Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Matt Wilhelm bikecheck on transworld!

Nice bike check and short interview by fat tony, Matt has lil different ride than the normal, lot of interesting personal modifications to check!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chad Johnston takes it to the streets

S&M Chad Johnston Treadless from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

Gabe Kadmiri clip at Terry Adams Home spot

Ganji Tribe: Gabe Kadmiri from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.

Pegless flatland with Georges Manos

George Manos kicked ass at the masters a few years back, hadnt heard anything from him since then till now... Shredder!!!

Pete Hollinger sunday afternoon edit

French connection jam highlights + Ganji crew in Austin

So much good stuff from Rad Dad lately, Austin looks like the new US mecca for flatland.

The French Connection from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Ganjibmx Promo Vid from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Deep bmx announce new sponsor!

Matti Rose hit me up with some good news for the deepbmx crew..

"We are really proud to tell you folks that deepBMX has a new CO Sponsor for the whole Team in 2010.

The company POWER BALANCE Performance Technology! They work together with athletes all over the world. From surfing to golf, from basketball to formula 1.

Now BMX is another sport on their list. The wristband helps to increase your strength, balance and flexibility."

More infos:

Monday, 29 March 2010

Trevor Meyer Interview

Intro + Interview:Effraim.

Many years ago, when myself and Trevor Meyer were competing against each other regularly in the X trials X games days, Brian Tunney wrote on the ESPN site, I was the “English Trevor Meyer”, some may see this as a negative, but I saw it as a huge compliment. Whenever I think about riders with skills, Trevor’s name comes up, I always admired the way he didn’t follow any kind of fashion, he did things for himself, like the big bars, longer toptube frames, not to mention, the man was a machine, infact it looks like he still is! Somehow I think for the most part Trevor is underrated, of course because Trevor was so dominant during the 90’s he received a ton of criticism. The 90’s was a very creative period, now hes off the radar so to speak, it seems people have warmed to him, I guess this shows the fical nature of being at the top of your sport.
Without further a due, I bring you the Trevor Meyer interview, this has been a while in the works, I hope you enjoy it!

Just for the record Trevor, how old are you and how long have you been riding?
37 years old,been riding about 25 years but that includes alot of messing around not just flatland.

What got you into flatland riding?
I happened to pick up the very first issue of FREESTYLIN magazine at my local convenience store. After checking out all the cool bikes and tricks it just seemed like something i wanted to do! Went to the Haro trick team show when they came to town-(Nourie,Blyther & Wilkerson) and afterwards bought my first real freestyle bike a GT Performer and started riding.

When you started out riding who did you look up to?
I looked up to all the Pros and experts out there,i still do! Old school or new school i respect anyone that can ride! Dennis McCoy,Rick Moliterno,RL Osborn were a few favorites.

How long were you riding before you went pro?
About 5 years,my first pro contest was held in 1992. It was a Hoffman B.S. series contest located at Lake Owen camp,Wisconsin,USA. Ended up winning that one and eventually started going to all the B.S. contests at the time.

Give me a brief run down of your sponsorship history?Started off with Standard,Wilkerson Airlines,GT/Powerlite/Dyno,Mongoose, Giant those were the big ones! I do want to thank Odyssey for helping me out all along-they rule!

Sorry to ask this as I would imagine you are sick of it.....I know you looked up to Chase Gouin a lot, and in a way learnt off the master, you also recieved lot of criticism from him, and many others, how did you feel about that, can you recall that time, and spread some light from your perspective?
Im long over that stuff now.But if you ask me, I think Chase should have taken it as a compliment to his riding rather than a negative thing. I know,I would be honored if other riders did my tricks and wanted to be like me!

You are well known by the whole sport as being one of the most consistent contest riders of all time? Can you tell me a little bit about your contest preparations? How did you get so dialed, like what process did you go through?
Didn't really go thru a process or anything, i just put a lot of time into riding and trying the same tricks/combos over and over until I got them!This sport also requires mental preparation.

What kind of mental preparation did you do? Thats crazy that you just rode a lot and got that dialled, without any process.
Lot's of deep meditation. Just joking!!! I had an idea of what i wanted to do but no particular order,for some reason when i did plan to do combos in order- i would mess it up, so i just went with what felt right at the time!

A lot of times you were on the road all summer, how on earth did you progress and also be dialled during this time? 
We would be on the road touring around for months then go right to a contest! I just made the best out of the free time that i had by practicing at hotels and before after demos.

I can't believe all you did was ride trevor, with no kind of system, you must be pretty natural, would you say you were a natural rider? I always thought you had some crazy kind of practise routine...
Theres nothing natural about flatland, the way we put our body in unnatural positions. Endless hours of repetition is what matters and sometimes that doesn't do it.The love of the sport and desire to perfect tricks is my drive.

Whats your proudest achievement within your riding career?
You might guess the 3 x-game gold medals and 7 straight years of hoffman belts.

Back when you were competing regularly, who were the riders you respected the most?
Steve Roy,Phil Dolan,Edgar Placentia,Day Smith and Kevin Jones.

And onto modern day, who are the riders that inspire you?
So many good riders out their now, here are 3 of my favorites.
Waldemar Fatkin,Youhei Uchino, Matthias Dandois.

What are you up to these days Trevor? Do you still get to ride much?
I Still do lots of demos around the USA, when your job is your sport that's pretty cool. Ya, i ride all the time.Check out some of the vimeo video clips i have put up lately! Anyone like the cross-footed grip ride? Still progressing,i never stopped!

Tell me about show riding, did you used to practice contest combos in shows, or do easier stuff? And how has that changed now you no longer compete?
Yes, i had a mix of both easy and hard contest tricks,not much has changed i usually start off with easier tricks then work into my harder combos at the end.It depends on the surface area,we can get stuck in some pretty rough spots.

Who do you do shows for?
Bmx Pros Trick Team,owned by Woody Itson, Dennis Langlais. I also do ASA high school tour demos in the spring and fall with Jimmy Coleman(X-Game Announcer).

Describe your bike set up?
21" custom made Sickchild metropolitan frame with a 5"headtube. Definitely one of the biggest flatland bikes out there,but thats nothing new to me, it weights in around 24lbs. Breakless. Sorry guys no more direct-drive hub,too much pedaling! Lots of Odyssey parts along with Tree Pegs,Colony stem,blusix bolts and a KHE freecoaster.

Does it amuse you that big bars are now the fashion,and you were rocking them years ago?
Yes, i've always been in style just never knew it, haha. I guess i get the credit for doing it first!

Just out of interest how long has it been that you've been riding custom flatland frames with the 21" top tube, and what were you riding before that, i remember way back in the day you were on WAL riot.
I have always liked longer frames since I'm tall it just makes sense to ride a frame that fits my size,don't like being cramped up on a small bike. Yes,used to ride the WAL Riot,Standard Lengthy and Powerlite all those frames were already made long but were not exactly flatland frames.Flatland bikes and parts have always catered to the shorter guys out there-not fair! Even today in 2010 a tall flatland rider could not just go out and buy a 21" flatland frame because no one makes them yet! I had a custom Dyno Slammer made just for me, back in 1996 so its been 14 years since i have been riding custom frames.

Of all your contest winnings, you never made it over to europe or japan, ever see yourself travelling again just to ride?
Im happy just riding at home in my spot but if someone wanted to fly me to Europe or Japan to ride for fun-sure i would be into that!

Haha good answer Trev! Im sure many riders would love to see you back on the contest circuit, you could certainly hang, ever get tempted to make a contest comeback or you over it?
You never know,if i feel like entering something i will! Its really not about the contests for me anymore,i enjoy learning new tricks and progressing at my own pace,it's not like i need contests to push me to ride but would be fun to hang with the guys again.

I hear you trevor it would be nice to see you back on the contest scene, personally i still think you have a lot to offer the flatland world, that of course is your choice.
Are there many riders in Arkansas where you live?
We do have a small flatland scene here in Arkansas. My buddy Danny Harrison is like the representative,he knows all the riders scattered around the state and lines up sessions from time to time. Burns Park, downtown Little Rock are spots to ride on the weekends. In the summer we ride all day (in 100 degree heat, something I'm not used to) usually with a handful of riders.

Any chance of you competing at the Joplin Missouri Jomopro contest in April? Be great to see you there!
Don't plan on competing at that one but will enjoy checking it out.

You may dig in the crates to answer this up to modern day, what tricks have you invented over the years trevor?
Oh man thats a tough question because you never know who is working on the same trick or connection on the other side of the world! Not so much the tricks but different ways to connect them or do differently,theres no way i can remember everything but here is a few.Backwards scuffing (dumptruck,funky chicken & lard yard),my own variation of how i connected the cross-footed hitchiker and flipped the wheel to backpacker,another variation is the cross footed peg wheelie to rolling backyard,no handed turbine death truck,turbine wheelchair,half hiker kickflips, steam roller 360 kick flips,pedaling dumptruck with a free coaster not direct drive,my own version of the cross-footed wheelchair and cross footed grip ride.

Any regrets riding wise over the years? Would you do anything different?
Sure everyone has regrets, no one lives a perfect life! Im not one to dwell on what i should have done in the past,just get over it and move on for bigger and better things to come!

If you had to pick a favourite "period" of flatland what would it be?
For me it was the 90s. Flatland was introduced to the X-games and that brought our underground sport to ESPN and world wide television with good prize money for the first time ever! It just seemed like their were more riders,sponsors,magazines/videos,and people into flatland back then. I remember driving thru towns and seeing kids trying tricks on their bikes,i don't see that today! Most of our shows we did at bike shops had huge turn outs of spectators and riders,its just not like that anymore.

Any final words trevor? Thanks for taking time to do this.
Never give up! I like the Harley motto "Live to ride and Ride to live"! If your passion is flatland do it as long as you can.Thanks God and to all my fans out there!

Rayk Hahne trailer

"This is the trailer for a very hot bmx flatland showreel coming up soon. Performed by the german bmx rider Rayk Hahne.." 


More good stuff from Brazil!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Old school sundays...

Great riding from Albert Retey and Chase Gouin, Budapest 92...

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Banging new Viki Gomez edit!

Just like Viki said, a new edit within ten or so days, Viki is on it! What I love about this edit more than anything, is you can see how much he's loving riding right now,  that steam kickflip to halfpacker! Wow!! Yes Viki!! Banging Deltron track too!!

Flatland sessions around the world ... from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

Bruno "Zebú" edit

The winner of the ABBMX-Stage Flatland OPEN in Brazil, enjoy!

Terry Adams Pro Q & A for US Ride

Fat Tony sent this link in, the more better questions the better, so if you have a good one, send it in, simple!

Whip it with Matthias Dandois

Rad dads like a conveyor belt with edits lately, i think this is the best one yet tho..

Whip it with Matthias Dandois from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Adam DiClaudio seat survey!!

Everyones talking about, the lack of decent seats in flatland, for me the 99er is the best flatland seat ever, but has been discontinued by Odyssey, Adam DiClaudio is trying to do something about, much respect due, make sure if you take part in the survey, the more the better and all that!

ABBMX-Stage Flatland OPEN edit

Great scene emerging in Brazil, good to see the sport in full flight over there!! Thanks to Lísias Tabarelli Dos Santos for once again keeping us all updated!

How to Switch foot hangfive with Travis Collier

Great how to Switch foot hang five (side saddle), good work Travis and Fat!

Wittenberger flatland ball 2010

Chris Bohm kindly sent in footage from last weekends Wittenberger flatland contest, below is Chris Bohm's winning run, and link to rest of peoples runs,, check em out!

Pete Brandt and Jesse Puente in bboy battle

Just saw this on, good stuff from two west coast legends of the sport!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Breed: Mike Kucak interview

Name, age, and hometown?
Mike Kucak.
Milwaukee WI.
30 something years old???  haha!  I don't feel much different physically than when I was 19... just wiser...and bills suck! :)

How long have you been riding?
Well I rode as a kid in the middle to late 80's into the early 90's. Then it was cooler to have a car so eventually riding my bike faded out.  I always had a bike to play around on but in 2005 I really got back into riding flat. What happened was my Grandmother passed away and left us a little bit of money and she wanted us to buy something that really made us happy! So I dug deep down to find that... and I bought a bike!! A Dyno Slammer that I thought was the coolest bike to have in 2001... and that is what got me back into riding flat to this day. It's more than just riding a kids bike on so many levels.

When did you first see Flatland, and who/what got you started?
The first time I saw flatland was in 4th grade going to a little league game. These dudes in a parking lot were doing these hopping trix on their dirt bikes! I was in the back of the car watching thinking how cool that was because I thought BMX bikes were for dirt trails!!

This next question comes directly from global-flats forum user Classy-touch. When you have an "off day" do you end your session, or do you motivate yourself to ride more?
Ya know if something isn't working for me I move on to whatever is working and try to progress and perfect it... little steps lead to big steps and some days some trix just don't work for ya. It could be a lot of things. But don't dwell on it move onto plan B or plan C. I always end my session by pulling a combo or trick. Even a simple boomerang pop it and leave on a good note!

What types of tricks/switches are you working on at the moment?
I'm obsessed with backwheel trix. And any front wheel trix I just wanna learn so I can pop into back wheel trix! haha I'm really working on turbining peg wheelies, perfecting time machines and rolling lard yards and stick b's. I'm also working on stubbleducks and all kinds of little variants. But my goal is to really progress on the back wheel... I just feel so comfortable I go with it!

Do you find it easier to learn established tricks, or do you find it easier invent your own?
I like making my own unique combos. Real short in and out and lots of little trix. So my combos I try to be original!

I know you were really intent on attending Fight with Flight, but were unable to attend. Sorry you missed it now though Huh? Just pickin' on ya a little. So anyway, are you planning to attend any comps or Jams this year, and if so which ones?
Ya I had everything set for Indy then my schedule got flip flopped... was really looking forward to meeting so many people too. I plan on getting to some jams for sure. Comps... sooner or later I'll be in some comps I think... I really just like grabbing my headphones on a sunny day and just going out jammin'. It's so peaceful... just me in my own world. :)

You and I have been friends for a while now and I notice you seem to have a really positive outlook on life. You always seem upbeat. Do you feel this helps with your progression, or does a little bike throw now and then keep you tension free?
Thank you Joe! A positive outlook on things goes a long way on just life in general. But yes I think being in an optimistic mindstate is very beneficial to riding! I don't like riding when I have a lot on my mind sometimes.

List your favorite food, movie, and recording artist at the moment.
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back.
Tupac is my favorite!

Do you have any interests outside of riding?
I enjoy cars, yard work, fish tanks, computers... I kinda putz around with hobbies it's fun!

Top five favorite riders to watch and why?
Wilhelm - He spins nuts! haha
Simon O' Brien - He's just good!
Lachlan Cameron - He does some real cool back wheel stuff!
Pete Brandt - His blenders are to die for!
Dennis McCoy - He'll always be an icon to me from BITD.

Living in Wisconsin must make winter riding difficult, especially with the giant cheese wedge hat. How do you deal with the winter weather?
Cheese head...haha!!  I don't deal with Winter well! I get pissed off and an attitude and ride in my basement or parking garages. It sux and if I didn't have a career and home here I would high tail the hell out of this state! haha So I don't deal with it well... winter holds my progression back!

I want to thank you for your time, anyone you'd like to thank?
Just everyone that rides. I swear sometimes I feel like the only people in this world that understand me are other riders! And it's great meeting sooo many cool people... just from riding a kids bike. :)

Any last words of advice for someone wanting to learn Flatland?
Flatland is hard. It takes dedication. There's many nites I elected not to go out just to ride, You have to commit and you really have to want to progress. Things come in time with flatland but it is very challenging. If you work hard enough you will pull that trick and you will have accomplished something you really worked hard towards. You can't put a price on that feeling!

Mikes riding video for Joe Millers interview from Mike Dood on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More from Brazil!!-ABBMX-Stage Flatland OPEN.

1-Bruno Zebú,Penapolis S.P.
2-Leo Claro,Guarulhos S.P.
3-Sergio Balú,Guaruja S.P.
4-Gilson Ratinho,Taboão da serra S.P.
5-Romulo Guerra,Rio de Janeiro R.J.
6-Francisco Pekeno,São Paulo S.P.
7-Lísias Tabarelli,Piracicaba S.P.
8-Erick Soares,Santos S.P.
9-Patrick Coelho,Salvador Bahia.
10-Adriano,Rio de Janeiro R.J. 

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Matthias Dandois Highlights

Couple of other videos from the jam, check for more updates.

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Mathias Dandois Highlights from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Brazil Clipbmx jam 2010

Bobby Carter starts flatmode blog

Check this out, awesome new blog from Bobby Carter, "flatmode" will be covering all things "west coast", nice short story on the LA street swarm event, coverage of sessions, etc. Great stuff Bobby!!!

Paulo Gepulango edit

Paulo sent this edit, Phillipines flatland in the house!

Paulo Gepulango from flatstyle on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Moto Sasaki lays it down for Groundtactics!! Watch this!!

Moto is on a mission, some creative gems on this edit!!! Wow!!!

moto Grand Tactics 3 from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

Moto Sasaki wins Shonan Bicycle festival 2010!

Our man in japan, Takuji Kasahara report from this weekends contest in Shonan, cant wait for videos of this...
"This contest is well known for good prizes and well organized and crazy traffic jam every year. more than 100 riders showed up and 90 riders competed.
There are 3 class, Novice and Expert, Open. This time was no battle, 2mins run for qualification and final. Open final result 

1 Moto Sasaki
2 Taikou Kaneda
3 Tsutomu Kitayama
4 Yosuke Shibuya
5 Shinichirou Hara
6 Akira Okamura
7 Takuya Itou
8 Shuichi Osada
9 Takahiro Ikeda
10 Yasunari Ishijima (jimalog)

Moto did it again with a perfect run! I saw lots of people were filming so we can expect videos up soon."

North Padre Island Jam highlights video

As I said yesterday it wouldn't be long for a video, Rad dad is on it!!!

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Highlights from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Belfast flatland demo with Pete Hollinger, Johnny Gordon and Aaron Gillian

Last saturday my good buddy Pete Hollinger, Johnny Gordon and Aaron Gillan did a few demo's in Belfast City for the Trans Urban Street Art Festival. Pete Adam was on hand to do some promo footage, check it out!

Gonzalo Pola Bellanti edit

Gonzalo sent this in, friend of his trying his camera out and made short edit of him to test, enjoy!

Monday, 22 March 2010

North Padre Island Jam results

The texas scene continues to grow, Aaron Frost was instrumental in organising a jam this weekend just gone, few photos here from Rad Dad's site, check out the awesome interview he has just done with Karl Rothe, below are the results from this weekend. No doubt there will be video up soon....

1st place Lee Edwards
2nd place Johnny Tamayo
3rd place Kenny Boucher
4th place Hector Garcia.

1st Place Matthias Dandois $300
2nd tie David Weathersby $100
2nd tie Diego Tejada $100

Props 75 trailer

Last week we told you about Frank Lucas Bio, theres a few clips on this trailer, check it out!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Masatoshi Karino on Zion Bike co

Mislav at Zion Bike Co just hooked up a new young gun in japan, heres the word:

"I'm really proud to present you a new addition to Zion family, Masatoshi Karino aka MarKun . This young rider is one of most outstanding talents of new Japanese generation of flatlanders, so be sure you remember this name.
He recently assembled his new Zion LowKee and started shreeding right away. Here is a photo gallery of his new bike and his first session in Zion family.

At this moment he is also working on a new web video so you can expect that any time soon. Believe me, it will be sick."

Old school sundays...

Holeshot 87, incredible buzz around this contest in Islington London, the Sobell Centre. Scotty Freeman was in the class above me, rolling tricks were just coming in, and this young kid was killing it. Love this!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Breed: Joe Miller on Team Unknown

On my left forearm is a tattoo, the tat is the logo of my childhood bmx stunt team, Team Unknown. A lot of people cannot believe that I have this on my arm, well let me tell you why. Team Unknown was born in the back of a pick-up truck on the way home from a Haro show in southern Indiana. The crew had been together for years and we decided to call ourselves Team Unknown, partly because we were all the best of friends, and also because we were all very good bike riders, flat/street, and ramps as well as dirt... Pure Freestyle!
As I've gotten older, I've been in and out of touch with all of my teammates. Some of them still ride, and one of us has since passed away. I would like to say this, I am the only member of Team Unknown that has ever or will ever compete. Not because my boys couldn't hang, but because most of the guys are just not that competitive. I will say this, Shawn Warner, (original member) could have, and still could Kill it in the master class. It's just not his thing. However, Shawn is always there when I compete anywhere near him, and I am thankful for his support. Brutha's forever.
It was recently when one of my lifelong brothers suffered a personal tragedy. I won't go into details, but it really got me thinking about how important he and the rest of Team Unknown are to me. The countless hours spent together riding, partying, and just hanging out, are among the most important and influental times of my life. I love those memories and all of those guys more than I can explain.
I guess my point is, that one should cherish these times with our friends. I know I would have never been as good @ flat as I am, if the rest of Team Unknown weren't SO good themselves! So to Chris Morris, Shawn Warner, Brad Stottlemyer, Tony May,Casey Songer, J.J.Poe, and Dustin Cox, RIP, I love you all and Team Unknown lives in me to this very day! goes live!

From Props: "In 1993 Props released it's first ever BMX video on VHS tape, Props Video Magazine Issue #1. In 2001 Props released its first ever DVD, Road Fools 8. Today, March 19th, 2010, we are announcing our official partnership with BNQT Media Group to host and stream our content for high quality viewing at our new website The best part: it's all free."

"Going live today is the much anticipated Garrett Reynolds Bio by Stew Johnson, part of our newest Issue #75 DVD which starts shipping this week. Also live today are many recent and select classic sections from our archives. See it all at In the coming weeks and months we hope to post literally hundreds of sections from our running 17 year library, including entire full-length videos such as the Rock-N-Roll Tours, Road Fools, Megatours, and Best Of videos."

Matthieu Chauvirey- Short hard trick clip

trailer de ma future vidéo "Infanticide Génocide Insecticide" HARD LINK INSIDE // ENJOY from matthieu chauvirey on Vimeo.

Friday, 19 March 2010

White Friday- Flat Trick Honours – The Juggler.

Flat Trick Honours – The Juggler.
There couldn't’ be a trick closer to my heart.
It must be near on 20 years ago I first pressed play on my top loading VHS Player and watched Jones roll down the famous Mount Rose car park executing the hitchhiker juggler. (Dorkin 4) It is undoubtedly my most watched thing ever on a TV Screen!  
It quickly became a big part of my riding and now, not a session goes by without throwing down some sought of Juggle.  To the K I’m ever indebted for enjoyment I've had learning, tweaking and taking in every direction I can think. Thanks Kev.

Big Jugs! from James White on Vimeo.