students of the college.

Who are sponsored by?

How long have you been riding, I know it’s been a while, whats kept you motivated?
I've been riding for 16 years. As for a pro rider, my motivation is from Aresbykes. As for a rider, it's simply fun. Creating tricks is fun and I like riding with other riders without any thinkings.

Who have been your biggest influences growing up in flatland?
I used to watch flatland videos everyday back in the days, hard to pick one rider. So I say every riders who was active in the scene back then.   

If you could pinpoint a reason why flatland is so popular in japan what would that be?
Because top riders built the BMX scene as sharing joy with everyone, and we are taking over the soul. 

It seems you have many events in japan, not only the big ones such as kog, but small jams?
I think small jams are really important for the scene. Everyone can get spot light even beginners.Everyone can play the leading role at the jams and everyone rides, learns and influences.

I like what you said about jams, and the importance of them? Looking from an outsider into japan, it appears you have a very structured scene, which helps the riders? Would that be correct?
I think big contests here like KOG has huge influence for the flatland scene in Japan and a lot of riders take aim at the KOG and that is kind of indicator for riders.I don't know if it's right or not.One thing I can say is the riders who should lead the scene have to speak more loud for the scene, or their dreams.You can't change anything if you are making conventional remarks.

What do you do for a job? And how often do you get to ride these days?
I work for an affiliated company of Toyota as precesion development designer. I do with cars and lives, energies and everything. I ride one or three times two hours session during a weekdays and I ride at weekend too.

Tell me about mingle? I love the mingle edits...
Mingle is an apparel brand found by a flatland rider Osamu from Nagoya.The concept of the brand is mixing many things and cultures up so I tried to follow the concept when I edited the movies. There used to be the head shop of Mingle in Nagoya but that's gone now. So less actions from Mingle now.Everyone is expecting me new movies, but it's little hard to do that in this situation.

Thats a real shame about Mingle, so whats next in the pipeline for you?
I want to make videos regularly and improve photographs quality. 

Now you have been riding many years, what are your influences now and how have they changed form when you started?
The biggest motivation for me comes from Aresbykes. That fills my creative side with creating tricks and BMX parts and movies taking pictures, organizing and participating events. I always love creative things since I started riding and that doesn't change.Japanese riders are very friendly and funny to hang out with! I'd love to share my time and ride with as many riders as possible, while I'm a rider.

Interesting what you say about picking up skateboarding very quickly, do you see any similarities with the movements of flatland? Did you pick up flatland quickly?
I see similarity in skatebording and flatlanding. It's about balance points, importance of timing etc...Flatland was harder to get balance point at the first, but I guess I learnt everything quicker than others.My first trick was decade and I first landed decade in a week even, before I learnt bar spins.I got 1st place in open class at my first contest, when I was at high school. I don't think the level was so high though.

Do you have much input into the designs of Ares products?
Basically, Aresbykes designer Masashi is tracing plans for most of Ares products.We give him our ideas and feedback and we discuss about the detail and specs.I think if one person do everything on the parts by ones own it's not ending up as good parts for everyone.There have to be more than one experts objectively conclude them to be right, otherwise we can't develop right parts for everyone continually.Aresbykes has structured very good systems for developing parts.  

How much longer do yourself competing for Shinde?
As long as I can move and as long as I can enjoy contests. 

What are your best memories of riding through your last 16 years?
I have so many good memories of BMX life, it's tough to choose "the best one" .I got injured in foreign country and went to hospital, I used to admire some riders the riders became my friends and now some riders admire me.My bike has hooked me up with chicks, someone made a fool of me riding such small bike and I fought against them...Everything is good memories and everything is good experience.There are nothing without BMX.

Any final shoutouts/thanks?
I'd like to thank to everyone especially Effraim for giving me this opportunity and Taku for translation.Even a little thing is need for making up something.And to young riders, study and learn more things that expand your views. Looking back on my past, I don't think I studied well though..We need everyone's support to make this scene better.Think something from one step ahead.

KOG Round 2 final top 3 battle!!

Incredible consistency from Moto and Takahiro!! Enjoy this one!!!

Chad Johnston S&M signature parts!!

Hell must have frozen over!! Look out flatland world, you are about to be blessed with some bike parts from the best 20 inch bike company in the world... S&M Bikes is coming in swinging with products that will last like the Initrikat bars which are out now and soon to come, stem, fork and Chad Johnston's signature frame.
-Sean Mckinney

The Chris Bohm show

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sam Foakes flatmatters exclusive in pouring rain!!

Whilst I was up at Sam's stag do in manchester, this past weekend, Sam wanted to go riding whilst it was pouring down with rain, Sam learnt this new trick, fire hydrant round the bars to backwards crackpacker (then combo'ed it) twist whip to halfpacker backwards backpacker out, check it out!

Matt Wilhelm takes you through some of the basics of flatland!!

Everyday someone contacts me about advice for learning the basics for flatland, so today I searched for some videos to help riders out, this video even though its old its still great for the beginner flatlander! Beginners take note of Matts advice! Enjoy flatland! 

Shintaro Misawa Fat favs!!

Fat Bmx is kicking arse with flatland updates recently, check out Shintaro's Fat favs, link below!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Owen Bohn

This kid rips, 18 years old, enjoy!
Owen Bohn contest online v2 final round from antonio pagani on Vimeo.

FAT FAVs list with Camilo Gutierrez

Terry Adams reports on his trip to California

Photos plus text on Terry's recent trip to California, check it out!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

JF Boulainne Thunders Of july Part 2

Thunders Of july Part 2 from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Masters report on lostbmx!

Nice report on the BMX Masters event on Dez's website/blog: check the link:

Yosuke Shibuya clip

Unknown japanese rider, killing it on this pedal 5 combo, enjoy!

David Nagy edit

Diversion TV Giveaway!!!

Watch the video, answer the question, and your in with a chance, simple!

Leo Claro compilation

Flat at the dew tour!

A random flat jam went down in between showers at last weekends Chicago dew tour, good fun with a bunch of ramp guys messing with flat, Brian Tunney was on hand working for ESPN to liven things up, and ended up winning the jam, good times!This looked super fun!

Gabo edit

All the way from mexico, thanks Gabo!! Keep it up!!!
GABO edit from Niko Del Real on Vimeo.

Old tricks Waldemar Fatkin edit

old tricks from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Suelo contest!!

Viki is holding a "suelo" contest in the North of Spain, in Vigo, heres the word from Viki..
"On the 6,7 and 8 of August ! It's a perfect floor, perfect beach and perfect sea food ! Come and enjoy the north culture of Spain ! Ride on !"

Monday, 26 July 2010

KOG Round 2 edit!

Wicked stuff from the KOG round 2 this weekend, some serious back wheel in this edit!

Jonathan Danker edit

July Webvideo from Jonathan Danker on Vimeo.

Kwon Seongtaek wins King of Finland contest!

1st-Kwon Seongtaek
2nd-Aleksi Ritsila
3rd-Julies Salo

Robert castillo BMX freestyler trailer

Larry Bull 87 Holeshot style

Normally reserved for OSS, but couldnt resist posting this! Classic Larry Bull footage from the Holeshot 87 contest in London!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Moto Sasaki wins round 2 KOG in Kobe!

Results just in from Round 2 of the KOG, congrats to Moto Sasaki for winning the second round and now leading the series!

1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Takahiro Ikeda
3rd Nao Yoshida
1st Fumiya Kanna
2nd Kazuma Nakajima
3rd Yasushi Tanabe

Old school sundays...

Nowadays Carlo Griggs runs IMG distribution/Proper Bike co,a busy man! Old school sundays today takes it back to the BMX Beat days!!!

New Shinde edit!!

Interview also coming real soon!! For now enjoy this!!

Sevisual Adam Kun BMX Masters 2010 edit

Flat is back edit!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Deep Bmx discuss organising the Masters!!

Photos: Mike S

A few months ago, you like me probably thought the BMX masters was done, with regard to flatland! If you have ever been to the Masters you will know, that consistently each year, flatland is one if not THE best event, it runs on time and smoothly, draws a massive crowd, the riding goes off,theres a tension at this contest that can't be explained, its a big deal if you win the Masters! Thankfully this year, Deep Bmx stepped up to the plate and took matters into their own hands! I can't say enough good things about Deep, for me, they are already one of the best brands in flatland, in a very short time, i'll leave it at that! Go buy a Deep product, support the riders who do make a difference to this sport we all love! Without further a due, heres a short interview I sent over to the Deep guys to see how it all went from their perspective!

Alright guys, first off, Congrats for pulling the flat comp off, you deserve a lot of respect for doing that!!!How do you feel the event went? 
Exhausted! But we both think the event was a big success. We had many riders from all around the world competing in two classes. We had 60 amateur riders and 23 pro riders which is amazing when you think about how many riders cancelled their flights, and changed their travel plans.

What problems if any did you face organising the event? 
To be honest we did not have too much trouble at all. We had a lot of work but no trouble. Worries like the weather were always in our mind, cause the budget was not big enough for a tent. But everything was good!

Who helped you with putting this on?
Power Balance of course cause they paid the prize money, and without them nothing would have been possible.. We cared about the contest,schedule,djs,judges,mcs,etc.

Why is it so important flatland is in an event like the bmx masters? 

Cause we think it is all one, and it has to be at least one big event in the world where it comes all back together. And Flatland always has been a big deal at the Masters or Worlds, every Jugendpark Contest. That’s how it started there!

Deep is a young brand and already I think you guys are widely admired and building a great reputation for the future, the future looks great for you guys! Whats next?

We are a small brand and try to grow slowly, but healthy.We have many ideas, but all step by step. We will keep doing our stuff like we did till now.

Any thanks/shoutouts for this last weekend? We already did our shoutouts on facebook but it can’t be told often enough!
Thanks for all the riders who showed up at the Masters, competing or just yelling from the crowd. Thanks for all the people helping us to make this such a great event. Thanks to Roman, Mike S,James Smith,Sebi from Hungary,Tom,Catfish, people at the deep booth, Myla, Jäz, the booty call crew,Wolfgang and Dennis,the masters crew for the good food, drinks, tools and a good set up!

Thanks to all!

Deep BMX!!! 

Red Bull Flat Jazz

Hey Guys!
I'm really happy to introduce you to a project I have been working hard on the past 6 months with Red Bull.
The Red Bull Flat Jazz is going to take place 9th Sepember in one of the most awesoem venue in 
It's going to be a meeting between Bmx Flatland and Jazz. Jazz mind sounds like old school and not entertaing, but the guys I'm working on with are one of the best musicans of the planet. they are the 
new school of Jazz. Both of the discipline/art are very freestyle so it's gonna be interesting!!!
To represent the Bmx part, I took the cream of the cream: Viki Gomez (
Spain), Alex Jumelin (France), Yohei Uchino (Japan), and I!!
More info on
The teaser is here:


Twitter: @MatthiasDandois


OBC 2 from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Takahiro Ikeda in Madrid

Dominik Nekolny's final run @ BMX Masters 2010

Great run by Dominik!

Keisuke Tanigawa & Co smashing it in Japan part 2!

Bunch of good fun in this edit!