Thursday, 31 March 2011

James White and his extended playlist!

James is so on it!(Insert Beastie Boys reference here) I interviewed James for an up and coming article and this extended playlist arrived! Complete with a lil' insight on each track, awesome stuff! Here's what James had to say about the topic. "Okay, i know this is more than five but you gotta know where I’ve been to understand where I’m at!!"..

1)Kraftwerk – one of the first electronic groups and basically invented electro/Hip Hop. I remember trying to copy this dance!! -
2)Doug e Fresh and Slick Rick ‘The Show’ – One of the first decent Hip Hop Tunes to make it into the main stream and the first record i learnt all the words too. -
3)Beastie Boys – I listened the beasties first album so much i wore the vinyl out. I still have two copies! -
4)LL Cool J- Can’t Live without my Radio – Not a truer word spoken! Would you believe the Beastie actually discovered LL and got him signed to Def Jam!! -
5) DJ cheese – DJ’S are a big part of my listening pleasure and this was one of the first proper tablelist. -
Extended playlist...
6)DJ Grand Master – While I’m talking about DJ’S  I can’t miss ‘flash’ who is basically the equivalent to Bob Haro in DJ Mixing. -
7)Eric B and Rakim – Follow the leader. As about as near to a perfect Hip Hop Record as you can get!!! -
"As I delved deeper into Hip Hop i discovered a whole world of music with nothing off limits Check them out":
8)Lou Donaldson - Midnight creeper - Blue Note Records Mod Jazz-
12)Ananda Shankar-Streets Of Calcutta-
13)The Doors - Peace Frog-

07 BMX Games Sevisual edit

Thanks to Tom @ Sevisual for sending this edit from the 07 BMX games some sick riding from the likes of Simon O'Brien, Mike S, Paul Chamberlain,and few others plus some park footage at the end...

Old school interlude- 20 inch video magazine

Ton of good riding from the old 20 inch tapes, this one has a mix, Trevor Meyer, Day Smith, Sean Peters, Jason Brown, Mike S (he's featuring hard this week), Val Naso, Bryan Huffman, plus many more.

Jim McKay edit

Some healthy progression from Jim, hows the "crack tapes" going jim?

Viki Gomez at the Red Bull Art of Motion in London

The word from Viki.."On the 20th of March 2011 I did a flatland show at the amazing contest of free running RedBull Art of Motion in the national theatre in London. It was a mix of BMX Flatland and Ballet as you can see in the video! Simply art of motion! Enjoy it!"
BMX Flatland Champion Viki Gomez show at the RedBull Art of Motion in London from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2004/2005/2006 BMX games footage

The BMX Games has been around for a few years now, but doesn't get much media attention, I was really stoked to check these out. Some really nice footage of the likes of Simon O'Brien and Shane Badman tearing it up at the 04/05 BMX games! That Forward Karl jump over the frame to backwards halfpacker Simon does will never get old, that is bonkers! The 06 edit features some dope Mike S footage!!! Thanks to Bobby Downing for sending these in!

Richard Reichel edit

Never heard of Richard before, sick rider, check this edit out, skills! More of this please! Anyone know much about Richard, wheres he's from, etc?
28.3 from Richard Reichel on Vimeo.

Akira Okamura Zai outtakes

Lil extras from the Zai dvd we reviewed about a week ago, Akira busting out in flat/street. Forgot to post this the other day...

Related Links:

Yuki Ryo Shibata short edit

Yuki has the hop whips on lock!

Sascha Heydeman edit

Spring time is here in Europe, Sascha getting it done outside!
Hannover Session March 2011 from flatlandfanatics on Vimeo.

Flatland Sorocaba edit

New faces, new scene, good to see, keep documenting guys whoever you are!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive!

Number 11 in the series, this time a back wheel combo that I have wanted to get done for a while, used the video documentation to push me to do it! First time I pulled this combo today after an hour of trying, I slightly adjusted my back cones, and first try, here is the result!

Hope for Japan Get together/jam in Yokohama

The flatland scene unites in japan to stay strong during this terrible time after the tsunami  and earthquake swept across japan, Nao Yoshida has a bunch of photos on his facebook showcasing a get together/ jam in Yokohama. God bless you all! Stay safe!

Words from Nao's facebook...
”Hope for Japan” 
Many people lost transportation to this power failure and the gasoline shortage, etc.The reconfirmation was good at not only BMX but also wonderful of the bicycle and it came because of this situation. many people are requesting the bicycle. Think by me that do not only have to take root to the environment of the day or more book the bicycle from now on.

Rooftop Chillin Bmx Stylez

Lachlan and Scott Miller hunting down a new spot on Toronto...
ROOF TOP CHILLIN BMX STYLEZ from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Thomas Noyer Turbine nose wheelie clips

Monday, 28 March 2011

Takahiro Ikeda 2011 Trailer

Sick new trailer from Takahiro!

Okinawa scene edits

Real nice Okinawa scene edits, showing all levels!

Whats going with Diversion part 3!

The final part is here, Bobby talks about travelling and event that can happen along the way, good stuff!
Check out his website here:

New Keisuke Tanigawa clip!

Loving this guys riding more and more, Keisuke has the buttery style down!, real motivation watching this guy ride!

Bob Walter edit

Tight edit from Bob Walter aka Bdubs!

Matthias Dandois Flat/street mix edit

Matthias cruising the streets of Paris, really nice edit for Red Bull. Check it out!

Jody Temple at the OG

Three posts in a row all out of Austin! Sick riding from Jody at the OG, with some Adam DiClaudio thrown in for good measure. Rad Dad does not stop!
Super Massive Black Hole from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

John Yull and the turn bucket

Yesterday we featured Karl Rothe in OSS, the inventor of the turn bucket, here is John yesterday with the brakeless version. 

Anthony Crespo's Farewell Jam - AFJ 2011

"Anthony Crespo came of for the 2010 Christmas Season. He stayed a little longer than originally planned that gave him the time he needed to produced an amazing video that is coming out soon. During his farewell jam he brought out a big LCD Flat TV to the OG to show the trailer on DVD. You can watch the trailer by visiting this​2011/​02/​og-trailer.html "
Anthony's Farwell Jam - AFJ 2011 from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Stephan Hearn BMX Plus interview

BMX Plus has been around for years, and always represents flatland really well! Check out these shots from the Stephan Hearn interview in the latest issue, really stoked on the xft halfpacker pivot shot! The internet is great, but you can't beat a great photo in a magazine! It was Stephan's dream to ride at the beach, Now it's a reality and immortalized in print!  Flatmatters at Bmx Plus! 

Produce 8 jam

The riders in Holland, have a tight community, and when James Alberto (a legend in the dutch flatland scene) said he would stop riding, the community got together to host this jam to try and re-motivate him, how can James stop riding after all this love!

Rainy Dayz Pt. 3

Featuring:Dave D, Vegas Mike, Shayne K. Thanks for sending this in Darin! Keep documenting!

Old school sundays with Karl Rothe

Yesterday on the flatmatters twitter,I asked who you would like to see in OSS this week? Todd Carter from California responded with Karl Rothe, along with a few other names. You may or may not know Karl invented the "Karl Kruzer" and "Turnbucket" (backwards wheelie to decade), which you see from this AFA footage by Kurt Schmidt, check it out!

Takuji Kasahara "Trick I did in 2010" edit!

Serious edit from Taku,lot of really nice switches! A must watch!

Dope Pete Brandt combo!

This looks so solid! Pete B ripping at Studio City! Jesse is stoked!!

Adam DiClaudio New Back Wheel Combo

Adam's New Back Wheel Combo from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Sean Fontenot and Jamie Bonthius LBC edit

Sean and Jamie getting there shred on in the LBC! Good memories from riding that underground!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Jean Buhlon in La Bastille

The word from filmer, editor, Matthias Dandois, "Jean Buhlon came to ride with me in Paris.I brought him to my spot called La bastille. We filmed this in less than 30 min so imagine how dialed he is.He was really psyched on the last tricks!Check it out!!"..
Jean Buhlon in La bastille from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Raph Chiquet and the fork issue!

Great to see some clips of Raph, Dope back wheel steez as you'd expect, then look what happened....
Raph Chiquet and the fork issue! from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Zion Focus is now on sale at Flatland Fuel!

Sam's long awaited "Focus" frame is now available to buy with a few improvements from the prototypes, myself and Sam have been testing for two years now. A lot of time, attention to detail went into the design of this frame, yes a lil' heavier than the norm, but lot stronger to! 

Frame info/specs:
Zion introduces the Sam Foakes signature frame, the Focus. Strong enough to withstand pro level riding for ages. There is also one great innovation that on Focus frame that you haven't seen on any other flatland frame before: Taper Lock dropouts. Taper Lock is a patented design of dropouts made by a Taiwanese rider that completely solves the problem of chain tension in a most simple way, without the use of chain tensioners.

TT: 19.0"
HTA: 74 degrees
STA: 71 degrees
CS: 13.25" Centered (13.0" Slammed)
DO: 14mm (Taper Lock dropouts; Compatible with 3/8" or 14mm axles)
Weight: 5.1lb/2313g

Clips with Sam onboard the Focus:

James White @ DeepBMX Passion Contest!

Smooth as glass, not sure if this is qualifiers, or finals...Anyone??Check back next week for James' playlist...

FAC promotion trailer 2011

Tight promo vid by the Kunstform crew!
FAC promotion trailer 2011 from marian h. on Vimeo.

Flatland in Zaragoza edit

I don't know much about the scene there,locals, Vaquero, Niko and Emi, getting the session on, keep documenting!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Calvin Tan edit

Been a while since I saw any new Calvin Tan footage, but here it is, fresh friday edit right here! Interesting style!

ATL World is flat documentary

Really nice documentary from the ATL scene in the US.

Jason Plourde combo!

Really nice back wheel flow from Jason!
Untitled from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Peter Szabolcsi "Sepy" clip

Dope front to back wheel combo by Sepy!

Random Brazilian edit

A bunch of dudes in this edit, I don't know. What I do know is that flatland looks alive and well there!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

BMX Underground Class KOBE Vol.3 +

Really nice edit from Kobe, Japan! Looks beautiful there!

JoMoShowdown 2011 Commercial

Jomopro is kicking off real soon, tight clip of Matt Wilhelm at the end of this commercial for the event!
JoMoShowdown 2011 Commercial from Autumn Ramp Park on Vimeo.

John Povah Interview

Terry Adams gets some love in this interview "Definition of a Pro" with Etnies TM John Povah, good to see flatland and Terry being given some respect in the bigger picture (BMX).

Kestrel Roopnarine edit

Just the other day Kestel was asking advice on steamroller barflips, and here it is! Progression! Keep pushing kestrel!
sorry progression! from kestrel roopnarine on Vimeo.

One wheel Motion!

The growth of blogs now to flatland is steadily gaining momentum, this is great! Jason Forde recently started making a few t's under the "One wheel Motion" label, and started his own blog, peep it here!

Proper kickflip on BMX is reality!

Posted this on my facebook last night, for all of you not on facebook, check this out!Insane! I will be interesting how this filters into flatland,as the flat/street crossover is popular right now..

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

ART Magazine Issue 1 review

Like you probably were, I was bummed when I heard Cream magazine was no more, but curious what “Art” magazine would do differently than what Cream already did to survive.

First impressions?
The first issue has just reached the news-stands, and by now you will have seen the red cover of Mat Hoffman, my first though when I picked up the magazine, was “wow!”, the magazine is bright red, it captures the eye, the glue binding gives the feel of a collectors item, the paper quality is really good, this in my mind is not a magazine, it feels like a book. It is an object of beauty that will rightly sit on my bookshelf at home.

What’s different than Cream?
The format is slightly different, it’s smaller than A4, has more pages than the last Cream magazine had (over 144!), and the cover has a waxed paper feel, like I said, doesn’t feel like a magazine.
What I noticed immediately, was that “Art” covered all types of bmx, even racing, thus the circulation I would presume is much bigger, lot more advertising too, this can only be a good thing to keeping the magazine afloat!

What’s inside flatland wise?
The main big flat article for the first issue discusses is “Flat is dead?”, editor Alain Massabova asked a wide spectrum of pros/industry types in the scene there thoughts on the topic, Alain’s intro discusses the hot topic of the flat/street crossover “Today’s shame on flatland riders is pushing us toward street/flat in order to get closer to the public. But is this a solution? Scarifying flatland to make it a ‘sport’ just like Skate did? Rails became park, funbox tricks are considered as dirt, aren’t we turning back to what it was before? Does flatland must go through all those sacrifices?”…
The article is six pages, with translations in French and English (this runs through whole magazine)-interviews with myself, Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Trevlon Hall, Chad Johnston,  Hiroya Morisaki, and Thomas Goring gives an industry perspective, a really interesting read, and differing perspectives on what we all love, the flatland!
I was particularly interested in what Hiroya had to say, “each individual should pay attention to the rest of the world besides riding. Although our community is still small against society, each of us has so much potential. Organizing riding lessons or performing shows are some examples of activities to expose ourselves to the public to improve our scene better. You can contribute to the scene somehow with your skills and with something that you are comfortable to do. The more riders notice their own potential, the more youth would get involved in BMX. Increasing population develops the BMX  industry and eventually it brings more opportunity to riders to be able to make living off BMX. That’s what I’ve seen in the Japanese BMX scene.”

So what else is in this issue flatland wise?
-Ticos jam and War jam both get some love , hot chicks and flatland, nice mix!
-Circle Cow 12- Really nice report by Emmanuel Massabova, focussing on the appreciation for what event organiser Pascal Mintovt has done for the flat scene in France, “I’m one of those who think that the Circle Cow is to the flat what Chabel is to the rugby, that is to say Circle Cow is a mainstay of the flatland scene. It’s always the first contest that kicks off (the year) with pros and amateurs”. Emmanuel’s writing style is brutally honest and very refreshing to read, he discusses the Adam Kun and Joris “So yeah sure on the paper the world champion (edit: Masters Champion) is probably better than our friend from Lyon but on this 2 minutes of the battle he was just better. Too bad Adam wouldn’t consider the fact that Joris is also good maybe he would have done something better than a spin to a spinning hitchhiker. That’s the way things are.”
I conclude this was a breath of fresh air to read, brutally honest, maybe harsh even, but compelling reading. It is also great to see that Alain and Emmanuel have it appears squashed their personal beef, and this really shines through here, that these two brothers working together for Art magazine, can only be a good thing for BMX in France. St Martin also ran a full-page advert in the magazine, great to see!
-Portfolio with Yuta Yoshida from Tokyo Japan, really nice zoom shot of Dominik Nekolny.

What else is in the mag?
So much stuff but what stood out to me was the really well written article/interview discussing with Mat Hoffman the birth of the big air, Mike Hucker Clark who has some the best nose dive 3’s in the business gets an interview. Simpel Session quite rightly gets a few pages. There’s so much stuff in this first issue, BMX is alive and well. And I really like how the first issue of Art has come out, is it better than Cream? That’s hard to say, I would say this magazine is more liable to survive, its depth of coverage is much greater, thus advertising appeal is bigger. I feel honoured to have been asked my opinion on “flat is dead?” article, “Art” I hope is here to stay. RIP Cream, Long live Art!