Sunday, 31 May 2009

Nao Yoshida wins Under 23's contest in Yokohama/Matthias Dandois wins in Lyon

Congrats to Nao Yoshida, who just won the Under 23's contest in yokohama! Nao was over at the Green Mile last year and the Circle Cow, super cool guy and shredder for sure. The contest is simple concept, riders 23 and under can enter.

Top three below...

1- Nao Yoshida
2-Takahiro Ikeda
3-Yasunuri Isijima

Video from last years Under 23's which was dominated by Moto Sasaki...

On the other side of the world, Matthias Dandois won this weekends contest in Lyon, top five results look this:

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Alexis Desolneux
4th Joris Bretagnolles
5th Raphael Chiquet

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hotoke on St Martin!! Takuji Kasahara japanese correspondant for flatmatters!!!

Hotoke is now hooked up by St Martin Japan (lets hope World team soon, as one of Worlds best riders!!), check the link below for few pics and what not, rough translation from Taka reads:

"Hotoke is now on St martin Japan Team. we couldn't give him new st martin parts due to Taiwanese factory problem, he is killer!! Oh i think you guys already know that"...

Takuji Kasahara from Koshigaya japan is now helping me out as japanese correspondant on news, videos, interviews, kog reports, below is a video of Takuji busting out, this is old stuff and he will have a new video in two weeks.

Thanks to Takugi for his help, and congrats to Hotoke for the hook up with St Martin! Much deserved!

Red Bull Flatland Clinic

Red Bull crew doing it right in Tokyo, Japan, this kinda follows on nicely from trevlon's essay, building that structure, these kind of clinics worldwide, possibly seasonally would do great things for the future development of grassroots flatland.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Trevlon Hall takes the writing role in Flatchat part 2

Ok…here goes! This is a follow up too Part 1 of my FlatChat interview and the article I posted on facebook titled, “Infrastructure And The Future”. For those of you that did not read the interview or the article - please do, and add to your mental database. As for those who have been reading…I continue to push where it matters most to me – infrastructure!
On Saturday July 25th 2009, there will be an official launch of the, “TREVLON HALL BMX FREESTYLE FLATGROUND”. A monumental addition to flatland’s infrastructural history…a spot declared for flatland that’s fully endorsed and supported by the government of Trinidad & Tobago. A spot that parents will fell encouraged carrying their kids and leaving their kids. A legitimate place which will attract a new wave of respect, talent and business. A place the kids could have fun and train without distractions.
As a rider visiting from another country you will fell most welcome in knowing that our legal framework and sporting system supports & respect your passion and in most cases your life. The spot will be added to our sport directory and every other national directory where necessary for added exposure.

"A legitimate place which will attract a new wave of respect, talent and business. A place the kids could have fun and train without distractions."

Trevlon working a two footed death truck

Ponder this - How nice will you feel as a flatlander on a plane heading to a country browsing through their tourism catalog and there are legitimate locations for Flatland? I have seen Bmx Ramp Parks advertised in Catalogues many times when I am on a plane – the same can happen for Flat!
When I get on a plane to travel to another country as a die-hard flatlander, the first thing I do is unpack, build up my bike and think about where I can go ride. If you know a local rider when you travel to a foreign country the process is easier to borrow tennis courts, basketball courts, and parking lots. If the rider has his own backyard spot, then you’re in heaven – but that’s personal, and not public!
If however, you don’t know a local rider and you are on you’re own looking for a spot to borrow, the process can end up dissatisfying and ugly. There are no guarantees to a good session! I don’t know about you, but I hate to trespass when it comes to riding my bike in peace, especially in foreign territory. I like to give people their respect for the stuff they earned via their hard work and keep out of unnecessary hassle and trouble.
When you go to a country where a decent bmx ramp riding scene exist – you can simply in most instances find a park through directories and the likes. The fact is -There are legitimate public locations to ride !!! The same is true with many other ORGANIZE and SUCCESSFUL sports.

X footed two footed dump truck carved into...(vids soon)

If in your country you are comfortable with using the Natural Infrastructure. Please note, that some countries Natural Infrastructure are not flatland hospitable. Everyone is subject to different conditions and environments. The FLATLAND PARK concept in no way will take away anyone’s spot. It’s a plus to what already exist. Of course our sport exists! But too who - Our flatland community, or the General Public? Bmx Street and Sk8boarding, have a choice between the streets and legitimate locations with a Public address - its up to the individual to choose where they want to ride/sk8. But the evidence is ample - they have somewhere legitimate that identifies their sport to the General Public and in the bigger picture adds to their industry on many, many levels.
I worked diligently on this concept because I was sick and tired of distractions, disrespect and other dissatisfactions over the years. There were no guarantees to the spot I called mines whenever I went out to ride it – if tennis was going on at the spot. I had to either find somewhere else or wait to borrow the spot. It got so ridiculous at times I had people playing netball, cricket and even jogging around me whiles I was in the middle of a deep sweet session.
I don’t know about you, but I am not going to keep on borrowing, and I don’t want others to go through the same dissatisfactions I have dealt with over the years. Who is to blame? Getting organized is very important, and as an elder in the sport on the island – I am doing exactly that. In fact, when I travel to other countries and return home…I don’t want to worry about borrowing spots other organizations labored for or returning to a reclaimed spot whiles I was away and other critical concerns.

"I worked diligently on this concept because I was sick and tired of distractions, disrespect and other dissatisfactions over the years. There were no guarantees to the spot I called mines whenever I went out to ride it – if tennis was going on at the spot. I had to either find somewhere else or wait to borrow the spot."

I want to see the pros make a living from flatland and more parents encouraging their kids to get involved. For the least, I want to see the best things happen for our sport. Like I always say – Everyone has a part to play in the industry and I will push where I can on my part. My biggest inspiration in flatland at the moment is setting up infrastructure for our generation next. That’s me…everyone has a different motive. You do you, and I’ll do me!

Backyard jump switch in the wet

I am going full force with the Flatland Park concept out here and my Local Government loves it. They don’t understand a g-turn from a crack packer, but they certainly understand that a Flatland Park can distract kids from violence, drugs, gang warfare and other social ills. At meetings my language is not about how long I spin and balance for – it’s about our youths, and giving them an opportunity to excel at something positive which will benefit the community and the nation in the bigger picture.
I was fortunate enough to be using a tennis court for the past 10 years that was scarcely used by our local tennis association. I was always a respectful and positive example in the community and over the years other riders made it a place to practice although we were faced with constant distractions. Like I said in my interview for Cream Mag issue#33 – I did the best I could in deviant conditions.
Feel free to ask Jesse Puente about the surface we have been using for years and how many flats he got on his last visit to Trinidad? The nature of the conditions I faced over the years amounted to the push I am today.

"I was fortunate enough to be using a tennis court for the past 10 years that was scarcely used by our local tennis association. I was always a respectful and positive example in the community and over the years other riders made it a place to practice although we were faced with constant distractions."

So basically, the spot, which was originally designed for tennis, is being transformed to our first Flatland Park. Legally no more tennis – Legally flatland - In fact, some of you all are use to seeing signs marked, “ No BMX”. I will have signs saying, No Tennis, No Cricket, No Jogging, No Basketball, No Football and a lot of other NOsss !!! [laughter]
The transformation of the tennis court to a Flatland Park comes with a cost attached to it. Local government is taking up part, and I contributed the rest. I am using my Contest budget from local sponsors and other earnings. I am throwing everything into the park for the kids and our generation next. If I had to sell everything I have just for a Flatland Park for the kids - I will do it. I have made major sacrifices over the years for flatland and I will do whatever I can for the youths and the generation next. The long-term benefit is Priceless! I love our sport and will risk anything to help build it constructively and for youths.
Here are 4 main questions most parents ask when their kids want to pursue flatland as a career. There are many more, but lets look at these for the moment.
1) How much does a flatland bike cost?
2) Where can I buy you that flatland bike and where can I get you literature/flatland education?
3) Where are you going to ride that flatland bike?
4) What are the rewards?

I rode with many kids over the years whose parents were not satisfied with the answers to those 4 questions and pressured their kids out of riding. I like talking with parents and hearing their views – I can learn something and help positively impact the (4) main questions. Now if you want to learn more, just do a survey on global-flat with the youngest riders online and find out what questions their parents ask. Those 4 questions is a book by itself!
Anyways, We need to have respect for our sport and talk positive about it. If we expect to get unconditional respect for flatland, we must take time to give it the care and respect it deserves. Getting it organized is a seriously critical issue. If you like the concept of a Flatland Park and you see impossible, you would attract impossible. Moves like this would not happen over night. We sometimes see the world not as it is, but as we are. Think and act positive…team up with likeminded others. Become citizens of persistence, and addicts of commitment.
The reality of an airplane was once impossible…the reality of a cell phone was once impossible…the reality of your tricks was once impossible and every other gift of human labor. We made all these things possible with unshakeable faith, definiteness of plan and consistent labor. Great things don’t happen over night. There is like a bazillion tons of info online about how to get a skatepark/bmx park going in your community. These guys faced many setbacks before they acquired parks. You can read some of their articles and learn something that can apply to our industry.

"We need to have respect for our sport and talk positive about it. If we expect to get unconditional respect for flatland, we must take time to give it the care and respect it deserves. Getting it organized is a seriously critical issue. If you like the concept of a Flatland Park and you see impossible, you would attract impossible. Moves like this would not happen over night. We sometimes see the world not as it is, but as we are. Think and act positive…team up with likeminded others. Become citizens of persistence, and addicts of commitment."

Flatlanders have to learn to develop their industry and not be totally dependent on others to do it for them… we have the power to make or break our industry. Don’t blame it on a,b,c,d,e, or f - become more talented and serve from a productive perspective. Big cooperate wigs, community officials, councils, local government, distant government – you name it. How will you get them to know about our sport? Or even better – get them to support it!
By taking the necessary steps that will encourage them to support it. By taking it to them in a language they can understand. Are you going to walk into their office for the first time and get support? Are you going to let that big FAT NO stop you? A quitter never wins and a winner never quits! In some places this might take years, but if you really want it, you should make moves towards it.
How many times did Thomas Alva Edison face temporary defeat before experiencing success with his historical inventions? There are countless others throughout world history that had the same faith. I did not get my local government to support flatland, before falling on my face countless times over the years – just like learning tricks… has to learn from every endeavor. We must become citizens of persistence and addicts of commitment on different levels. We do it to learn tricks, and we can apply the same principals to develop our sport.
We have to make time to develop key areas of the flatland industry. Contact your media houses when you are having events. If you have to do your own edit and hand it to them – do that! Don’t let them cover to your dislike and them blame them. Do it yourself! Contact bookstore owners if you have too and tell them your flatland community is dying for literature (magazine/books that support flat). Tell them you will advertise their store every time you do a school demo or whatever it takes to get it across to an audience. Take a booth if you have too with books and magazines from their store. Become actively involved beyond riding if you have what it takes! This will help heaps…
We are the core industry programmers; we must become diverse with skill sets that will build our sport. As time goes by, we will need hardcore literature on our judging systems and other fundamentals. The more education and organize documentation of our sport the better for everyone.
I am super busy at the moment, but sacrificed some time to share some of my ideas and feelings with everyone once again. I will talk and contribute more as time goes by. I am doing some refining to the constitution I wrote which was part responsible for the FlatPark and showing government how serious I am about our sport. I know it will help others with similar goals and I would most definitely make it available to flatlanders who are extremely, extremely, extremely serious about organizing our sport. Flatland will tremendously benefit from serious associations and organize behavior.

We are the core industry programmers; we must become diverse with skill sets that will build our sport. As time goes by, we will need hardcore literature on our judging systems and other fundamentals. The more education and organize documentation of our sport the better for everyone.

Remember that every great organization began with ONE person and every SUCCESSFUL sport or person was once UNSUCCESSFUL.
Go with strength and undying faith. We will be seeing legitimate public riding spots on global-flat’s spots page in the years to come.

Peace and Blessing to all !!!

Trevlon Hall

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chase Gouin in Southsea....

a long time ago...but still, his whiplash moves amaze me!! The solitaire videos were great vids back in the day!

Aleksi Ristila

Thinking of entering masters at the worlds this year? This is one you will be up against, great production/great riding from a new emerging talent from Finland..

Ground Control from Julius on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cory Fester OG edit

Just came across this today on facebook, nice edit of Cory Fester, much more footage to come soon, keep a look out...

Agoride Fise video

More footage from the weekends Fise festivities...

Fise park..

Whilst the flatland at Fise was disappointing, the park contest was epic!!! Riders pushing the limit to take the win, I think flatland could learn a thing or two from this approach, and possibly as a result flatland would be more exciting to watch...

Monday, 25 May 2009

Fise finals

Ahead of his time? Steve Mulder

When I used to compete in the X trials/ X games this guys riding posed a lot of questions, how did he never make the cut, his approach was bangers with no fillers at all, other riders would combo for the entire routine time, which is better? Underrated? Misunderstood? Before his time? Would this stuff now get beaten by a time machine???

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fise Live: Matthias Dandois wins!

Just watched the Fise live, massive crowds, sunshine, vibe looked good, looked like a clear win for Matthias Dandois, dominating the 3 minute run format, with his signature backwards framestand tomahawk, pendulum to raph switch, the rest of the results I wouldnt be able to be certain (Jumelin second maybe?), lot of mistakes from all the pros, with exception of Matthias.
Great job from fise tv guys covering the event!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

More on the World BMX Battle in Leicester

Heres the word from Keelan:
Yo, here's the deal on the 'world bmx battle', it is an open contest so I want everyone to come to this!
The Saturday 25th july will be qualifying day, every rider will have their names put into a hat, for example if there is 28 riders, then the 14 that win their battle will go through to next round, the 14 left will battle each other, the winners of that round then battles the first group winner, and keep battling til we have 8 riders for the big final on sunday 26th july, so every rider will get to battle a few times!

It's gonna be big! I wanna see every rider down here, and also there will be slightly different judging, yes we will have judges to judge the riding, but also the audience will have an influence too! mainly on the final though, so make your plans to be here!
The best airports to go to for riders coming from abroad are Nottingham, East Midlands, or Birmingham, for first choices, then there is always London.

im just trying to organise a big party saturday night

Friday, 22 May 2009

Sean Parker Flat/Street Flava

Nor Cal legend Sean Parker is maybe not that well known in the scene, but this guy shreds with a flat/street flava, below fakie truckdriver (540?), and also check the revenge website, to full bars, insane!!

Great interview with Sean on the come up,

Velvet Taxi digest

Some great stuff here from Trevor Meyer, Edgar P, Nate Hansen, and Jay Miron. Enjoy!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

More Paul Osicka vids

In keeping with the theme this week of old school vids, heres some more of Mr Osicka, for me this stuff nevers gets old, love the props interview, "Oh come on whateverrrrrr"..

Kerry Gatt

Still busting, double ice cream sundae!!! Bosh!!

Underrated? Ahead of the time? Ross Smith

Ross Smith in my mind is one of the all time greats in flatland, mad skills, creative, flowing, originality, and moves that stand the test of time, who else is doing multiple straddles, who else? Buttery style!!! Much respect due!

Ross Smith from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

Trevor Meyer Interview (20 inch video magazine)

Old school heads will remember this from 20 inch video magazine, new school riders enjoy some banging riding! Interesting insight to the world of Trevor Meyer!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Style: Paul Osicka

Lot of talk these days about style, well for me this guy represented "style". Unreal footage still now, style for miles, his style cut across to street also, and made flatland respected by street heads all over the globe, his tricks still copied to this day, but his style remains untouched...

Remember this? Dope Ammo!!

This video was insane back in the day, and still I watched this today and theres parts that are killer today, and parts where you are left thinking wow that particular trick hasnt progressed much at all? Andrew Arroyo blew me away on this video, so smooth, junkyard glide to death truck,hang five step around to halfpacker, eons ago...Puente xft coasting frontyard?? people only just doing that now...Classic Jones,Gouin, Brandt footage, this stuff is golden.

This is one of Peter Olsens contributions, keep an eye out for more blasts from the blasts in the next coming week or so.. Let us know what you think..

Adam Kun Half cab whopper to halfpacker vid

Adam Kun mini 2009 05 from sevisual on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hollywood jam 13

Raw, uncut video, nice coverage of Eric Wright, bikeflip bunnyhops attempts, check it out...
Thanks to Pete Olsen for hook up on the vid...

Underrated: Yoshiki "Hotoke" Uchino

Last week I wrote on this blog that Hotoke is underrated, ive been been watching this edit below a fair bit lately and thought id stick it up, insane ease of which he pivots from two footed hang 5 to xft crackpacker flip to steam, buttery, one of my favourite riders for sure, much respect.

Enjoy the vid, from 143 onwards..

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Harlee Cup 2009

Awesome to see Rob Alton still riding, and progressing...

Moto Sasaki- turbine skills

If you have ever rode with Moto, you will know this guy has the skills, so many tricks!!!

moto sasaki how to vol.1 from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The winner of the Backyard DVD Boxset is..................

Stuart Dawkins @ Seventies has kindly sent flatmatters "the ten years of backyard boxset", 6 dvds, featuring Backyard 1992, KOC 1992, Behold the wonders that never cease, Angus, Unlock your bmx, Location, Last Resort, Word, Livid, Less is more, From Love to hate and back again, number 10, and the Anthology break down of the ten years. Plenty of flatland contained within this gem! Audio commentaries also as bonus, flatland wise from likes of myself, Amos Burke, and Dave Beveridge.

One of highlights is Dylan Worsley's section on Angus (1993), what I want to know to win the Backyard boxset is:

Where did Dylan Worsley reside in the UK? Was it?

1) Weymouth
2) Southsea
3) Worthing

The answer was Worthing...

A lot of entries thought it was Southsea.

The winner out of the hat, was...............Chris Taylor from Manchester............. Congrats!!!!! Awaiting your address Chris, so check your email! :) Fantastic prize!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered, good bit of fun.

Friday, 15 May 2009

World BMX Battle in Leceister UK

Keelan emailed details of contest hes putting on, more information, such as rider invites etc coming next week...

hi guys, just letting you know about a comp myself and lee musselwhite are holding on 25th and 26th july, its called 'world bmx battle' its gonna be huge!, the most important thing about this contest is that it is put on by the government (council)- no companies or sponsors invloved, so this is a massive step forward for flatland, the government are fully supporting a flatland event which shows they are now taking flatland as seriously as other sports and paving the way for more flatland,
it is going to be bang in the middle of the busy city center of my hometown 'leicester', free for the public to watch, and held on a weekend where it is very busy in the city, gonna be a stage with big tv screens/music e.t.c so its gonna be a huge contest with a huge audience and it will be 1 on 1 battles! there will even be a noise-meter so show how loud the crowd get for each rider!

Remix Taipei edit

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bicycle Film festival Tokyo Japan

Great edit, with banging riding for Ucchie and Tsutomu Kitayama. Enjoy!

Bicycle Film Festival TOKYO '08 PART 1 from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

Cream 33 review

The new issue of Cream bmx lifestyle magazine arrived in the post today, the cover features Terry Adams underwater upside down, Cream covers flatland like no other, issue 33 takes us to ten years of the magazine! An unbelievable achievement in itself, and testament to the fact a magazine can cover all parts of BMX and survive.
But for the purposes of this review I will just talk about the flat, it’s the flat that matters. Sorry couldn’t resist that!
The cover article is Floatland riders, 6 pages of Terry and models under water. In all manner of positions, oo er…
Alain’s editorial this issue focuses on the achievement of ten years of cream magazine.
My favourite articles of this issue, are the Ucchie interview, the story of how he arrived to be a pro rider (quite interesting so I won’t spoil it for you), his logic riding approach, how he handles the pressure, etc etc, all makes for great interview, Green g shot the photos, say no more!
This leads me onto Green G’s photos “Japanese influence”, this issue focussing on Hiroya Morisaki and Ryoji Yammamoto, I really like what Green G had to say about yammers riding “A kind of beauty is found in a trick trimmed of the fat and polished to the utmost point.”
The topic of one of best flatchats yet, Trevlon Hall gets a great interview and photos, talking about the need for infrustructure in flatland, and how hes grown as a rider.
Besides these three great articles which stood out for me, there’s coverage of the Circle Cow, two portfolios with riders Reny Issaly, and Sebastian Heck, Jomopro coverage, Chad Johnston’s interviews the Old school at the Woodward Reunion. Cream covers all types of BMX, it stands out for me as being the leading BMX magazine on the planet right now. Great issue!! Thanks Alain!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


For to long Bmx Flatland has gone without official Grounds Globally. Flatland’s infrastructural history is full of sessions in Car parks, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, and the likes. You were almost comfortable with spots created for other purposes. You sometimes argue when disturbed at your favorite spot. You know you are doing something positive and hunger to excel. You and others have teamed up for sessions over the years and have created turfs that many come to respect, but is it Government endorsed and Supported? Does it cater to the masses and our generation next? Is it in the legal framework of your government’s sporting system?
Do you exist as an official sport entity to your government? Ask yourself these questions when next you hit the PEOPLES’ parking lot, tennis court, or Basketball court, for your next session. WE have been using grounds, which were not designed, for our sport. Because of this, eviction, disrespect & distractions have plagued many globally and continue to agitate unimaginable progress for our sport. Those with personal backyard spots, in house spots, or turf respect - Let me remind you that there are many worldwide that suffer excruciating disrespect striving to do a sport they love. Think about others around the world and the less fortunate in your country.
Everyone would not mentally ignite on this information, I wrote this to spark and encourage minds worldwide that understand the value of somewhere we can call home. I know there are others out there that will wisely and passionately dedicate their life, like I did for infrastructural development. Everyone renders life to our sport in some special way or the other. Flatland Grounds throughout the world will result in a paradigm shift and augment our sport.
Flatland has evolved over the years and we must evolve its infrastructure to match our progression. If you care to research on the most ORGANIZE and SUCCESSFUL sports in the world - you will see an unforgiving truth through the centuries of time. They all evolved from a homeless status to gigantic stadiums and structures that identify their sport. The history of tennis for example began in the streets and was without a racquet, a rubber ball, a home, and a constitution. As the centuries went by the use of ones hand was replace with the racquet, the use of the streets was replaced with royal grounds and the vulcanization of rubber by Charles Goodyear supplemented stupendously to its growth. As you research the histories of ORGANIZE and SUCCESSFUL sports you would see staggering similarities. They all evolved from vagrancy and homelessness. A home for flatland would identify our sport to the masses and give way to quantum benefits. It is a critically important step in Flatland’s evolution. It will leave our generation next somewhere that they can progress without the distractions. They will be able to build on our models and evolve relative to the speed and creativity of our sport just like all other successful sports throughout history. Those who choose to stay in the shadows of places that were not designed for flatland can go right ahead. You have my blessings! Developmental flatland minds will make sure your children have official grounds to practice and have fun. There will always be riders that push riding standards, riders that push literature, riders that push media, riders that push events and many others will contribute life and constructive action which will result in our holistic development of FLATLAND Worldwide. I live in a future mind state everyday; I think about our youths everyday, I think about the future good of our sport everyday and I sacrificed my life where it matters most to me – infrastructure. I will live and die for flatland like a soldier in the field of battle. My actions will vibrate through reality more convincingly than spoken words. The, “TREVLON HALL BMX FREESTYLE FLATGROUND”, is the result of enormous hard and smart work throughout the years. I am most grateful for this supplementation to our sporting landscape, but more importantly – Our Nation’s youth will benefit tremendously from it and others throughout the world will be inspired to act. For those of you that are concerned about roofing and other comforts… remember the fundamental principles in life and learn from nature.
A newborn turns over first, then sits, then crawls, then walks, then runs. It is all done in steps – there are no short cuts. Be greedy to your government and you will stay in the peoples’ parking lot. This is the embryonic stage of Trevlon Hall..more gifts of consistent labor will follow as I continue to dream and act where it matters most to me – infrastructure! ASK NOT WHAT FLATLAND CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR FLATLAND...quote by my lifelong friend,"Brian Johnson". ...Let the Flatland Paradigm Shift Begin... by Trevlon Hall

Ares Bykes Toybox edit

With the release of Ares Vol.5 anyday, the update edits to hype up the release are coming fast, sadly no Hotoke, as he quit Ares, am I the only one who thinks Hotoke is so underrated??

Hi is a Toy box of ARESBYKES!? from YORK UNO on Vimeo.

Adam Kun Commercial

Not sure how many of you have seen this, sevisual edit of course, nice commercial..

Fundango commercial from adamkun on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Dez Maarsen edit

This guy is busting, great hopeful in my mind for the future of flat...

Pralex Cutting floor edit

Team Pralex are becoming infamous on the global flat forum, and making waves on the AM North American contest circuit, heres the footage thats not making their web video due out in June in HD, which rumour has it, Cory Fester is filming for...

Pralex "Cutting Room Floor" Footage from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Aki testing the Focus

Akihiko Takahashi New movie May 2009 from third-kind on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bike days edit by Chris Bohm

Big Bike Festival "BikeDays" BMX Flatland Skillz by Chris Böhm from Chris Böhm on Vimeo.

Bike Day final results

1. Dominik Nekolny
2. Alex Jumelin
3. Chris Böhm

Congrats Dominik!!

Jason Plourde edit

Jason kindly sent a link to his new video, thanks Jason!! Nice backwheel!

Jay May 2009 from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bike Days Qualifying results

Top three in pro from Bike days, finals tommorow....

1-Dominik Nekolny
2-Chris Bohm
3-Alex Jumelin

Special Elements Osaka

Osaka-special element from kyosen on Vimeo.

SPECIAL ELEMENT 2ND IMPRESSION from psychobmx on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Ikko Tanaka Osaka edit

Mislav at Zion bikes sent this through to me today.
Info on this video:
"Movie shoot within a single day in Osaka, Japan. Ikko Tanaka has been supporting MagicFruits for a few years now."

Ikko Tanaka May 09 session from MagicFruits on Vimeo.

Chase Gouin shows at Phog Lounge

Just found these on Youtube from May 6th, loved how Chase is explaining what hes doing to the crowd. Awesome stuff!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Emer Record Collection Extra

Emer Record Collection Extra from emer bmx on Vimeo.

The progression of Modern flatland

Great article on the Transworld by Fat Tony on the progression of flatland or more specifically, progression of how it is presented, and the role image is now playing in the sport.

Old style presentation-X Games 2000..

Modern day-Red Bull COB, Battle format style..

What do you think? Flatland seems to be at a point where there is a feeling amongest many that its time to go back with the rest of bmx, i.e xgames, dew tour. This years Jomopro went off, and introduces many more people to the sport, there is also the factor that modern day street riding is very influenced by basic flatland skills, what if it went more technical than that? What about the riders who dont care about image and are just riding their bikes, and progressing much faster than guys who are more concerned by their image? Whats more important fashion or function? Isnt there a place for everything within our small sport. Wheres the line? These guys that push the sport get nothing, and the guys that put on the show get everything. Let us know what you think...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mike S Video

Wondered where Mike S was after his BMX Games victory earlier in the year, well....

MIKE S VANS BMX from on Vimeo.

Monday, 4 May 2009

BMX War jam promo vid

Luis Elías Benavides Madrigal from Costa Rica works hard on the scene there, heres a lil taster for the BMX war jam...

Denes Katona!!

Caught a glimpse of this on Denes' myspace age the other day and have been meaning to stick this pic up for all to see, x handed nose wheelie! bonkers! Denes' doesnt mess around!!!

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Moto Sasaki vids

Jaffa inspired somewhat, but still I love watching this guy ride, mad skills...