Friday, 31 December 2010

The Artist is back! Martti Kuoppa..

The last post of the decade, whole bunch of interesting stuff here, check the spinning cliff on the heel, stop dead spin, the artist is back!
Last tricks of this decade (from me) from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Flatmatters on fatbmx!

Just did this "the good, bad and the ugly" for Bart @ FatBMX, check it out.

Terry Adams New Years edit

Terry getting it done for New years...enjoy....

Last session of the decade

Today is Friday 31st December 2010, the end of a decade, I'm just about to head out for a session for the last time this decade, at my favourite spot, get out on your bike if you can people!

Hard Core Sick Flatland

Absolute classic, as the decade comes to an end, spoilt for choice recently with old classics going online, check the rider list on this one: Andrew Arroyo, Robert Castillo,Trevor Meyer,Takashi Yamauchi,Taku ODA,Game Weed,Jamie Macintosh,Sean Peters,Leo Dumlao,Day Smith,Shawn White,Ruben Castillo,Nate Hanson,Jason Brown,Nathan Penonzek, Andrew Faris,Matt Gibson, Phil Dolan.....
Hard Core Sick Flatland from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

How-to Hitchhiker by Bobby Carter

How-tos are great, if your reading this and you need help on how-to do a hitchhiker, listen to Bobby's advice here, and go make your dreams a reality!

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2010 with Adam Kun...

Check out Adam's review of his year, hit the link...

Thai flat scene edit

Krisada has the flow, sadly don't see much of this guy! Looks like Thailand has good scene...


Just got this in from Justin Hoey, this website is due to go live New years day, hit the link for lil' heads up, they planning making this available in iTunes, 
Zune Market Place, Tivo, BlackBerry World, etc.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Flatland Fuel Gives Out 15 Free Desktop Wallpapers

The same people that brought you the 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar are giving out each image in the calendar as a desktop wallpaper—and all 15 downloads are free!

The 2011 Flatland BMX calendar is available exclusively through Flatland Fuel, and is free with every order while supplies last. But even if you don't need any new parts, and you just want some of the year's best flatland photos from around the world, we have you covered...

Click here to download all 15 flatland BMX desktop wallpapers for free!
(They are formatted for widescreen monitors.)

Click here to see a preview of the 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar.
Riders Include: Matthias Dandois, Viki Gomez, Dane Beardsley, Matt Wilhelm, Mike Robbins, Michael Steingraber, Hiroya Morizaki, Keiji "Tamao" Nakamura, Terry AdamsChad Johnston, Yasunari Ishijima, Brett Crowther, Alex Proshin, Adam Kun, and Travis Collier 
The 2011 Flatland BMX Calendar is proudly sponsored by: Flatland Fuel, ID Clothing, Quamen, Saint Martin, Flatware, Hoffman Bikes, S&M, KHE, Mankind, DK, Suelo, Four Thirty Clothing, Innertwine Clothing, and Ares Bykes.

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deepBMX Pro team in Japan

Feel the deep vibe...

Mizo flatland 2010

Yes Mizo! Ton of progression right here!
Mizo flatland 2010 from mizo on Vimeo.

Mendoza Flatland Contest 2011 teaser

Argentina style, its going down Feb 5th, if you are in that part of the world, make it down there...
Mendoza Flatland Contest 2011 from antonio pagani on Vimeo.

Josh Hansen Short Garage Edit

Not heard of Josh before, always good to see fresh faces in the flat scene, and I don't know about you, but i'm feeling all these hardcore winter edits, do what you gotta do, make it happen!
Josh Hansen Short Garage Edit from Jeremy Garrett on Vimeo.

Ashley Adams Bikecheck

Function flatland just uploaded Ashley Adams new ride for 2011, check it out!

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Happy new year from the 430 crew!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ciaran Perry Wet Flatland

You gotta do what you gotta do this time of year! Amazing control!
Ciaran p Wet Flatland 29.12.10 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Intrikat Blend

I haven't watched these in years, classic Intrikat, released in VHS push the artform material, intent to inspire, watch this! So much good stuff, classic Ross Smith, Martti Kuoppa, Phil Dolan, Andrew Arroyo, Chad Johnston, Ed Nussbaum,Timeless flatland.

Jay Jones

Whole bunch of really good old AFA stuff online at the mo, check this out from one of my favourite riders, Jay Jones...

Kevin Jacob edit

Smooth steez from the BAM crew.

Shintaro Misawa (Rayyan Ibrahim) Bikecheck

Nice and easy, this just went up on Shintaro's site still confused what to call him?

Flatland Fugitives

Whole bunch of old material is being posted it seems daily right now, classic FF video right here, shame on the sound track being taken off!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Defining Moments in 2010

What a year 2010 was, here are some of the moments that I think stood out good and bad, these " defining moments" not only for the year, but for the future.....Let's get this started....

The year started with controversy, Martti Kuoppa disqualified from the World Classic in Tokyo, it was sad news for a flatland icon and flatland in general, an already small sport just got a whole lot smaller, I've never known anything like it in flatland, perhaps its a language barrier thing, a battle of energy drink companies, whatever I do know Flatmatters was one of the only people/sites to publicly support Martti during this time, I'm pretty proud of that alone. Martti shortly after released a whole bunch of videos just to let everyone know who's the boss?! James White let his feelings be known on his FM column "white friday"...

Moto Sasaki made the trip to Fight with flight, and came out on top in head to head battle with World No 1 Matthias Dandois, Moto set a kinda new battle technique by using some of what Matthias is famous for against him, this kind of set a benchmark for the year looking back now. Moto signalled his intentions early. Matthias came back hard against Moto at Round 1 of the World circuit, dominating proceedings. They went back and forth all year. This kind of rivalry in my eyes is whats been missing in flatland for a few years. Moto had a great year winning the groundtactics final, the world circuit finals, and the Nora cup rider of the year award. 2011 should be interesting year for Moto. 

FWF MOTO MATTHIUS MASHUP! from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Tim Knoll dropped an inspiring flat/street crossover edit, that made the BMX world take note of the flatland world, just for a minute anyway. Props to Tim for having that creative talent and sharing it. This edit blew up in BMX circles, opened a lot of eyes. Thats a good thing!

Tim Knoll BMX from Tim Knoll on Vimeo.

Jomopro was, argueably the contest of the year, Matthias laid it down pretty hard at this contest, coming back really well from the disappointment of FWF, and in the final vs Trevor Meyer in the finals Matthias had the look of the devil, but the talking point of the contest was the Ucchie vs Trevor battle decision, check out Ucchie's face!, a definite keypoint of the year! Who wants to judge jomopro in 2011?

Photo credit: Fat Tony

The BMX Masters grew up on the foundation of a strong flatland competition, this year when the news broke that the organisers cancelled "Flatland" this year, it of course went down like a lead balloon, Deep BMX with the financial help of Power Balance" came in and put money where there mouth was and ran the flat event, and from the look of things, it kicked ass more than ever, big props to the Deep BMX guys for standing up. This was a real example of riders really taking charge, and having a positive effect on the scene. Adam Kun adding his name to the list of BMX Masters flatland champions, and hooked up with Monster energy right after.


The online contest Groundtactics was born, Helsinki Finland home of Martti Kuoppa was the venue of the final,  Flat was truly going independent, Nokia hooked up the live feed from a phone, I'm stoked to say I went to this event, already Groundtactics is one of the biggest things in flatland! The online contest has already helped the flatland world progress so much. Groundtactics set a new precident, flats not all about the result, but progression.

On Wednesday 22nd September, we broke the news that Matthias Dandois had signed for Odyssey, big news for flatland! Hopefully we will see some product input from MD in 2011.Matthias always seems to have a good year, and that along with Vans hook up, and a profile on Props,he signed off another successful year despite not winning the World Circuit this year (there were plenty of other events he did, Circle Cow, Jomopro, Fise, Fieldcontrol, look out Viki...

Chad Johnston getting full support from S&M, why is this big? S&M is argueably the biggest company in BMX right now, running Fit as well. It's a huge deal with Chad getting bars and his new frame into the BMX world, kids at my local skatepark already asked me if I knew what the "FLT" frame was, it's great to see a rider like Chad, who has put so much into the sport, with his videos over the years, get some respect and support back from such a credible company. With Chad also starting a shop in the Long Beach area with Aaron Bostrum, "Neighbourhood Bmx" the future looks good for Chad J.

You have to give props to Viki Gomez this year, throwing it down on the World Circuit, and taking the World No 1 title from Matthias Dandois, one thing for sure is that Matthias will come back hard in '11, Viki also started his own company "Felix" in 2010, and shared a whole bunch of nice edits with the flatland world. 2011 looks set to be a super competitive year, Groundtactics to look forward to, the 4 rounds of the World Circuit, and whatever else comes along the way in the mean time.

Viki Gomez luxembourg Part2 from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

Simon O'Brien kinda goes underneath the radar, 2010 Simon released his second solo dvd project "deju vu", and thats huge right there, great achievement, and posed the question to every flatlander who's seen the ender, did he pull it?? Much respect due to Simon for pushing the artistic side of flatland forward in dvd format in this internet driven culture.

Simon O'Brien. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

On Sunday 27th November this year, Flatmatters celebrated its two year birthday,pretty big news, it seems a lot longer I have to say, and now the blog has become an every day part of my life, good or bad, you'd have to ask the missus that! Thanks to everyone for your support, roll on 2011!

Create DVD Bonus Section

Create was one hell of an awesome dvd, worth it alone for the Stephan Hearn section, but here is the Bonus section, with Jason Plourde, Jean William Prevost, Simon Marsan, Waldemar Fatkin, enjoy!
Create DVD Bonus Section from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Winter session with Dan Hennig

Haven't heard a great deal from Dan this year, so it was nice to see this, winter spot and all!

Flatmatters on

I'm pretty stoked to say yesterday evening, the flatmatters blog RSS feed was added to the main site, which I don't know about you, but I check every day to see what's going on in the BMX world, until now flatland hasn't appeared on this main page. So hopefully flatland will get much bigger exposure as of today. Thanks to Jason at bmxfeed for hooking this up!

Rick Allison FAT Favourites

Great to see Rick getting the respect he deserves...

Monday, 27 December 2010

Alexis Desolneux and Sebastian Grubinger Twenty Bikes edit

Couple of gems here from 2005, from the Twenty Bikes dvd "the damage is done", Alexis is a beast! Thanks to Sebastian for sending these in!

Deep BMX presents....

Forgot to post this, Matti sent this a few days ago, peep the flyer!

"Hello everybody,
we would like to inform you about our upcoming BMX Flatland contest on the Passion Sports Convention in Bremen, Germany! The date will be the 12/13th of march 2011. There will be Amateur and Professional class. More information coming soon on and! We wish you merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.Peace..."

Underground 2

UNDERGROUND2 from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Old school Mondays?

Just found this gem online, and rather than wait another week, some great footage from possibly an AFA allentown PA, Jay Jones, Ross Smith, Sean Leslie,Mike Smeed, this stuff is golden!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Old school sundays

Jay Jones brought a lot of style and big bag of tricks to the game, respect due! Check this footage from 88.

Intrikat Connect Boxing Day treats

I can't stop watching all these, classic stuff from the main man Chad Johnston, much respect due!

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