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Digging beneath the surface: Matthias Dandois interview!!

I guess a lot of people reading this blog wont expect this interview, which is kind of interesting enough reason to do it. Matthias has without a doubt been a contest machine the last few years, I wanted this interview to dig a lil bit beneath the surface of one of the most talented riders on the globe currently. Read on.

Everyone knows you've had a great year practically winning everything, I guess the first question is, how do you motivated when you are always on the road?
Being on the Road is my main motivation actually! When I go on trip I always manage to stay with the local riders and this is so good. I was with the Pralex team in Canada, Ucchie Team in Tokyo, Terry Adams and Scott O'brien in New Orleans, Adam Kun in Hungary etc etc... So when you hang out and ride with the right person, now it's motivation! :)

This last couple of years you've been full time pro, I read on your blog that you recently went to sports college, sounds fun?
Yeah, after I graduated High school 2 years ago I asked my parents If I could live a full time pro life. They gave me a chance and they let me move to Paris (Living with Raphael Chiquet) and ride everyday. It was very funny but this summer after I came back from Hungary, I didn't feel doing another year like this. It's just to boring during the winter, when It's raining and you don't have any spot to ride, all of your friends are working... So I decided to go to college but I wanted something fun. I'm really into sport so I took a sport college. Basically I do a lot of different sport during the day (It's like 4 or 6 hours of different sport a day) and then ride 3 hours at night at the Opera Spot. I tell you, Nowadays I'm in my bed at 11 p.m, DEAD! :)

What sports are you doing? I gather you are getting much fitter, this will help your riding a lot and then the contradiction is at contests you always hungover, but still ride well? I guess you are still young...
Ahahaah Good one!
I'm currently doing Gymnastic, Tennis, Athletism, Boxing, Handball and Swimming. I'm really really fit right now and it helps so much for riding!
I'm kinda done with getting drunk every night actually, I really wanna push this sport (BMX) forward in the next years. But when it comes to contest, All my friends I haven't seen for ages are there in the same place, so we always have a little party. But I know my limit that's why I still do well at contests...
The only contest I didn't party the day before was Fieldcontrol in Portimao and I got 2nd Place (Which is lame ahaha) so I better drink I guess.

The drinking maybe takes your mind off riding? So psychologically helps you? Maybe that works for you. But another angle what about all the kids that look up to you? Do you feel any responsibility to how you present yourself?
You've got to be 18 to get into a party, when I'm drunk I'm actually in a party, so Kids under age can't see me. The following morning I'm just as normal as usual. You've get to drink a lot of water before going to bed and have some Red Bull in the Morning and you are brand new. In this way, I don't have to care how I look, I look good!

Tell me about the attitude to bike riding in France, what I mean by that is that it doesn't seem to hard for you and others to get indoor spots to ride.
Yeah yeah we have a pretty big scene in France and people try to make the things move forward. We have three clubs around Paris! Alex Jumelin's Flatland school in Acheres (50 Km from Paris), The Flatland club in Servon (30 km from Paris) and My Indoor spot and club in Ste Geneviève des Bois (25 km) so I guess this is pretty cool! I can ride 3 days a week indoor!

That's great for you and the scene there. Over the past few years you have been and are at the top of the contest scene, the rivalry with yourself and Sam Foakes is well documented, I got the feeling this year that you missed that rivalry, would that be a fair comment? And also as following question, who do you think is coming up that could pose a threat to you next year?
I didn't feel I had any rivalry with Sam. I just battled him in Japan for the last round of the 2008 world circuit and I won. I also won the world circuit the same year. Afterward Sam didn't reappear on the contest scene....I really miss him as a person and a rider because he always came up with new tricks and was cool to hang out with. Since there were no Rivalry, How could I miss him as a rival? The "new guys" who will be REALLY hard to beat at a contest in 2010 will be Martti Kuoppa, Alex Jumelin and Adam Kun. Definitely.

You mentioned you wish to help the sport grow, for me it seems one of the major developments this year has been rider blogs, now there are blogs updating daily, motivating riders worldwide, which in turn is good coverage for pro riders like yourself.
Yes, I really wanna Flatland to grow in the right way. That's why I put daily news on my blog. Here is my vision of flatland today (I know a lot of people will hate me for this): We wasted too much time with Weird bikes (crazy high seatposts, complicated frame, ....) and weird thoughts like "we need to stay underground". If we don't do things in a way to grow the sport (big contests, big sponsors, new style of tricks (Air tricks, quick routine, street oriented) I mean getting kids pumped when you watch Flatland, The whole thing is going to die slowly. I think the past year has been really positive for flatland, so many contests, new style of tricks, we need to keep on doing this and keep looking forward, live in the future, not in the past!

Interesting points, so how do you think the contests progressing beyond just battle format or three minute run, both have been used to death. Maybe a battle format is easier to understand for the audience?
I think 2min30 runs for qualification is perfect. For The final, of course battle are the best to entertain the crowd. There is no point to find another crazy complicated system cause this one just works fine...

You mentioned two of your good friends Alex and Adam as competition, what's that like competing against a close friend, can't be much fun? Or maybe it is fun, no pressure?
The thing is, the professional world of flatland is so small that everybody is good friends basically! That's why there is such a good friendly vibes in contests! But I'm very competitive in general so friend or not, it's the same when it comes to contest! But remember the battle between Justin Miller and Martti Kuoppa at Flatring 2006 , they were obviously not friends :) and there was a real "battle" between both of them which made the thing so interesting for the riders, and for the crowd, because people can feel that! To conclude I'd rather battle someone I hate so I'd get more motivated to pull crazier tricks than him and just kick his ass! THAT'd be definitely fun. I'm gonna try to hate Alex or Adam in 2010 so it gets more interesting for you guys! But I can't promise anything :) ahaha..

Very interesting what you have to say, I agree with what you say about the Martti and Miller battle at Flatring, that did an extra spice, and rivalry to the already existing contest tension, something the audience can take sides and get involved in, thus making flatland more appealing. You mentioned that you are very competitive in general, I noticed at nearly every contest that ive been at, you don't really ride that much during the practise time, but seem to just step it up in the contest, is that like a deliberate decision on your part not to ride in practise?
It's crazy you noticed that! hehe Yes It's a deliberate decision, I just fuck around with easy tricks during practice and I don't try the tricks I'm gonna do during my run. It's just superstition: If I pull my tricks at practice I may not pull them during the contest time. you get me? It's just a mind problem :) Moreover people always watch practice and If you do the tricks you gonna do in your run during practice, there is no surprise you know?

Of course I notice haha... Thats good point that if you do tricks in practise then theres no surprise, thats one thing that I think is great with park and vert contests, you never know, the problem i found with flat, is no one ever goes away from the contest talking about "big" tricks, its kind of like a big selling point missing from flatland, I guess with your outlook on it you are trying to approach contests a lil differently.. In order to be that confident, to not practise your tricks in practise you must practise a lot? Any kind of routine to your training?
Yes It's stupid to drop bombs tricks in Practise... You can injured yourself and it doesn't get you any point for the contest. Worse: If you pull your "banger" first try in practise with luck, and let's say it takes you 3 tries to pull it during you run, Judges think you are screwing up and give you bad marks...
I don't practise my routine much at home. Actually I have what I call "Pieces of combos" nearly 50. Separately I can do them eyes closed. When It comes to contests, I just build my combos with theses "pieces of combos" in different order everytime. It's like a "controlled freestyle" :) people never know what I'm gonna do.

Thats a very different technique than what most pros use, but seems to work for you. Video riding requires a total different approach, what is your approach to a vid project, such as the infamous Sevisual edits?
I really hate filming video parts. I go really really crazy if I don't pull the tricks I want in a short time, so I never made the effort to pull really really wild stuff that takes hours. I'm never happy of what I pull in videos. Actually I have a part comming up in the next SOUL bmx dvd I'm really happy about. It took me a long time to film it... make sure you'll check it out!

Video riding and contest riding are as you know two different things entirely, i'd imagine your pretty used to pulling stuff within a couple of tries. So its totally alien for you to be trying combos for hours. I guess going back a bit now, what got you into riding? I heard somewhere that Carlos Leal played big part in your earlier years
Yes, Carlos Leal has been my teacher for my 3 first years. He taught me everything. The really cool thing is I learned ALL the basics (squeaks for exemple). It drives me crazy to see some pros today that can't squeak! the fact I learned all the basic stuff definitely helped me out because I'm not locked by a technique I can't do you know.

What is flatland for you?
Flatland is my Passion... I'm addicted dude, It's fucking weird!

Do you live purely off flatland? If you do, describe as short as possible, how you made this happen?
I purely live off Flatland, and well I'd say. How I make this happens: 8 letters: S.P.O.N.S.O.R.S.

What motivates you now that you are at the top of the sport? Have you noticed a change in motivation since you began?
My motivation is bigger than before : Now I have all the basics I wanted to (street and Flat) I wanna learn tricks that nobody could think was possible on a flat ground.

If you could pick one what would it be- World champion or World circuit champion?
World circuit champion! Definitely more hard to win! because you have 3 round.

This year you did so many contests, I lost track, i'd compare this to being like a tennis pro, tell me your schedule for this year? How did you practise for contests always on the road?
I did about 20 contest this year :) which is a lot I tell you! I'm gonna be at every contest my body can take in 2010! That's it! I'm not into contest practicing I told you 3 questions ago :) so I don't have to worry about that.

What I meant more was this must so hard, away from home riding spot, sometimes away from home its not always possible to be on your home schedule (.i.e do what you like when you like), not to mention the travelling and toll it takes on your body?
ah Ok! Yes sometimes it's hard but you know it's the game. You can't stay home everytime! It's just too boring... But when I'm on trip I always hang out with cool people that bring me to good spot to Practise. And i'm like a 4x4, I can ride everywhere:) The worst when you travel is the toll that it takes from your body. Ask martti, I talked a lot with him about's "eating pieces of your body :)".

Going back to sponsors, do you approach the sponsors yourself like how Terry does? Sponsorship deals are a lot of work, I think some kids think it just happens...
I really work hard with my sponsors. I try to stay in contact every week (I send news and stuff) as Terry does. And No, It doesn't happen like this, you gotta promote yourself!

For sure travelling is a killer on your body, I know all about that too...As you mentioned riding on so many different surfaces must be a huge help when comes to the differing contest surfaces. When you are riding at home, where do you ride? Opera? Always looks like people walking past....
When Im at home I have 4 différent spots. Saturday and sunday i ride my indoor spot in the suburb. Monday, Tuesday I ride at opera after 8 pm, so there are not much people passing. The rest of the week I ride in La Bastille (asphalt) or in Dupleix (marble) so yeah, the fact to have different surfaces to practice definitely help for contest riding!

Of all the travel destinations, which is the one you look forward to the most?
My favorite place in the World is Harajuku-Tokyo (japan) and my favorite spot is Ucchie's underground spot in Tokyo. The floor is magic I think :).

How does your life differ in the off season?
I wish I had a off season....

I thought you would be now to be honest! Whats your next contest? Figured it'd be the Tokyo World Classic? I presume you mean sponsorship work you have to do?
I'm going to Zurich on friday to do shows, then It's going to be V.U. in Pessac, Then I go to Australia for some reasons, then I go to another show in Italy... Plenty of stuff going on man... I'm always on trip so I don't have really off season..

Thats good though, proves there is professional flatland life if you work hard enough for it!! I know you love flatland, but must be really hard some times when you are burnt out and need a rest?
Yes, That's actually why I go to this sport school this year, not to get burned out. I also ride a lot of street now a days. It's just so much fun. I learned 180's, 360's, Whips variation. I still need to learn bunnyhop barspin and then it's gonna be fun. There are a plenty of way not getting burned out from flatland, so sometimes people, take a breath, go ride some streets or whatever;).

Ok Matthias lets wrap this up!
Multiple choice (pick one) after all those questions for bit of fun.

Paris or Tokyo. Paris for my friends.
Originality or style
Riding indoors or outdoorsOutdoor session for the summer, shirtless!
Fashion or Function
Summer or winter
Flatmatters or Global flatGlobal-flat because when I'm bored it's just so funny to read the forums shit! keep on doing this guys!! :)
The come up or Fat bmx
Martti Kuoppa or Adam Kun
Eddy Lookback or Sevisual. Two of my good friends and two really good video editors, can't tell...
Ninja spin or KOG.Best contest of 2009!!

Thanks for your time on this interview Matthias

Photos from

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Hotoke Mingle edit!!

Ive been waiting for this one, and im sure you have to, banging!!

2003- Dan Rigby

This has been on Dan's website for a while, but only just saw this youtube, one of my favourite riders of all time, most of this stuff was all in 2003, and is epic now! The last death truck pivot combo is one of the most beautiful combinations i've ever seen, argueably one of the best combos ever!!! style for miles! enjoy!!

Chase Gouin- Props Groundwork part

Been sitting on this for a while now, serves me right for not posting up sooner, anyway....If your into decades, you'll appreciate this....The boss at work, classic Props Groundwork part.

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Dave Vanderspek memorial jam

RIP Vander....
Nor Cal scene gathered in Golden Gate park, Chris McMahon edit., check it out...

Dave Vanderspek Memorial Ride from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo.

Fakie decade by Peter "Sepy" Szabolcsi

Sevisual Tom sent this in...Sepy has killed it on decades for years, this edit doesnt surprise me at all, killer decade variations nevertheless... pedal to pedal fakie decade anyone??!!!enjoy...

Peter Szabolcsi - Decades.."fakie to pedal" from flatlanddothu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Soul bmx cali repo

BC aka Bobby Carter, just sent this in, basically Vincent,a Soul bmx photographer was in LA and rang Bobby's doorbell randomly (as you do), Soul bmx was a wicked french print mag a few years back, not sure if they are still going in print form, the website is definitely there, and theres some great photos of Bobby, Chad, and Richard(see below) in the california dreaming article.Check it out.

More from Keisuke Tanigawa

002 from 0127bmx on Vimeo.

Waldemar Fatkin

Waldemar Fatkin winter 08/09 from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Chad Johnston Interview on sulferblitz...

Check this out, nice interview with Chad J, interesting view on forums...

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Wire zine 89-95 part 1

Came across this last night by total accident.
Back when I used to run Totally Intense zine I regularly swapped zines with people all over the globe, Wire was one of them zines I used to recieve, check this footage from New England USA, they had a killer scene, the Scott Denoncourt rolaid footage around 4:58 is nuts!!! Esp the applecrate style rolaid, still amazing now!!! And timely with the rolaid vids the last few weeks...

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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bmx Flatland World Classic extend entry

Any non-Japanese riders can join, but pre-registration will be needed. The registration schedule will be announced soon. Here is the list of criteria of qualification.

1. Non-Japanese riders
2. 2009 / 2010 KOG Pro
3. KOG Champions
4.2009 KOG Expert top 20

Entry fee is 15000 yen.

The riders have already qualified are following.

1 Matthias Dandois: France
2 Youhei Uchino: Japan
3 Viki Gomez: Spain
4 Terry Adams: USA
5 Hiroya Morizaki: Japan
6 Shintaro Misawa: Japan
7 Raphael Chiquet: France
8 York Uno: Japan
9 Shinichi Kiba: Japan
10 Tsutomu Kitayama : Japan

Servon Session

Pascal and the crew, filmed this short session, feeling the x hand whiplash turbine, sick!

1998: Chase Gouin

Chase shot this stuff for a video for the Cream (bmxicos) crew at Alex Jumelin's indoor spot, love the narrative on this, great explantation of the tricks. Classic Chase riding.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Organised Confusion: James White

Organized Confusion from James White on Vimeo.

This is a small re-edit of 'Organized Confusion' a video I put together in 1997.

Hoffman EP, double brake set up, scuff, switch, roll and spin baby!

Dez Maarsen

Bit of a unofficial rolaid battle going on right now, heres Dez's maarsen's version..

Expert: KOG round 3 edit

Great stuff from the ams, as you'd expect in japan, the level is high! Thanks to taku for sending this in!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A style jam side 2 edit

Shinde is kicking ass with all kinds of edits, all the killer mingle edits, a style jams, this ones more laidback, shows the grassroots scene, the girl at 2:04 is killing it, good control!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adam Kun- Pedal to pedal rolaid

Check this, Adam just sent this in..

New Shintaro Misawa edit

Loving the halfpacker pivot switch to spinning halfhiker, as always so smooth from Shintaro. enjoy!!

Conceptual flat edit

Rayk Hahne, Steffen Peter, JJ Jackson, and Markus Reich teamed up to bring one combo, thanks to Rayk for sending this in, good stuff!

balanceact flatland bmx from Buckistyles on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Quamen riders edit from KOG Round 3 in Kobe

Nice edit from the quamen crew, enjoy!

Level Vibes: Martti Kuoppa

Classic footage of Martti, back when X games held flatland, and Martti tripled in gold medals. Word on the street is that martti is coming over for Level Vibes, gonna be epic..

Level Vibes 3 - Martii Kuoppa from brian on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Greece flat session

Alex Alexandridis and Johny Katernelis flat session in greece, couple of greek heads are making it over for Level vibes including Alex, enjoy..

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Russia wins KOG round 3

Taku just sent in top three results from KOG round 3 this weekend in Kobe, congrats to Russia taking the win.

1 Shinichi Kiba
2 Hiroy Morisaki
3 NaoYoshida

4. Tomokazu Morinaga
5. Yoshiki Uchino
6. Akira Okamura
7. Shintaro Misawa
8. York Uno
9. Takahiro Ikeda
10. Yoshihiro Nishikawa

Brazilian flatland

Lisias Tabarelli Dos Santos sent this edit in, enjoy!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Show us some skills-Steven Bisseker

I remember vividly growing up as a kid on the UKBFA contest circuit and always being amazed by this guys riding, barndance to backwards decade sticks in my mind, way ahead of the time, thanks to whitey for sending this in, Level Vibes is drawing closer as is the winter.

Steven Bisseker - Show Us Some Skills from James White on Vimeo.

Terry Adams on the big big bmx show

Terry just sent this in, now I have to admit, i've never heard of this big big bmx show, but after watching im stoked, check it out, Glenn Milligan hosts the show, kind of a breakdown of whats happened in bmx that week, Terry's part is at the end, I like how they have used ichat to get the footage of terry at home..enjoy!

The Big Big BMX Show Season 2, Episode 3 - More BMX Videos

Brian Tunney: Self filmed jugglers

Self filmed projects seem to be popping up more and more these days, this ones pretty sick, imagine jugglers filming..... one handed of course as hes filming... Jedi bike skills from Tunney...

Self-filmed Jugglers from briantunney on Vimeo.

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Sulferblitz t's out now!

Ron Seay at hit me up with news that his new t-shirts are done, and they are looking pretty fresh, check em out, also check the blog out, great site!!

T-shirt are all of course high quality prints, available in black Gildan, 100% cotton, all pre-shunk.
Available in S,M,L and XL.
Free shipping in the US.
International buyers welcome, email Ron with your address, and he'll work out the shipping costs.

Joris Bretagnolles

Joris was featured in the lastest cream, part of the new generation killing the back wheel, feeling the mutiple stubbleduck two footed dump truck, sweet!!

JORIS B. from Bar Stéphane on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Terry Adams on the Ellen show

Great coverage of TA on the famous ellen show,i wonder what the viewing figures on this show were? Love it or hate it,it is good coverage!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Banging Matthias & Kun Sevisual 1.5 edit

Tom at Sevisual just sent this in, really liking Kun's bar grab mcircle turbines, and Matthias'halfpacker switch at 2:20, enjoy! Get motivated, go ride!!

Matthias & Adam - 1,5 from sevisual on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Firsth contest in Pecs, Hungary

Good stuff from Adam kun,and the Hungarian crew, enjoy!

Bringing a personal touch to flatmatters-new video from me

Filmed this combo on my iphone first try during todays morning session,next time will have to film landscape, thought I would add a personal touch to the flatmatters blog,more of these iphone videos to follow, enjoy!

Cory Fester interview on the groundcontrol blog!

Great interview with one of my good friends Cory Fester, check it out, great wordpress blog!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

More industry shakeup- Sean McKinney leaves S&M!

McKinney is S&M through and through, so this move shocked me, according to the S&M website, he's moved to an un named company, but if picture above is anything to go by, then Cult have already snapped him up. Quite what will happen to Revenge industries is unknown at this time.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

TGM sessions part 7

Maz just finished tgm sessions part 7, loads of footage, check it out!

TGM SESSIONS 7 2009 PART 1 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

TGM SESSIONS #7 PART 2 2009 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

KGB is no more!

Sad day for flat, Martti just told me KGB is no more, Martti and Viki go in separate directions...
Sponsors form an orderly line, two of the sports best riders are free agents.
Heres what Martti had to say on groundtactics.

11th of october 2010...
6 years ago me and Viki got the idea for KGB-Kuoppa Gomez Bikes after both of us had some difficulties with our bike sponsors and a big desire to do someting that we could call our company. The decission of it happened in Malaga, Spain on our 2 week trip to ride together...
We were just 2 of us. No one else. We put all of our savings from the competitions into the born of our new company. We went to Taiwan to talk to the biggest bike agency of the world, sat in the table with cold hearted Taiwanese business men whos been in the business since 35 years. We didn´t have any idea how to run a bike company and only experience at work/studies we just had throughout riding and traveling, that´s all. We just had a drawing of psychonnecta and sarvet on a piece of paper. That´s all we had. Then we started dealing with the business step by step day by day and all of the sudden we sold a lot of frames and bars and we gained a reputation of a company that brought something new into the market of flatland, yes, we did. Lower top tube design that made stepping over the top tube a lot easier.
However, years passed and difficulties came and went. We changed our agent in Taiwan into a better one which made us stop our production line for nearly 2 years. That costed a lot of money I tell you.
Then we started having more and more quality issues which our agent refused to replace us and what could we do? Nothing but swallow that and look into the future and ride at the same time. I could write 20 pages about the stories and things what´s been going on in business but I will save you as it wouldn´t make your day any better or worse.

However, now after 6 years together, shared a lot of good / bad times together, inspired each other go higher level in riding and all that we have made a clear decission that we will close Kuoppa Gomez Bikes and we will go into our own directions in life. This all is happening in good terms and we will remain as good friends to each other but life must continue and each one of us has to be brave enough to survive on our own. It´s been a tough decission but also pretty much the only solution.

I will continue to stand behind flatland as strong as possible and keep up with ground tactics because flatland is the only thing I studied in my life. I came this far with it and I will stand behind it no matter what happens in life.
Ground Tactics is here to stay and I hope to make some light for flatland with it. I do have some other plans as well but I am not ready to tell about them yet. Just stick to ground tactics and you will see good things happening to flatland. That´s the only thing I can promise for now!

I am truly greatful for all the support you showed towards KGB, me and Viki throughout the years. Thank you!
I will be a rider till the end of this world.
Martti Kuoppa

A style jam edit

Great edit from Shinde, killer riding from Hotoke, and Hannawa, as well as a great level of tricks in all classes.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sevisual fieldcontrol edit

Great edit from Tom!! enjoy

FieldControl 2009 Portimao from sevisual on Vimeo.

New Martti edit

Just in time for the weekend, Martti learns another new trick, time machine with foot on tyre, interesting idea?! So thats three edits in a week, wow!!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

New Ciaran Perry edit

You may recall we had a long interview with Ciaran a while back, heres an edit hes done from the past 12 months. Loving his foot to tyre technique on the cowboy flips, stomps it!! Great stuff!!!

CLP Flatland clips from last 12 months from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Yuya Morita edit by York Uno

Really nice edit from York, just published on his blog, feeling this!!


Back to the old school Kerry Gatt 2005

Remember this old school heads?Great part from the classic style cats video...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Whopper flip edit-Martti Kuoppa again!!

The man doesn't stop!!Groundtacticccssss

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Yasunari Ishijima edit

Taku kindly sent this edit in from his friend Yasunari, who rides for Quamen in japan, enjoy!!

Adam Kun 2004

Pretty interesting to look back and see what Kun was doing in 2004...Thanks to Adam for sending this in!

Adam Kun 2004 from adamkun on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Martti is going off!!! Watch this!!

The man is on a mission!!! You better ALL watch out, holy crap!!! X hand decade!!! Multiple decade variatiions, loving this!!!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Lostbmx promo

Not only banging tricks from Dez, but grassroots promotion, awesome!!

Winters coming....

Its been raining almost two days straight since the tunnel jam weekend, so seems fitting I post this, last years Southseas groundroots jam, in the pissing rain!! You can make it happen if you really want it!


Nike 6.0 tunnel jam video


Monday, 5 October 2009

Tunnel jam weekend

This weekend just gone has been one of the best weekends for me in long time!! The Nike 6.0 tunnel jam was scheduled for Saturday, and riders from all over the globe started turning up at Southsea on the friday, Garrett Reynolds, the DK team (Mad Dog, Catfish, Drew Bezansen, Josh Cox, and tm Mason Smith).
Friday saw Drew kill Southsea skatepark, ive never seen anything like it!!! Came in and almost no warm up, starting firing out moves i've seen before, over the sub box to disaster on the roof to bars in!! One of the best bike riders ever!! Personally for me the highlight for me was riding flat in the rink with Mason and Catfish, old school session plus normal riding took place, super fun!!

Above-Garrett Reynolds came to shoot some television interviews with Nike 6.0 for an upcoming Channel 4 production, super cool to hangout with him, one of the raddest bike riders alive at the park, I was stoked!!

Drew Bezensen is a machine, he'll come to your park and shut it down, on the King Kong event on sunday at the park, he threw ice to bars on the spine wall ride, only one other rider has ever iced that!!! Insane, its a good 9ft up from the deck of mini and very close!!!Thanks to the dk team for coming down to the park and supporting, we raised a lot of money to help with repairs at the park!

Saturday was of course the Tunnel jam, held on private land somewhere around Petersfield, I couldnt even tell you how to get there, its not that kind of place anyway. The course staying after the event was one great example how Nike are giving back to the sport!! Even crazier is we can ride flatland in there soon!!! A lot of work went down from all the locals, and now they have one of best spots ever to ride.
Spectator numbers were limited due to the limited amount of space, Nike laid on food and drink all day, big screen for all those that couldnt get in the tunnel.
The jam worked in team format, ten teams, top four qualified, Im waiting for the videos, crazy flow from all the riders, I will post the videos when they start appearing, words wouldnt do it justice, this whole event was work of art!!Amazing!!!
The locals are going to be loving it!! Im stoked to just have gone there!! Check the photos below for an idea of just how good this place is, trails feel to the place, crazy lines went down, you really have to see the videos to understand.
The team event was won by the Global Nike 6.0 team (Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enerson, Maxime Cherveron & Bommel)...
The riders voted for their rider of the day, that was won by Baz Keep, f yeah!!!
Best line by Dan Lacey, gap to ruben wall ride 180 gap to ruben wall ride on other side of tunnel, emmense!!
Best trick by Jason Phelan, massive tailwhip gap to grind!!

I can't wait to ride there, on both ramp and flat hehe!!

Thanks to Will Smyth and all the Nike 6.0 crew for hooking up such a professional event and giving back to the bmx community, feeling that a lot this weekend!!! Great to catch up with old faces this weekend. BMX is great!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Martti Kuoppa : Nice crash!

This video made me think about flat, it's not all about the gloss, edits show only the pulled, but not the heartache, the pain, that someone like Martti whos pushing flatland to new levels goes through, this is real!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Matthias Dandois and Mike Plas start Flatland club!

That's one pretty big news today, we (Mike Plas and me) started a legit Bmx Flatland Club!
It's located in the South Suburb of Paris (about 30 min by train).
The spots are fucking awesome. Inside a big gymasium, a perfect floor, flat, not slippery and pretty big.
The sessions will take place
- Wednesdays 5 P.M to 7 P.M
- Saturdays 3 P.M to 7 P.M
- Sundays 3P.M to 7 P.M
Mike and me will be teachers (I'll try to be there as much as I can).
the subscrition fees FOR ONE YEAR are 50 Euros for -18 years old and 30 Euros for +18 years old.
We are not getting paid doing this, It's only insurances! :)
We already have 10 subscribed riders including a girl!
For more infos (If you want to know the exact adress) contact me at

Friday, 2 October 2009

One cup vids just in!

Shane Badman kindly sent these in, from the One cup in japan, enjoy!

Show us some skills-Phil Dolan

Whitey sent this in of Phil's section on "Show us some skills", mid 90's, and Phil rocking the ponytail haha, plus classic footage on his Morales!! enjoy!!

*Sorry posted wrong video before...

Show Us Some Skills - Phill Dolan from James White on Vimeo.

Madrid Session part 2

More from Moya and Guelo, that spot looks awesome!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Mingle!! Keisuke Matsumoto

Shinde just dropped yet another banging Mingle edit!! These guys are working overtime, feeling this!! Keisuke has gone up a gear and then some, insane!!

New Day Smith Hitman edit

Yes you read right.. Day Smith!!! Really sick edit right here, inspiration to many of today top pros, respect!!!Enjoy!!

Day Smith HITMAN EDIT from matt leviege on Vimeo.