Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jean Francis Boulianne Pro Groundtactics

Ronny Engelmann Am Groundtactics

Davis Dudelis Am groundtactics

Akihiko Takahashi Ground Tactics round 3

Jean Francis Boulianne & Dez Maarsen short edit

Jean is staying with Dez, on holiday after the Ninja Spin contest, enjoy!
2 SMALL BIKES 2 LONG COMBOS from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Luke Malone Am Groundtactics Final

Jason Plourde Pro Groundtactics FInal Round

Deadline is today! Looking forward to seeing what drops from everyone! Heres Jason Plourde's entry!
Ground Tactics Round 3 from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Astrolabe Flat Contest next weekend

Yannick Chauvel is organising a big contest just across the pond next weekend, get there if you can!

Tsutomu Kitayama: Hollywood CA

When I watch this guy ride, I think of Bruce Lee, and his advice to "be like water my friend". Amazing steez!

New Ciaran Perry edit!

Amazing bike control from CP!

Jimalog Wedding party show

Congrats to Jimalog and his wife on their marriage! Ironic this came online today, the day of the royal wedding here in the Uk, Jimalog's close friends, Moto Sasaki and Takahiro Ikeda add to the show, somewhat under dressed for a wedding party...

Chris Day organises Flat jam @ The Bicycle Source

This looks like it will be a ton of fun. Great to see Chris Day still involved, representing with his brand "Flat clothing co", jam promises to have a fun party element, so this could get wild! Look forward to the footage from So Cal! may 21st is the date! Get there if you can!

Rad Dad's first online video!

This video is from 2004 when I started riding all over again. At this point I had started relearning my old trick. I wasn't completing many of them at the time. I was very excited to be riding again. I am still excited about riding. After looking at my newest video it made me think about how far I had really come along with my riding. Yeah I am stoked on where I was and where I am now. If your reading this please click to see my riding in 2011

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive #15!

Lil switch I learnt yesterday 0:13-14, thats taken me a while to get done, teakettle direct pivot halfhiker one hand one foot karl to spinning circle k (into whatever), really tough to get the speed with no pumps, stoked how this one turned out! Hopefully this will open up some doors...

KOG Round 1 Experts

Expert guys killing it! Awesome footage!

Terry Adams backyard edit

Terry enjoys a chilled springtime session with the homies, Mickey Gaidos and Darren Craddock.

Simon Stojko Falk edit

Yesterday I received a nice Facebook message from Marko Djuric from Solvenia, it's been years since I heard the name, Simon Stojo Falk. Simon used to document the Worlds every year with his father, producing some sick videos each year, showing all the riders and highlights. Great to see, with a full time job, two kids, he's still getting out there riding flatland when he can. Flatmatters!

Jeffery Garland Photography blog

Been a few years since I heard from Jeffery, but today he hit me up with a link to this website which has a ton of good flatland photography, shoots with the likes of Steve Mulder, Chad Johnston, Trevor Meyer, Terry Adams, Cory Fester and many more. Well worth a look.

Ondrej Synacek spring edit 2011

Love getting edits like this, of riders I haven't seen before. Ondrej is from the Czech Republic, nice variety of tricks in this spring time edit edit, keep pushing and documenting Ondrej!
Ondrej Synacek - edit 2011 from Ondrej Synacek on Vimeo.

Jim McKay progression update

Some nice healthy progression from Jim @Flatstyle, lacing together steam juggle to steam, keep it going Jim! Nothing beats the feeling of a new trick for the first time!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Phil Dolan Fenix Bikes edit

Amazing skills by Phil, no one can roll like Camden's finest, here he puts in some work before heading to the pub for a pint!

430 updates...

Hiroshi at 430 just hit me up with a few events he's putting on in the next 2 weeks in Japan! The tiny bikes flatland contest + anniversary look like a fun time!

Frank Macchio: Last Man Standing

Franks back with another one! Mixing flat with street, good stuff!

Oblivion Bike Company Spring Edit

Oblivion Bike Company new spring edit! JomoPro footage and Tyler Gilliard Spinnin Fire!!!

Philipp Uricher edit

Feels like summer time all over Europe right now, thanks for sending this in Philipp.
seaview from lostframe on Vimeo.

Mike S Deathtruck turbine

"Usually I try not to leave the spot without pulling a trick or link that I started trying. It's almost an unwritten law...It took me three days to get this one, so I'm pretty happy with it. Poor Daniel suffered through it with me filming for a couple of hours. Thanks for that!" Mike S
Mike S. Deathtruck Turbine from Daniel Neumann on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

MK's Junglerider frames being shipped....

Today MK's Junglerider frames are being shipped, can't wait to try one of these shortly, exciting times! Martti is remember giving some money from the sales of these frames towards groundtactics! 

Matthias Dandois bikecheck on Transworld

Fat Tony shot a bikecheck and short interview with Matthias for the tranworld site, Matthias talks about why he doesn't use back pegs "I just don’t do back wheel upside down tricks anymore, which I find too flatland for me."...Hit the link for the rest...

Ciaran Perry short edit

Short and sweet camera test, no foot squeaker bar flips are on point!!! Amazing bike control by Ciaran!

Toronto B-Ball Courtz session

Mazar, Justin & Lachlan enjoying the springtime in Toronto, loving those no handed whips to no handed crackpacker by Mazar! 

MK Bootleg Limited Edition DVD

Martti has just made a dvd of some of his best clips so far, which he will be giving away with junglerider products. Review right here really soon.... Heres what the boss had to say...

"I made a re – mix of the Ground Tactics video clips with nice edits and music and all that. However, as dvd´s won´t sell nowadays I figured that I am not even going to sell this one so I produced 45 pieces of them only which won´t be for sale. 40 of them will go to Japan, 1 to Flatmatters office and 4 of them I will keep for now."

Rob Ridge-Power Hour

Unreal bike control from Rob in this Power hour, everything from rollback, flatland skills!!! Rob is one of the most technical riders on the planet!

Kyosen 2011/04

Inspire Promotions Short Promo

Really nice shoot/ promo edit with Lee Musselwhite and Jimmy Biondi...
Inspire Promotions Promo/Short from callum earnshaw on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 April 2011

MK and the magic cliff!

What the hell! So good! Creative styles from MK!

York Uno-Grow up Flatland

Bikecheck: Mislav Streicher's Zion Focus

Mislav at Zion just sent me some photos of his new Focus ride a few days ago, I sent a swift email back, "Hey Mislav, how about a bikcheck for flatmatters", here it is, the Zion's owners ride...

Frame: Zion Focus - signature by Samuel Foakes.
Fork: Zion Luna.

Handlebar: Zion 2pc prototype.
Cranks: Zion 3pc (from the first Zion bike ever made).
Sprocket: Zion PMS 22T.
Freecoaster: Nankai. 
Rims: Proper.
Front hub: Joytech.
Tyres: Odyssey Frequency G 1.95.
Pegs: Infinity. 
Aheadset: Zion Integrated.
BB: Zion Spanish BB.
Stem: Zion Worldwide.
Brake: Suelo.
Brake cable: Zion Flat Linear.
Brake lever: Odyssey Monolever.
Seat: Zion Pivotal seat.
Seatpost: Ceneca.
Seat clamp: Zion. 
Pedals:  Wellgo PC.

Must watch: Jomopro edit

Beautifully shot edit from the Jomopro, this captures the energy and interaction between the riders really well! Great work by Jonathan Tamayo.
JoMoPro 2011 from Johnathon Tamayo on Vimeo.

20 Pictures Of Justin Miller – A Photographic Tribute To A Great Flatland BMX Rider

Photo by Fat Tony.

Fat Tony just sent us through this link- some great photos of Justin Miller, since Terry dropped that article last week, the whole flatland world is almost begging Justin to come back! Lot of Love out there! Check out some great photos right here!

Patrick Coelho edit

Sweet edit by Lisias Tabarelli. Loving the Brazilian scene!
PATRICK COELHO (OPREE) ''BRASIL SALVADOR-BAHIA'' from Lisias Tabarelli on Vimeo.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

MK backwheeling!

Sick jump from two footed death truck to pedal time machine! 14-14!

Old school sundays Part 2

Part 2 today with Dave Nourie. What a legend!

Flatland Session @ La Bastille

Flatland Session @ La Bastille, Paris, France with Matthias Dandois, Adam Kun, Yohei Ucchino, Jean William Prevost, Alex Jumelin. Sevisual - HT2011 04 Paris, France.

Manchester to Portimao

Nice edit from Portimao, always good to see some Valter footage, dope cyborg combo, check this park/flat mix edit...Brings back memories of the Worlds at that spot!

Old school sundays Part 1

Remember Adam Jung?

Yoda 2011 trailer

Full edit coming soon, from up and coming kid Yoda out of Hungary, sick x ft halfpacker line!

Brandon Fenton Land Escape B + HTCS

Awesome riding in both sections, Intrikat Landescape B maybe familar, but I have never seen Brandon's section from Here Comes The Sun. Thanks for posting Brandon!

Jared Souney GoPro edit

"For the cliché value: A few clips I shot with a GoPro strapped to my bike today. Hopefully next time I try this experiment I remember to charge the battery before hand..."
Jared Souney GoPro Flatland BMX from Souney Media on Vimeo.

Carhartt Contest 2001

Ten years ago, and this just appeared online yesterday! I've said it before and no doubt say it again, one of the best contests i've ever been to! Fun times!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive #14!

Lil' progression from clip 13, continuing on with the playing with numbers concept, 2 is the magic number?

Rad Dad easter special + progression vid

Rad dad engages you with a lil' fun contest for Easter! Count those eggs! And nice opposite whiplash, dump that whiplash right into a hitchiker Rad dad! then juggler out! You got that!

Double control with X

X has had a bunch of tidy edits recently, skills!

How-to get more views on your videos

Fat Tony posted this interesting article about how-to get more views on your videos, lot of simple but overlooked points, that I'm certainly guilty of.

Friday, 22 April 2011

King of Southsea pre-flyer!

Putting this one out as pre-flyer, with the date, King of Southsea returns for the second year! Last year went down a treat, the flatland contest was one of the highlights of the weekend! Stay tuned for updates/sponsor announcements!

Respect: Justin Miller!

Terry Adams brought Justin Miller back into every flatlanders thoughts this week, with a rare interview, here is the first time many of us in Europe saw Justin live back in 2004, what a run, check the combo at 1:11. and check that crowd! Needless to say Justin swept the competition aside! Bomb then, bomb now! Respect!!!! 

Global-flat's Martin Schulz's bikecheck

It's kinda nice sometimes when someone sends in an article (bikecheck) without having to ask, case in point here with Martin Schulz sent in his Khe Adamn ride, check it out, dialled!

Frame: KHE ADamn.
Fork: KHE Tanaka LT.

Bars: OG Caramel 3.
Stem: KHE Minmalism.
Bar Ends: Homemade stainless steel (bought at Flatground some years ago).
Seatpost: Infinity 330 Pivotal.
Seat: Infinity Kevlar.
Cranks: St Martin Ecoflat Pro (the mountain bike cartridge still works perfectly after all those years).
Wheels: KHE Geisha Wheelset 36H.
Tyres: Odyssey Frequency Gs.
Pegs front: KGB Control.
Pegs rear: KHE Alchemy.
Brake: Suelo.

Martins site:

''Total Freedom'' Lisias Tabarell - Flatland Way!

Frank Macchio vs The Orb

"Frank Macchio absorbs trick tips from Scott Powell on how to tackle the elusive Orb."

York Uno and the street performer

This is mostly focussed on the street performer, short whiplash clip of York half way through on a new Ares set up...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bizhouse drop another exclusive!

Ever had Euro BB's blow up on you?....... that problem is resolved here! Shawn White is on it! Two exclusives in two weeks! Simplifying the BMX gradually....