Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Martti Kuoppa bikecheck!

It's been a while since I featured a bikecheck on the blog, so its about time to bring it back, always interesting to see what various riders use, and the modifications they make, if any! To kick this off again, no better than MK to get the party started....

Frame: Jungle Rider “Holiday” first Martti signature frame ever. 18.8 tt.
Fork: Jungle Rider “Black Scorpio”.
Headset: FSA.
Handlebars: Jungle Rider “MK Ultra 9”.
Barends: Camacura stainless steel.
Stem: KGB Trap 1.
Grips: I prefer tennis racket grips but today I changed my bars and I did not have any grip tape left so I put some grips I found from my home.
Griplocks: no.
Brakes: no.
Sometimes 65 psi and when I remember to pump them then 120 psi.

Tubes: No idea.
Pegs: KGB control pegs.
Seatpost: KHE.
Seatclamp: Hoffman bikes.
Seat: KHE watanabe seat.
Chain adjustor: no.
Chain: KMC.
Cranks: Suelo.
Chainring: Suelo.
Pedals: Animal.
Rims: Rear: Proper bikes front : alex.
Front hub: Proper bikes.
Freecoaster: KGB Runkai.
Spokes: WT swiss spokes in the rear and front, I have no idea, purple spokes.

Any modifications: No.
Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: Just try to keep everything tight and solid which sometimes is difficult as I don´t mind (like?) fixing my bike very often…

Sponsors: No.
Advice to beginners on bike set ups? You should not worry about having it super light. It will just build extra expectations on your progression of riding. Have both brakes on to make sure to learn basics and build your skills from there. Being brakeless in the beginning will not lead you nothing but, frustration at some point.


flatmatters said...

The green forks and bars remind of the quamen days! One thing that struck me, when i was in finland, was the height of the bars, and the tennis grip he was using at the time, just for a lil more height. Moto does the same, power!

FLATmode said...

Good advice in there!

Howard said...

nice pics from the cemetary (strange location) i do love these frames ,whats the rear tyres he didn't specify ?

flatmatters said...

During the summer martti uses frequency g's.

Lísias Tabarelli dos Santos. said...

Gigante o Guidão...Muito boa as conbinação de cores Martti representa muito bem o Flatland...!