Friday, 24 September 2010

Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup!!!

This news just in! Moto Sasaki wins the Nora Cup, im guessing this video (below) was a large part of that win! Congrats Moto!! Party in japan!!!!

Other winners...

Ramp rider of the year: Drew Bezansen
DVD of the year: This is United.
Dirt jumper of the year: Chris Doyle.
Street rider of the year: Garrett Reynolds.
Best video part: Corey Martinez "this is united".
Racer of year: Maris Stromburg.


flatmatters said...

That 3 min video must have swayed most pro riders! Great to see that groundtactics has had a big effect on flatland in its first year! Congrats to Moto! Really psyched Drew B won ramp rider of the year, and This is United won dvd of the year!!!

marttikuoppa said...

Moto, if you read this I want to tell you that we are proud of you! Flatland is proud of you! Good job!