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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Old school sundays...

R.L. Osborn's Flatland run at an National Freestyle Association contest in 1985.

Oblivion edit

With a lil Jeff Desroche action in there...

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Prasheel Gopal: May 2010 edit

Nice progression from Prasheel, check it!

Prasheel Gopal: May 28, 2010 from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Groundtactics semifinals just in!

Some great entries for the Semi final round, much respect to everyone that entered. Martti just posted the results! Congrats to all the finalists!!!

1. Sam Foakes 275 points
2. Moto Sasaki 269,5 points
3. Peter Olsen 268 points
4. Takahiro Ikeda 248 points tie
4. Stephan Fabien 248 points tie
5. Toon 245 points
6. Jeromino 244 points
7. David Nagy 242 points
8. Navid Saleki 232 points
9. Remy D 223 points
10. Mastoalbi 216 points
11. Caternellis 212 points

Top 8 goes to the next final round.

Please submit NON EDITED 3 minute video clip. (
Non edit means you record 3 minutes of your riding without a pausing record) we want to see consistency level of your riding. And hard tricks...

20th of June 2010. Clips coming in after deadline, will not be judged.
Top 3 riders will be selected from those clips to REAL live finals in Helsinki, Finland on 7th of August 2010. Flights will be paid. (I will confirm this one really soon, next week)

By the way, sorry for changing some of the things in the guidelines along the way. This has been a test year as we do it first time ever. Please understand... Thanks.

New Ciaran Perry edit

This guy fucking rules!! So much bike control it's retarded! Mad respect!!! 
Check the last combo!!! Unreal!!!

Farren Downes Welcome to Fit edit

One of my friends here in Southsea just got hooked up by Fit, heres his "Welcome to..." edit, filmed in two days all over Southsea, Farren cut the track also, enjoy!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

White Friday?

James pays homage to his props groundworks part last weekend at the TGM jam, funny stuff!! 

Balu - BaKteria5 DVD footage - 2007

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland Final Cut

Maz's TGM jam edit!!

I always say its not summer till you hear Jazzy Jeff blazing, I guess Maz did it for me!! Good times at the mile!!! What a scorcher!!

TGM (FRY UP) JAM MAY23rd 2010 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

Terry Adams "Rain Scene" Contextual

Text + Video by Bobby Carter.

This is the historical "Rain Scene" from Diversion 3.0.
Rain killed a good session in New Orleans, but Terry didn't let that stop him. A sprinkle turned into a monsoon, but Terry kept riding. At certain points the water was about 8 inches deep. Somehow he was able scuff, pivot, spin, barflip and just about everything else on on a water slick bike. It was was a crazy phenomenon of mind over matter. This was released on VHS tape back when you-tube and vimeo didn't exist. In case you missed it, here it is. Enjoy!

Garfo Guerrero edit

Thanks to Lisias Tabarelli Dos Santos for sending this in!

William Perez edit

Thanks to William for sending this in, good stuff!!

Jesse Puente FAT Favourites

Jesse Puente has been killing it since as long as I can remember, check his FAT favourites..

Rayk Hahne freerun edit

More from Rayk, and his free run crew, lil story to this edit...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

TGM jam

Pics by Effraim, Penny Ledbury, Marcia Alleyne.

Rather than you tell you a who did what kind of report, I’m going to take a different stance and tell you ten reasons why I think jams are so good for flatland.
1. They are free of charge. No hiring costs, that can sometimes apply, e.g Level Vibes cost James White a whole wodge of cash…
2. No pressure, that right there puts a whole different slant on the riding that goes down, the attitude of the riders, whole vibe.
3. Seeing new faces, TGM this weekend saw a few new riders on the scene. A few guys made it from Norwich, Birmingham, Brighton. Was awesome to see riders from different scenes sessioning together.

4.Seeing Old faces. Always good to catch up with Phil Dolan and James White, and the TGM locals, good sessions and banter throughout the day!
5. More sessions go down at a jam than they do at a contest, contests in the 90’s used to breed heavy sessions, this sadly seems to be a thing of the past in contests, throughout the day at the mile, there were pockets of people sessioning hard.

6. Pros mingle with Ams and Novice riders a lot more than at a contest, generally  it’s more socialable. Which in turn is good for the future of flatland. Guys like Yinka and Salvador, are the future, Salvador was so close to backwards wheelie to decade. Keep it up guys!!
7. There’s no bitching after a jam, unlike after almost every contest, riders are stoked to ride with other riders, this I believe helps the scene grow.
8. Jams for the most part are so easy to organise especially at a spot like the Green Mile, Phil Dolan set a date, and asked me to promote it on the blog, that was it. The weather could not have been any better!!, it’s fair to say we got fried.

9. Someone always brings a ghettoblaster, this adds to that relaxed vibe. And the sessions.
10. Always good times. TGM jam was no exception, everyone went away stoked on riding, wondering when the next jam is?? Phil?? James?? Me???  Anyone else stepping up??? Much respect to Phil for putting this on, getting everyone together. Summer vibes!!

Venom wheels!!

Thanks to Bobby Downing for sending in this three part video from 2002. Awesome stuff!!

Part1 opening,osamu hamaguchi,gen ninomiya,yasu suzuki,UZ shirai...

part2 yossy,ufo azuma,kaoru maruya,shinichiro hara...

part3 eno-young,yasushi funaki,end roll,simon O'brien...

Terry Adams on The Mass Bmx show

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Same thing daily 2 review

Review by Effraim.
I feel like I should give this DVD a big intro, it might not be what you think though…I asked Dane if I could get a copy of Same thing daily 2 after I saw it advertised on his blog, I’m sure your aware you can buy a t-shirt as well along with the offer ($32). Dane offered me a copy if I review the DVD but I had to pay for t-shirt…. I had a change of heart, a free copy doesn’t help at all, I thought to myself, “I’m part of the problem here”, so I paid for it and I’ll review it…
These DVDs help flatland grow in the motivational and progressive sense, and if we want these projects to continue we should support these people, whether it’s Dane, Intrikat, Simon O’Brien, Martti or whoever, let’s not let the flatland DVD die of a sad death. Whilst I’m shooting myself in the foot for a free copy, I’m looking at the bigger picture here! Flats small enough as it is…
The rider list for Same thing daily 2, is a varied one, contrasting styles, out of limelight riders (Markus Redlberger, Brian Tunney, Sebastian Grubinger), and you have the contrast of more well known contest featuring riders (Shintaro Misawa, Chad Johnston, and Dane Beardsley of course), add Jody Temple and Akira Okamura which helps make for an interesting mix.

Jody Temple gets the opening section, riding to a feel good tune, The Avalanches “Since I left you”, sets a good tone for the DVD. The only time I ever see Jody (with exception of recent his jomopro appearance) is on Dane’s DVDs, so it’s always a real treat to watch Jody’s smooth style. Standouts for me on Jody’s section were the opening line, xft halfpacker pivot to backwards hitch, rolled super long, and buttery as you’d expect from Jody! Jody has a lot of intricate lil switches in between the bike throwing, one of my favourites was Pedal hang 5 step thru whip to halfpacker 360 pivot out. The ender right hand halfpacker jump over frame to hitchhiker is sweet! Most importantly looks like Jody enjoyed making this section!
The next section falls to Shintaro Misawa, filmed in some great locations, Shintaro is finally getting the props his riding deserves, it’s easy to overlook what he’s doing as he moves effortlessly between complex front wheel switches, a lot of this section is based around the halfpacker position, and with a contest rider, its hard not to know his riding, the standout combo for me was the turbine whip to right foot mccircle to left arm halfpacker 360 pivot to spinning halfhiker to no handed messiah step over no hands on bar to two foot steam spinning halfhiker out, all laced to The cardigans, super nice section.
Brian Tunney gets the next section, the opening text as his section made me chuckle, “sorry if this sucks”. As always with Brian, ultra smooth, mad skills, long ass one handed hitchhiker jugglers as opening line. Mixed in with street footage, gives you a feel for what Brian’s riding is all about, you might say refreshing. There’s a bunch of one handed jugglers lines, as well as a long backwards hitch juggler line, my personal favourite was the super long backwards xft pedal five flip to tomahawk backwards crackpacker line with a super nice backdrop, I’m going to guess it’s a Manhattan skyline, but could be wrong, whatever, it def adds to the clip and section…

The next section, Chad Johnston kills it at his home spot the Long beach underground, def putting in some work, the pornos for pyros track fits well with Chad’s mix of street style and powerful style. First time I watched this DVD, it was Chad’s section that had me hitting the rewind, whether its a whopper linked straight into backwards pedal straddle walkover out, or my personal fav, the g turn backwards pedal five scuff forwards pedal five in circles ET the cranks opposite foot scarlo squeaks ET cranks back to pedal five turbines, this is crazy!!! And so smooth!!!  Pegless of course!! Hit the rewind, hit the rewind, yes Chad!!! (editors note:ET refers to switching cranks around..)
The next section falls to an underrated Sebastian Grubinger, this guys riding is awesome, really well thought out combos I thought. And nice to see this DVD part give him the platform to showcase his skills, the opening whiplash to double around bars whiplash is beautiful! Sebastian has mad skills, backwards around bar whiplashes, multiple one handed whiplashes forwards and backwards, and my personal favourite multiple halfhiker right foot mcicrcle walkaround to crackpacker, so nice!! Great section!!
The next section goes to Akira Okamura, this section is a mix of flat and street, lot of lines, unedited feel, it’s raw! Akira rides up stairs, half cab down, Akira’s always been one to do his own thing and looks like he’s having great time, it’s ironic he rides street and flat on that frame, it looks like it will collapse! No offence Akira! Flat wise there’s mega spin to perverted to peg wheelie perverted out, whopper to back pegs landing whopper out, his riding is really edgy.
The next section is dedicated to Georgia, laced to a nice Roots track.. Nice clips of John Dowker, Aaron Behnke, Alexis DeGrassa, Shane from Neon Media (amongst others) busting, mixed in with street and trails clips, my favourite here is the clips of Andrew, this guy is awesome, double foot brakeless squeakers step over to double foot backwards kruzer, insane!! Liked that a lot! Looks like amazing scene in Georgia!
Dane Beardsley follows next, and never disappoints, I love this guys riding, his section falls into two parts, first part is a mix of skatepark, and street . His street style is a lot more raw than technical, I guess he leaves that for the flat.

Yes the flat! One of the highlights of the DVD for sure, I’ve said it many a time, Dane is one of the most underrated riders, forwards and backwards stubble duck two footed dump trucks? Dane is a master of the back wheel, backwards rope a roni undertaker around to switch backwards rope-a-roni xft peg wheelie out, so nice, the ender is a treat!!  Around the world  (starting opposite) backwards two dump truck to xft wheelie flip to upside down backwards wheelie to opposite backwards backyard round to regular side backwards backyard upside down wheelie degroot undertaker ride out, insane line!!! There are of course some tasty front wheel combos but it’s back wheel combos from Dane that stood out for me! There’s even a lawnmower chucked in there at end of one of combos!! Much respect Dane!
The last section falls to another underrated rider Markus Redlberger, his section opens with a nice bar flip to carved nosewheelie g turn bar flip out, there’s great variety in this section, stubble ducks to backwards halfpacker! Xft whiplash to no handed xft guillotine pivot to backwards crackpacker flip out! Xft peg wheelie flip to g roll backwards backyard gerator out, multiple x hand whiplashes 360 varial squeaker out, backwards multiple xft whiplashes, the ender is nuts, a rolling hang five version of Osicka’s “gimp whip “ x hand hang five body varial backwards hang five body varial back to hang five to whiplash! Mad skills from Markus in this ending section!!!
All that’s left is the credits! As I said in the intro, I think it’s important the flatland scene supports DVDs such as this, independent style, check Danes blog, for ordering details. Amazing diversity in this dvd!!! Top marks!!! (if there is such a thing, feel good factor watching this…)Long live the flatland DVD…

Terry Adams and Aaron Ross mix part


Lisias Tabarelli - Bakteria5 DVD footage - 2007

Thanks to Lisias sending this in!

Monday, 24 May 2010

James White flatmatters exclusive

I filmed couple of clips with James at the TGM jam yesterday, repo up in 
next few days, enjoy!

King of Ground contextual

Text by Bobby Carter.

King of Ground is the longest running flatland series in the world. It was created in 1999 by a group of pro flatlanders that wanted to help build the BMX scene in Japan. The series was successful. With the absence of skateparks at that time, flatland blew up in Japan.
There are three events in various parts of the country, allowing most riders to participate regionally. Although most of the media out there is of the pro class, if you go to the event, there is a very large amount of AM participation. Hundreds of AM riders come together and have fun at each event! The video presented here is a throwback clip of an early KOG finals in Tokyo!

Markus Redlberger clips

Thanks to Sebastian Grubinger for sending this in, sweet xft backwards 
jumplash, Markus has the ender section on same thing daily 2, review 
will be up this week....

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Old school sundays...

As i post this i'm about to head to Phil Dolan's TGM Spring jam, so this is a fitting time to post this, pony tail and all, good stuff!!

Lea Dobrowski "ten months in" edit

BMX Flatland Art Demo

The ATX Flatland Crew participated in a BMX Flatland demo on May 21, 2010. It was sponsored by "The Fresh UP" The members of the crew that rode in the demo were Adam DiClaudio, EZ Chris Anderson, 
Diego Tejada, Kenny Boucher and Ruben Castillo.

The BMX Flatland Art Demo from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nathan Penonzek video interview part four:

Heres the final part of the Nathan Penonzek interview, been a real pleasure to bring the flatland community these videos, hope to do more like this in the future, whos next?

Ucchie's fise qualifying run

Heres the last of my qualifying run vids, enjoy!

Terry Adams vs Moto Sasaki battle at Fise

Wow this might have been the best battle of the Fise contest!! Amazing tension in 
this battle!!!

Madrid jam by Moya

Takahiro Ikeda is currently in spain, thanks to Moya for sending in this jam 

Tom Knoll digicam edit

This could be the future, much like Rodney Mullen did to skateboarding, very interesting section, refreshing to see!

Tim Knoll digicam edit from tim knoll on Vimeo.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Nathan Penonzek video interview part three:

The iphone trimmed down to ten mins to fit on youtube, still a good portion of this interview, this edition is probably the most interesting,we discuss riding, enjoy!

First try Fridays? Moto Sasaki Flatmatters exclusive!!!

First try Fridays??!! Thanks Moto for doing this!!

Terry Adams Fise qualifying run

New Takuji Kasahara edit!

My inbox was full of riders sending this edit in, really nice edit by my good friend Taku in japan, feeling this!!

tricks from TAKU on Vimeo.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Awesome new Ciaran Perry edit!!


Reminder: TGM Spring jam this sunday!

Quick reminder to anyone in UK who can possibly make this, to get down the mile this sunday for the Spring jam, forecast to be 70 degrees and sunshine all day, so looks like being a great day. Bring the sunlotion...

Deepbmx Fise edit!!

Nathan Penonzek video interview part two:

Moto Sasaki Fise qualifying run

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stephan Hearn clip

Cory Fester/2008 (Edited in 2010)

Cory Fester / 2008 (Edited in 2010) from og pictures on Vimeo.

Deep bmx & Power Balance combine to bring flatland back at Masters

Early this evening I received confirmation that the flatland contest is back in the masters, thanks to deep bmx and power balance, I have spoken to the organisers and they are struggling financially, and the rest of bmx wasnt willing to fund the flatland contest to run. And also up until Deep bmx got involved no one got involved, big ups to Deep bmx, buy a t-shirt, buy a frame, or a power balance bracelet, whatever you can afford, show your support to a company that cares!!

FLATLAND is back!
After announcing that Flatland and Vert will not take place at the BMX Masters 2010,
we have been receiving many messages from riders, that were showing their concerns, disappointment and understanding.

The Flatland community was very constructive with ideas and help in general. It really showed us how much they cared about Flatland being a part of the BMX Masters they made an effort to make it happen!

With the help of deepBMX and their cooperation-partner POWER BALANCE we are able to realize this years flatland at the masters. POWER BALANCE will be covering the 5.000 Euro price money for the Pro Flat. deepBMX will take care about the organization of the Flatland contest.
Feel free to check and
This gives us enough support to cover the necessary set up and cost.

Now its up to all you Flatlanders, to show some respect to all those that make this happen, be there to ride and support!

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Spielbetrieb / BMX Masters

For more information check out

Nathan Penonzek video interview part one:

This is a four part video interview with one of the most interesting characters and talented people to ever ride flatland in my opinion, it gives me great pleasure to bring this to you!! Enjoy!!!

F.I.S.E 2010 Flatland Practice + Battle BMX Force edit

F.I.S.E 2010 Flatland Practice + Battle from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Matthias Dandois Fise qualifying run

Jérémy Brosset - May 2010

Jérémy Brosset - Mai 2010 from Jérémy Brosset on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Takahiro Ikeda Fise qualifying run

Filmed this by my side as judged qualifying, listen to that crowd!!! Flat dead?! Not at Fise!!! More videos tommorow...

Terry Adams flatmatters exclusive!!

Good fun from TA! Check it!

Fise edit

This is great! Spine and flat footage, check that crowd, i still cant get over the noise from that crowd, amazing!

FISE Montpellier 2010 Jour 4 from olivier Batailler on Vimeo.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fise videos

Thanks to Moto for finding these videos for me!!! First two videos are Moto vs Ucchie,then lil bit of final,I wish I filmed finals now, I will post a few qualifying runs when I get home.

Brazil in the house Ederson Nene edit

Pete Olsen semi finals groundtactics edit

Rocking backwards lines....Pete rules!!

Old school Sundays

This kind seems timely being that i've been hanging out a lot at Fise 
with Nathan Penonzek, check back next week for some video interviews 
with him...

David Nagy Groundtactics semi entry

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sam Foakes semi final groundtactics entry

Off the radar, but not off his game at all!! Banging conceptual flatland! What do you think?

Matthias Dandois wins Fise!!

Im sitting in the wifi area by the flatland with martin at global flat haha, this feels weird!
Matthias Dandois just won the first round of the world circuit, who's gonna stop him!!, beating Moto Sasaki in the final...
the crowd was incredible, never heard a noise so loud for flat, goose bumps!! Incredible vibe!!!!

Top four are as follows!

Matthias Dandois
Moto Sasaki
Viki Gomez

Bike days

Nice short clip of the flat, :43 till 2:00, this event looked fun!!