Thursday, 30 September 2010

Kwon Seongtaek Autumn edit

Athens GA edit

Fieldcontrol edit

Renz Vaje edit

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Yokahama in the house! Yorimitsu Miyata..

I met Yorimitsu in Yokohama two years ago, this guy is amazing! Check!

One combo by Moya!

York Uno C3 Jam edit!

Tight edit from the C3 Jam!!

Spa jam

About a month old, still nice to see some unique faces! Check out the first guys no handed messiah pump, wild!

Christie Pit sessions

Party sessions in Koln!

"Some impressions from riding and chilling at night in Cologne 2010 after the BMX masters."

Too small bikes trailer

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Stefen Loebar

From a few years back, interesting style! Largely un-noticed in the scene...

Matthias Dandois Vans edit

Plus de BMX >>

Bruno Zebu edit!

Thanks to Lísias Tabarelli Dos Santos for sending this in, tight edit!

Gino Stuart edit

If you've ever been to flatground, you'll remember Gino! What a host! This guy is awesome to hang out with! Great to see he's still riding!
crossroads from gino stuart on Vimeo.

Sickchild relaunch website!

Really nice relaunch of the Sickchild, lil interviews with Bobby C, Mr Hollinger, Frosty, dope product!This is great! Independent flatland style! Hit the link!

6 months in..

6 Months In from Steve Lapsley on Vimeo.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Catching up with Rayyan Ibrahim!

I must admit I didn't know what to make when Shintaro changed his name on the edit above, it totally surprised me!Was it a joke or for real?! I have admired his riding for years, effortless precision, perfect technique, and flat out buttery. I wanted to catch up with Rayyan, it's so hard not to call him Shintaro! Does anyone find that? Anyway heres the interview, enjoy!

Firstly congrats on your new found love..Rayyan, I guess first and foremost, the name change? Tell us more about it?

When we convert to Islam, we can get the name of Islam. I was born in Japan, my old name Shintaro is not a Islam name. I hope to live in a Islamic country (Malaysia). The name is very important. I got a new name, "Rayyan Ibrahim".

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
To join a big competition in Malyasia in October maybe. I'm looking for a job in Malaysia now, i am planning on moving to Malaysia in 2011.

Leaving Japan is a big move! How do your parents and friends feel about it?
No problem for me. I can live anywhere maybe. Being  a flatlander is tough life, and Malyasia is close, only 6.5 hours from Japan. But the culture is very different. I need to study many things.

With your new found religion, what aspects of your life will change?
No alcohol, no pork. It was big problems for me! Alcohol is necessary to our communications..I was thinking so. But...Malaysian riders are Muslims. They are very kind hearted and relaxed all the time. I like that.

Who are you sponsored by these days?
It hasnt changed. I don't know yet detail, and some sponsors continue already.

What is flatland riding for you?
The bike is part of my body. Riding is good exercise.

I don't think i've ever seen you touch the back wheel riding flatland, tell me about this choice of riding, front wheel only?
Yes I am 99% only Front wheel. I am not so technical. Both wheel riding I can not.

Over the past few years you have had many good sections either online or dvd parts, do you have any DVD parts in the works right now?
Maybe not, that is great idea! I filmed some clips for a new DVD this summer. I hope to use these.

What got you into flatland?
Competition, making a lot of friends. Practise is good for the mind and the body.

If you could be a coach for a kid from the beginning in flatland, what would your advice be?
I would not say anything, let them make their own choices. If they get some trick, lets try filing together.

Growing up in Japan, to the outsiders looking in, the scene looks so big, is it really like that on a day to day basis?
I think the same as other country, important is professional mind. We are just more desperate to move individually, waiting for great futures.

How did you get started in competing in contests? Did you begin with KOG's? Or was there something before?
I tried to compete for the first time in KOG 1998, I had good times in Fanfancy in Osaka.

What do you see as the reason Flatland riding is so popular in Japan?
Flatland is matching the characteristics of Japanese culture. Accuracy, Agility, Endurance, Delicate, etc.

Will it be hard for you to leave such a great scene?
It is the same also in Malaysia.

You just announced that you won't compete anymore! Why is that?
Yes I hope to stop competing and rest riding too. I used too many times and money for BMX. These are great times, it was too fun. But I can not see other world. My life is only bike now, it is not good. I want to see other world more.

Any thanks to close this Rayyan?
Many thanks to everyone, all the sponsors that keep on supporting me! They bring me new hope to my new life, because we are friends.

Adam DiClaudio at the OG Austin

Adam DiClaudio at the OG Austin 09-24-10 from Adam DiClaudio on Vimeo.

Old Ares show footage with Ito, Jumelin, Petite

Come together jam

Nice footage of Fenton, Prasheel, Lachlan, and few other guys ripping! Lachlan should maybe have his own weekly post on here?
COMETOGETHER JAM - FREESTYLE from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Old school sundays...

What a classic! So stoked on this!! 
BACO 5 from Rothenbusch Eric on Vimeo.

New J-F Boulianne iPhone edit

RAW HD from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.

Kwon Seongtaek sunset edit

Navid Saleki clip

Flatware complete drops at Interbike!


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Matthias Dandois launches facebook page with FM exclusive!

Matthias got in contact with this new trick video, and news that he will posting not only clips and news about him, but much more than that! For now heres this xft backwards spinning halfpacker he kindly did exclusively for flatmatters! Thanks!!!

Nora Cup awards!!!

To watch rest of the show, click below:

Jakub Simansky edit

Jakub Simansky 2010 from Lukas Kosik on Vimeo.

Andres Jeronimo on TV

Friday, 24 September 2010

George Manos Bikecheck!

One of the best parts of making this blog, is the process of researching articles and finding out new things about new riders, who share the same passion as I do! I find this really enjoyable and very inspirational! Without further a due,  the second in the series of bikechecks is George Manos' ride, if your saying who?? Check the links at the bottom of this bikecheck.
This guy to me is what flatland is all about!

Frame:Dragonfly solo mike s. signature frame 2008-09 model.
Fork:Odyssey flatland 41 thermal with offset.
Headset:fsa impact integrated.
Handlebars:Terrible one paul buchanan model.
Barends:Animal plastic.
Stem:Primo pro.
Aheadset:Look above.
Grips:Odi longneck.
Tyres:Odyssey frequency G 1.85 p-lyte.
Tubes:Ordinary, Kenda I guess.
Seatpost:Primo pivotal.
Seat:Macneil Collier signature.
Chain adjustor:Too old to remember.
Cranks:Demolition LT 2.0 165mm with ti spindle.
Chainring:Profile 23T.
Pedals:Odyssey twisted plastic.
Rims:Front; alex supra j triple wall 48h(what?). Back; sun big city lite 36h.
Front hub:wethepeople pi hi flange.
Freecoaster:Federal 9t.
Spokes:mmm, good ones i guess..

Any modifications:well lots of them! I cut the bars about 1.5 inches,cut the seatpost,cut the back of the seat for better grapping,modify the freecoaster to the maximum slack,ditched pegs and brakes just to feel free,I run about 60 psi on the back tyre because i don't like the stiffness of 100psi it also saves my freecoaster from getting direct pressure when I drop the back end hard,I moved my bars a bit forward it's more comfortable,I have a homemade kneesaver on the stem.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:My homemade stickers need to remind me and giving me power,hahaha!.In general I want the bike to feel like strong and smooth at the same time, street and flat, i'm currently working on building a hybrid,a chimera..we'll see!

Sponsors:Currently my parents,but I could use some corporate help!

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?mmm i guess it could be good to try the standard set up at first, like what full factory bike has to offer(brakes, pegs etc) and then start ditching or keeping what feels comfortable with you and according to what kind of tricks you're trying to learn!Keep open eyes and mind to everything you see, try what you feel curious about,it's like trial and error process!That's what i do,or perhaps I'm not the right person to 

Further reading (if you missed it!)

Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup!!!

This news just in! Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup, im guessing this video (below) was a large part of that win! Congrats Moto!! Party in japan!!!!

Other winners...

Ramp rider of the year: Drew Bezansen
DVD of the year: This is United.
Dirt jumper of the year: Chris Doyle.
Street rider of the year: Garrett Reynolds.
Best video part: Corey Martinez "this is united".
Racer of year: Maris Stromburg.

Takuya HIga edit

Japan got talent?!

Alex Jumelin in Portimao

Alex Jumelin in Portimao from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Matthias Dandois vs Adam Kun Fieldcontrol final

Just turn off the volume!!!

BMX Masters TV edit!

Great to see "legit" flatland getting air time on the TV, Rebel Media covered the "flat is back" event put on by the guys this year at the BMX Masters, awesome coverage!

Mike S Music video

Check out this really well shot video featuring Mike S!

Happy 40th Birthday Bill Nitschke!!

It's Bill's 40th birthday, for all of you that don't know, Bill invented the whopper! And could throw down in park also!
Happy 40th Birthday Bill from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Matthias Dandois signs for Odyssey

This news just came up on my twitter, this has been on the DL for a while! I remember Matthias telling me about this at Jomopro. The news debuted at interbike in vegas, looks like a catalog photo, i'm guessing official announcements will be online soon. Big things happening with Odyssey, congrats to Matthias for this deal!

Francisco Lindo edit

More and more new faces appearing these days, great to see! Flatmatters!
franflat new video from Francisco Lindo on Vimeo.

Miyata edit

Terry Adams Redbull College Tour

Terry Adams Redbull College Tour from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.

Lísias Tabarelli clip

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fieldcontrol TV edit

Martti Kuoppa bikecheck!

It's been a while since I featured a bikecheck on the blog, so its about time to bring it back, always interesting to see what various riders use, and the modifications they make, if any! To kick this off again, no better than MK to get the party started....

Frame: Jungle Rider “Holiday” first Martti signature frame ever. 18.8 tt.
Fork: Jungle Rider “Black Scorpio”.
Headset: FSA.
Handlebars: Jungle Rider “MK Ultra 9”.
Barends: Camacura stainless steel.
Stem: KGB Trap 1.
Grips: I prefer tennis racket grips but today I changed my bars and I did not have any grip tape left so I put some grips I found from my home.
Griplocks: no.
Brakes: no.
Sometimes 65 psi and when I remember to pump them then 120 psi.

Tubes: No idea.
Pegs: KGB control pegs.
Seatpost: KHE.
Seatclamp: Hoffman bikes.
Seat: KHE watanabe seat.
Chain adjustor: no.
Chain: KMC.
Cranks: Suelo.
Chainring: Suelo.
Pedals: Animal.
Rims: Rear: Proper bikes front : alex.
Front hub: Proper bikes.
Freecoaster: KGB Runkai.
Spokes: WT swiss spokes in the rear and front, I have no idea, purple spokes.

Any modifications: No.
Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: Just try to keep everything tight and solid which sometimes is difficult as I don´t mind (like?) fixing my bike very often…

Sponsors: No.
Advice to beginners on bike set ups? You should not worry about having it super light. It will just build extra expectations on your progression of riding. Have both brakes on to make sure to learn basics and build your skills from there. Being brakeless in the beginning will not lead you nothing but, frustration at some point.