Friday, 31 July 2009

Banging Chad Johnston edit

Chad is busting!!!! Check this edit out at his infamous underground long beach spot..

Chad Johnston S&M Pegless from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

Last years Voodoo jam final battle Ucchie vs Matt Wilhelm

Last years final got a lil crazy in the corner, hehe, Ucchie was like breath of fresh air last year, and brought his back wheel flava to the scene, kicking arse, taking out Matt Wilhelm in the final of the first of the World Circuit. Will there be any surprises this year? Or will be predictable? Lets hear what you think below in the comments....

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Voodoo jam flatchat with Scott O'Brien

So voodoo jams scheduled for this weekend. How much work goes into running your own flatland contest?
More than any of you want to know! We have no staff so Terry and I with the help of family pretty much do it all. Some riders and others step up during the contest to help run it the day of.

How long has the voodoo jam been running?
Since 2004. In 2005 we had the entire contest set up and ready to go but Hurricane Katrina screwed that all up so it was cancelled that year.

How did the voodoojam become part of the world circuit?
Because I am the boss! Haha!

What are the aims of the world circuit?
To grow Flatland and give Pro riders what they deserve, a ranking.
A ranking can help riders to get sponsorships and exposure in many ways outside of Flatland.

How can people become involved in the world circuit?
We can always use help. At this moment we would like to have someone solicit sponsorships for the Circuit. We could also use a media person to help promote us.
Basically its an open book and anyone can step up an volunteer. It could one day turn into something that pays off. I hope to one day have a huge purse for riders and pay towards event production. It would also be nice to pay professional judges that have a certain criteria towards Flatland BMX.

How do you decide who judges?
Experience is the first factor. We also look at the how the judge has done in past event. Of course they are volunteers as well so there motivation is a factor for actually taking the responsibility of judging. Terry and I always go over it.
Ed Nussbaum offered to judge this year. This was great for us. He volunteered his time and money to fly out so he can judge. That is a perfect example of a rider giving back to Flatland. He judged quite a bit back at CFB's for Am and he knows what's up.

Running the voodoo jam in a nightclub presents a tight schedule cause you hire that place, with bigger budget would you do things differently?
Bigger budget would bring more production. Lights and other things like that would add to the event.
We would also rent out an extra day as well. This would allow more time to practice and run the event.
We could also do more for the Pro riders like pay travel and hotels.

The world circuit is in it's second year now, how do you think it's going so far?
Actually its the 3rd year.
Hiro 2006 and Matthias was 2007 Champion. I think its going well.
I have some changes to discuss with Yasu this weekend that I want to make. I would like to make it easier for the riders to attend the events. So maybe we will add a few more stops and take 2 highest scores to the Finals for the Circuit.
Because there are not many sponsors for riders they have a difficult time with travel.

Has the world circuit benefitted any riders you know of?
Yes it has. I have talked with several riders that told me there sponsors where excited about there rankings. Also riders use there ranking to explain to audiences outside of Flatland and they immediately get it.
For example when Terry and I do shows for Red Bull or at a school I always use his world ranking when I announce him. The crowd automatically associates with that and respects the rider for his accomplishment.
My goal is for riders to be able to approach a company like Coke or Nike and say for example, "Im the 4th rank rider in the circuit" and those companies will relate. Its gives professionalism and merit to what we all do.

As the mc any rules for yourself, you have regrading types of riders, I noticed you are louder for some riders, and some you are more cautious with?( as in you don't want to put off anyone etc)
Well some riders actually ask me to chill for them so I respect there wishes and others feed off of it. Its also up to the rider to pull some crazy shit cause thats when I go nuts. I love seeing these guys reach there goals after so much practice and hard work. I also love for the audience to feel that as well and thats where I come in to let the audience know by representing the rider on the floor at that time. Im his voice while he is riding!

Is this really the last year for the voodoo jam?
All I have to say is treat everything in life like its the last time, you never know!

New Adam Kun + Chris Bohm Sevisual video

Sevisual Tom just set this in, nice mellow vibe video..

Adam Kun & Chris Böhm practice session 2009 from sevisual on Vimeo.

New promo video for Gabe Kadmiri's Ganji clothing co

Turbine whiplashes on lock, dubb steepppaaaaaaaaa...

More photos from the World BMX battle weekend

Stuart Rose kindly sent in some photos from some shows the guys did on the Saturday at Leceister City football ground. Enjoy..

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Erin Donato vid

This girl has the skills....

Erin on the Devastator from ed nussbaum on Vimeo.

Voodoo jam countdown

Couple of videos from last year by TJ Perry...Enjoy..

Voodoo Jam 08 #1 from TJ perry on Vimeo.

Voodoo 08 #2 from TJ perry on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mount Fuji Super American Festival

This weekend just gone, a fun team battle contest went down in Mount Fugi, check this out! Thanks taku for the heads up!!

Voodoo Jam is approaching...

The final round of the 2009 World Circuit, is fast approaching, this weekend, riders from all over the globe will be in New orleans at the nightclub spot to battle it out. Last year Ucchie came out the woodwork with some amazing back wheel flava to take the win, that contest was a surprise in many ways with the results, buts thats another story, this week flatmatters will be counting down to the final round with some of the best videos from the voodoo jam..

Made in Japan from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Haro jersey auction 2 for Stephan Murray!!

Hi all,

The first of the 3 Haro jerseys signed by the 1985/86 team finished at a rather respectable £291gbp which Im really stoked with!!
Here is the link to the 2nd of the 3 tops, again brand new, fresh out the bag just for the signatures:

Please please please put this on your websites, blogs, facebook, myspace or whatever else you are into to raise the final amount on the auction. Will post it anywhere in the world for free of course.
Lets make some more $£$£$ for Stephen!!

Thankyou everyone
Dave Jones (DJ)
Total BMX Ltd.
+44 (0)7761 959 088

World Bmx battle pictorial

The contest in the town centre lasted one battle before the rain kicked in, Keelan vs Steve Green, with Keelan going through with tricks such as this, hangfive whips...

Rained off...

Whitey was on it!!!

Keelan's dance studio, great indoor spot and the eventual venue for the contest...You wish you had a indoor spot like this...

Sunday Morning, and Keelan, Mislav, Lee Musselwhite and Paul Tout were hard at work setting up the floor...

Phil Dolan and the OG South bank locals jumper, can you say limited edition??!!!

I didnt take many photos as was either riding, commentating, or doing shows... But heres a few, if anyone has any good un's, send them to me and will stick them up,

Reason trailer

Taku just sent this yesterday, with a note about Hotoke and some insane xft halfpacker combo which i read completly wrong, looks like new dvd in the works from japan, "Reason" featuring the likes of Hotoke, Russia, Taka, the trailer looks great, and Hotoke!!! Check 1:31.. Xft ankledeath inside karl pivot body varial to halfpacker, what the !!! Tightttt...Japan continue to push flatland to a better place with projects like this...Cant wait to see the end production of this one!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Keelan Phillips wins World bmx battle

The world bmx battle has just finished, the battle moved to Keelans dance studio, great atmopshere and great vibe between the riders, some epic battles, ESP the battle with myself and keelan,Whitey juggled his way to second winning battles with Phil,and Jay... Phil Dolan looked like never been away from the contest circuit!!! Lee musselwhite also made a return and busted out as well, Jason forde busted, as I said great vibe...I wasn't planning to ride, as arrived late Saturday, the event had a level vibes feel to it.Good banter between battles esp between myself, James White and Phil Dolan. Great stuff!! Only sam Foakes missing!!
1st Keelan Phillips
2nd James White
3rd Phil Dolan
4th Flat matters

Don't know rest of results....

Friday, 24 July 2009

Marrti Kuoppa (old school?) and a touch of Nathan Pennonzek too...

Footage of martti killing it in blend, amazing!!

Also, heres Martti's run from Florida CFB, totally clean!!! And Nathan penonzek's run too, great stuff!!

Martti Kuoppa-Florida CFB from Bobby Downing on Vimeo.

Nathan Penonzek-Florida CFB from Bobby Downing on Vimeo.

Travis Collier Summer edit

Travis Collier BMX Summer Edit from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

New Ed Nussbaum edit

Great stuff from Ed at the Long beach marina spot...

Green Bike from ed nussbaum on Vimeo.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Stephan Murray Fundraiser!!

DJ, the voice of the masters for many a year, and third choice dj after catfish and paul roberts, has organised a fundraiser in aid of Stephan Murray, get involved...

Guys... Please pass this around the best you can, get on your websites,facebook, myspace.... EVERYTHING! This is the first of 3 of these bad boys & we're gonna raise a decent amount for Stephans cause....
"Since Stephan had that terrible crash I have been wanting to do something special for the fund other than throwing money in a bucket at events etc...I wanted to do something that had a real BMX meaning. When Stephan Prantl
told me the guys would be in Cologne for the Worlds I thought it a prefect chance to do something for Stephan.
So here is a unique auction of 1 of 3 original, never worn Haro jerseys signed by Bob Haro, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie, Ron Wilkerson & Mike Dominguez. Please bid well to raise for funds for our friend Stephan Murray, your money will be so well spent.
I'd just like to thank Shiner Ltd, Jack Watts, Mark Noble, Stephan Prantl, Bob Haro & the Haro team for help with this, Im really grateful we as a community can make a difference."

Here's the link :

Dave Jones(DJ)
totalBMX ltd
+44 (0)7761 959088

Sam Foakes and Mislav in Southsea..

Yesterday was definitely a random day.... I had just finished my first session of the day, and Sam Foakes calls, "Im outside the park, what time does the flatland session start?", now... I thought they were going to the Mile so thought he was winding me up. As I come back to the park, Sam and Mislav are there waiting along with the We the people team on the Ride to Glory road trip, as usual everytime Sam comes to Southsea. He went off, highspeed intensity is best way to describe his new riding style, and new tricks second go of trying, me and mislav were just laughing how good Sam is, considering he hasnt been riding a great deal, I have no idea how he does it. We ended up riding after the park session finished as well, it was an awesome day!! Thanks to Sam and Mislav for the surprise sessions!! Enjoy the photos...

Almost the complete set of Zion Focus prototypes...

Sam, taking off...His ability to generate speed is inspiring!

Switch, switch, switch, Sam doesnt stop...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bmxboze Kog round 2 edit

The sheer volume of videos from the KOG round 2 has been awesome, and so fast!!! Banging stuff on here, enjoy!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Adam Kun and Laszlo Tivadar Worlds 2009 by Robert Voller

Robert just sent this video in today, great riding from Mr Kun and Laszlo...

Adam Kun and Laszlo Tivadar Worlds 2009 from robert voller on Vimeo.

Level Mag goes online!!

Ok this isnt flatland related, but if is connected to bmx, and flatland in some ways, Chris Noble used to be the art director for UK Ride magazine, before it all went to pot, if your into music, culture, writing, photography, technology, check this out, the art direction of the site is great, clean cut graphic design,contributers so far include Yohann Chan (london flatlander), Mark Noble (former head honcho at Uk ride), Andy Jenkins (Freestylin'), this is great!! loving this!!

Go check out:

New Taka edit

Keeping on that japanese tip, heres the latest from taka, serious backwheel action from this man, skills..

taka 2009.07 from psychobmx on Vimeo.

More kog round 2 battles (Morinaga vs Viki, Expert class edit

Bmxboze edit of the ams, unreal stuff these ams are busting!!!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Could you call this ultimate back wheel battle?

Two back wheel killers, the World Champion Raphael Chiquet against last years Voodoo jam winner, Ucchie, argueably the two best guys on the back wheel do battle...

More videos from the KOG round 2

Ucchie vs Matthias

KOG round 2 final Battle Matthias vs Shinichi Kiba plus more...

Ucchie vs Viki

Hiro vs Terry Adams

KOG vids flooding in already...

From the land of rising of sun and technology like no other, its no wonder that videos are flooding out already, feast your eyes on these, great stuff!!!

Qualifying Mix

Keisuke Tanigawa, expert winner.

Ishijima vs Viki..

Kitiyama vs Matthias

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Matthias dandois wins kog round 2/round 2 world circuit

1 Matthias dandois
2 shinichi kiba
3 ucchie
4 viki gomez
5 tomokazu morinaga
6 raphael chiquet
7 Terry Adams
8 tsutomu kitayama
9 shintaro misses
10 hiro morisaki
11 yasunari ishijima
12 akira okamura

congrats to Matthias!!! This was round 2 also of the world circuit, it will be pretty hard for him to lose the title now as well. The final round is in 2 weeks in new Orleans

Matthias dandois qualifies first in pro flat/Keisuke tanigawa wins expert class at kog round 2

News just in from kog round 2.

1Matthias dandois
2Shinichi kiba
3 Tomokazu morinaga
4 Raphael chiquet
5 ucchie
6 Viki gomez
7Terry Adams
8tsutomu kitayama
9shintaro misawa
10hiro morisaki
11yasunari ishijima
12akira okamura

Keisuke tanigawa won the expert class, yes I hear you say, "this guys not pro?".... Pro qualifying has just finished, 33 riders down to 12.... Will keep you posted, thanks to taku for all the continual information...Taku writes that moto brought the best trick to prelims but too many mistakes to advance,

Trevlon Hall "I love my ride" TV advert

Check this TV advert for promotion for the I LOVE MY RIDE Show on Synergy TV One of Trinidad & Tobago's favorite entertainment Stations...This is playing at least 16 times a day... Lot of good stuff this week, getting flatland out in the media, great work equally from all riders involved.

Jesse Puente's Cream video magazine interview

I know this is old, but what Jesse has to say is timeless and it gets me motivated, so it may get you motivated, riders like Jesse bring a lot to flatland, whether new ideas, concepts as he says, videos, cameo apperances in music videos, its all positive for flatland. Jesse is a leader in more ways than one.

Keelan Phillips in Pepsi advert

The rise of flatland exposure in mainstream media continues, with Keelan Phillips featuring in this pepsi advert alongside some of the best footballers on the planet...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Agoride Worlds edit

Worlds pictorial 3

Matt Wilhelm spins this trick 2-3 times faster than anyone else, crazy!!! He sadly fell victim of food poisoning from one of the foodstands at the event...

The new kid on the block you might say, Dez Maarsen is a threat to the top guys right now, keep an eye on him in the future...

One of the sessions at the Hyatt riding spot, ended in a request Denes to do any trick session, ten whiplashes, check, nose manual length of the spot, check, and this x hand nose manual,check, coasted for at least 30 feet, insane...

The only Uk rider in pro flat, was this guy, Steve Green, had trouble with nerves in the contest, Messiah during the warm up.. Much respect for entering..

Viki Gomez, stubble duck coasting dump truck..

Woozy bmx edit of the Haro show at worlds

This demo evoked memories of the 86 Poole National show for me, Nourie rocked the house, Blyther and Wilkerson air over 540 was nuts, and Campbell eating shit kind of made it even more awesome..Atmopshere was electric, you had to be there, remembered forever...

Jesse Puente features in Abstract Rude/Aceyalone music video

As many of you will know, Jesse Puente is deep into Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, that whole LA underground rap scene, and here he features, a good platform for flatland to grow..

Friday, 17 July 2009

Worlds 2009 Pro flat final edit by Moya..

Moya sent this in, great highlights edit of the worlds last week..

Worlds 09 Flatland Final Pro from MOYA_FLAT on Vimeo.

Bobby Carter & Richard Aguayo Michael Jackson tribute

Representing for Flatland BMX riders around the globe, inspired by Michael Jackson,
Bobby K. Carter and Richard Aguayo dedicate a BMX stunt session at Neverland Ranch to the greatest entertainer of all time!

New Brian Tunney edit

Tunney rules, glass smooth style...

When Sketchy Ride Outs Go Awesome from briantunney on Vimeo.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Old schools heads may appreciate this....

The old school haro demo last week in cologne kicked arse. I've never seen so many people smiling at one time, no bitching, was pure bmx..
Enjoy this interview, freecaster has been working hard this week...

Mislav in Southsea...

Mislav from Zion bikes is on a 2 week roadtrip around the UK visiting London, Southsea, Stonehenge, Manchester to see Sam Foakes, Leceister for Keelan and Musselwhites comp. Yesterday Mislav drove down from London in the Zion van (check the pic), we hung out for the day doing typically english traditions, was a great day, fry up, fish n chips, mr whippy ice cream (going everywhere in the wind, much fun!) ,hit the beach/pubs, and of course we sessioned and also filmed 5 combos from myself which went well, as most were first try (I like it when this happens)..Today he left on route to stonehenge, heres a few pics from the day...

Worlds pictorial 2

Martti brakeless barflip cliffhanger...

Was a nice surprise to have a few japanese riders come over right before KOG round 2 this weekend, Tomokazu Morinaga rips the back wheel, speed, flow, here in the midst of 360 bike flip...

Adam Kun mid spinning cliff, Adam had a tough time this year, a lot of riders were effected by not only the bad floor but the stopping and starting in the rain..

As I said before, the constant showers became a feature of this Worlds sadly, the one year no tent, it rains a lot....

Was great to Waldemar Fatkin riding at the Worlds, lil bit off the boil to make the final, but sure he will be back, mid crackpacker to inside xft steam...

Interview: Tom @ Sevisual

Tom at Sevisual is as dedicated as they come, this January he was over in London to film the TGM video, let me tell you, it was f'ing cold that day, I couldnt stop riding all day because it was that cold. You can see the breath from each rider if you look closely on the video edit. What im trying to say is Tom is dedicated to filming, but his ability to capture the riding in a simple way, lets the riding do the talking. He has helped push flatland in a positive way in the last two years, much respect to this man. Without further due, heres the interview...

Please introduce yourself?
My name is Tamás Hajdu, I live in Szeged, Hungary, and im filming and editing flatland videos under the name Sevisual.

You shot to infamous flatland fame with the edits of Matthias Dandois and Adam Kun? What background in bmx and film making do you have if any?
I started riding BMX around 1988 and finished around 1993. Unfortunately nobody was riding in my city in the 90's....I never left BMX totally, but I was not riding for years.
I got back in the business in 2000, after I spent six months in California, and discovered BMX again. Flatland is my love and it will be forever, even im not riding a lot anymore. But I still go to hit the ramps or just roll some flat with the locals sometimes.
In film making, basically no background. I always wanted to make films, so I just get a camera a couple years ago, and started to film BMX riding.

There’s rumour of a Sevisual video sometime this year? Any truth in that? Of so, what can we expect?
Yepp, im almost at the finish line. The dvd will be a very special release, with a little help from Carhartt, a two discs combo, a Sevisual-Amtrak collaboration. On the dvd, will be my best web videos of the last 3 years, the Hyperspeed video, Adam's videos, Michi Sommer‘s section ..etc. 'cause many people emailed me and ask for the videos on dvd. I know its strange, why releasing already seen videos on dvd, but I hope people will buy it. Its like a band putting songs available to download, but U still buy the cd if U like the band or the music. However, there is a 15 minutes new bonus section on the dvd as well...I will take you from Hungary through Austria to Paris, France with riders like Adam, Sepy, Laszlo Tivadar, Michael Sommer, Sebastian Grubinger, Matthias and some parisian riders. The extra cd will be an Amtrak audio mix, an exclusive mix for Sevisual, made by Michi Sommer. He showed me some parts of the mix already, and it sounded amazing!

What would you say the philosophy of Sevisual is?
There is no main philosophy behind Sevisual. Hardcore flatland riding, clear pictures and relative simple editing. I really like to keep things simple if U know what I mean. I wanted to show flatland as a real sport, an artform, and make good motivation videos. Here is the the rider, digit the footage from the tape, which I hate to do:)...than pick the perfect music for the video, the music is real soon as I picked the song, the
fun starts, the actual editing...usually when everything is gettin' together I finish the video in one sit even Im not sleeping that night.

Of all the videos you have made, which are you most proud?
I love any video with Adam, Matthias and I really like the Michael Sommer video too. I love to work with Adam n Matthias, ...the result is always amazing..pure flatland madness. Filming the Hyperspeed video was great, the kids are pushed each other every day...we will continue..lets say we already started! If I have to pick one video, I would say the A-damn 2009 video is my favorite. Adam’s combos are freakin’ amazing, and the whole thing is almost perfect. I have to tell You, all the six combos are in one tape, which means Adam pulled everything during 40 minutes. Sick.

Which other flatland film makers do you like the work of?
I like Chad Johnston’s stuff...and James White is pretty good too..:)

If you could film any rider for Sevisual section who would it be?
Maybe Martti, Viki n Hiro, just to name a few. A Japan Sevisual video would be awesome to make. I was travelled around the world, but I cant wait to go to Japan one day. Filming with Japanese riders and eat the best sushis will be amazing for sure....and im still waiting for the “next Adam Kun” here in Hungary...we have many very talented riders, but looks like they don’t practice as much as they needed too.

Which projects can we expect in the future?
You can expect the best flatland dvd ever....:)

Also, I liked to say THANK YOU to my Parents first..than to all my friends:
Peter Szabolcsi, Adam Kun, Laszlo Tivadar and his whole family. Michael Sommer, Sebastian Grubinger, Matthias Dandois, Rob Alton, Norbert K_rösi, Áron Redenczki, Csabi n Ági, Phox from Debrecen....thnx to Robert Timar, and Suzi in Sydney, Australia (hello Zeon!) ...and a huge thnx to my biggest inspiration, Buckethead. He is the greatest and he is my battery! Also a big thnx goes out to every rider I was workin with and everyone who send feedback to any of my videos over the years...and thanks Effraim for this interview!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Moto Sasaki new edit

This guy fucking rips!!!

moto sasaki 2009 from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

Worlds pictorial part one

On the friday morning it was raining, this became a feature of the whole weekend, which made running the event very difficult, due to the tight budget this year with suzuki pulling out, there was no tent. I was not aware of this until I turned up with Big Geoff. So our first thought was to run am flat qualifiers under the bridge, that way keeping it focussed to the event, branding accessible, mic, music, would work, downfall was small spot, and very dusty as next to dirt jump. The am riders werent happy with the spot, so we moved on to Mike S's home spot, thanks to Mike for letting us use his home riding spot!!!

This photo makes me laugh, Matthias Dandois radtitude during pro flat qualifiers, "please please dont put on the blog" too late hehehe

Martti Kuoppa is back, fully focussed on riding, he was riding brakeless and killing it all weekend, first place qualifier in pro flat. I wanted to capture the look in his eyes, but he busted me just as was taking shot....

The oldest guy in the contest, awesome to see, Michael Veit from germany..Giving Rad Dad a run for his money, I tried to find out his age, but couldnt find it out..any German riders reading this know??

(more pics tommorow)