Monday, 8 March 2010

Shintaro Misawa wins FU 6

Congrats to Shintaro, killing it again, and also Jean William and Cory Fester breaking into the top three!! Our main man in Japan Takuji Kasahara finished in fifth place, awesome! Lachlan Cameron has posted FU6 edit already check out below the results!

1st Shintaro Misawa
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Cory Fester
4th Akihhiko Takahara
5th Takuji Kasahara
6th Kazuma Nakajima
7th Francois Cote
8th Takao Fukuda


flatmatters said...

Lachlan is on the ball!!! Nice edit!! Looked like a great contest!!!

marttikuoppa said...

I like that can in his hand!!!

flatmatters said...

hehe yes boss!

lee said...

shintaro on fire!!!

Howard said...

Awesome Shintaro and Jean William goin off.