Sunday, 31 January 2010

Adam Kun wins in Caen

1 Adam Kun
2 Romain Georges
3 Alex Jumelin
4 Jean Bulhon
5 Arnaud Gravey
6 Jeremy Brosset
7 Yannick Chauvel
8 Stéphane Ferrard

1 Renaud Melony
2 Eric Camil
3 Mathieu Rabache

Fight with flight final battle video

Old school sundays with...

Lil intermission from the fight with flight contest, Old school sundays this week comes from my good buddy Sam Foakes, back when he scuffed as a kid, funny stuff, watch out for the xft time machine xft rideout jump to hang 5, classic!!
Whilst we are at check his Fat favourites that went up the other day!

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Wilhelm busts out at Fight with flight

Seems like there will be a ton of coverage on this event, for now couple of shots from Fat Tony, to the transworld site. Just last week I was asking Matt what he knew about first place....I guess a lot!!! Check the previous post for the rundown of how all the battles went.
Pro Final Results:
1. Matt Wilhelm
2. Shintaro Misawa
3. Dominik Nekolny
4. Moto Sasaki.

Master Final Results:
1. John Dowker
2. Tyler Gilliard
3. Alex Porier
4. Prasheel Gopal

Expert Final Results:
1. Bryan Huffman
2. Joel Schallhorn
3. Lee “Huck” Edwards
4. Johnny Tamayo

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Matt Wilhelm wins Fight with Flight!!

Beginner results just came in on twitter, congrats to all who competed!!!
Terry Adams did nice update on the contest also..

Remember Mark Mitchell?

Pete Olsen kindly sent in these short edits of Mark Mitchell busting, remember him from landescape B? Met him last year at the Red Bull flow combo contest, good guy...

Mark Mitchell 2007 Barcelona from Fermota on Vimeo.

Mark Mitchell nosemanual from Fermota on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 January 2010

White Friday.....

James has been busy constantly at work this week, so no time for this weeks White Friday, so for now just watch this, even if you've seen it before, this is classic James and Phil banter, I love it!

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Ten reasons everyone should pay attention to flat

More good stuff from Mr Tunney. What is this Tunney friday?

Last times with Brian Tunney

I've known Brian for a lil over a decade now, both originally contributing to the pages of Dig Magazine to which of course Brian ended up being associate editor, now of course Brian works for ESPN, and still rides flatland a lot, mainly out of the media eye, which is ironic. Looking forward to his Same thing daily 2 section, without further a due, I bring you the last times with Brian Tunney, aside from being a great flatlander, he is probably the best writer in BMX.
Last time you updated the Espn website: This afternoon.

Last time you rode street:

Last time you filmed a combo: Thanksgiving weekend, filmed by Jody Temple, whom was kind enough to drive two days North (in the cold) and put up with my BS.

Last contest you entered:It might've been one of the FBM Ghetto Street Comps and it might've been a Metro Jam. I'm not really sure. There was a point in my life when riding in comps really didn't matter, but nowadays, I couldn't do it unless last place in the old boring class was guaranteed a lot of money.

Last time you had two brakes:
7 years. or so. Ouch.

Last time you did hitch around the worlds: It's my warm up trick every time I ride flat, so yesterday.

Last videopart you filmed for: Same Thing Daily 2 (still hopefully getting a few things done before the deadline)

Last time you rode in the wet: I pedaled my bike in the rain a few days back. Does that count?

Last time you screamed outloud after pulling a combo: I don't scream too much. There's been a few times when I've pulled new links and said, "I am the smartest man alive," just like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, but that's about it.

Last time you wrote something for Dig: It's been a few months now.

Last time you were in the UK: October for the Nike Tunnel Jam. Afterwards, I took the train from Portsmouth to London, walked around for a day and a half, then came home.

Last time you checked flatmatters: I check it every day.

Last time you covered flat on Espn: Last week for Martti's Jungle Rider announcement. And coming later on this week, a feature called "Ten Reasons to Pay Attention to Flatland." (I actually do my best to cover every aspect of BMX, including flat and racing.)

Last espn contest you competed in: Bristol, CT B3, either '99 or '00?

Last time you did a double decade: Never in my life. Like Jason Brown before me, I was always more partial to smith decades. I really need to put back brakes on and do some more. And I still need to do an abubaca to smith decade back in before Mark Webb gets to it.

Last time you rode with Jay Jones: It's been years, but I'll relay a funny story from one of the last times. I was riding with Jay at a place called Metro Park (about 20 miles from my dad's house, maybe 10 from Jay's parents). I fell hard on my thigh, breaking the key to the car in my pocket. Realizing what happened, Jay drove me home, waited while I searched for my spare key, then drove me back to the parking garage. I drove home that night pretty psyched on the idea that one of my teen-age idols was a decent person too.

Last time you hung out with Leif Valin: Interbike '09.

Last time you were bummed on flatland: Falling on my ass in 32 degree temperatures last week.

Last time flatland made you smile: Watching a certain Athens, GA flatlander get into some good "discussions" on the Global Flat message board.

Last time you threw your bike: I never really got into the bike throwing thing. There have been a few times in the past few months where I may have motioned to throw my bike, but quickly realized that I hate fixing my broken bike more than I hate being frustrated because of not pulling a trick.

Last trick you pulled first try: 9 backwards rolling hitchhiker jugglers this past Saturday.

Last time you rode:
A few minutes ago.

Last time you watched Props Groundwork:
Years. The last actual non-Web flatland video I watched was Dorkin' 4 1/2.

Last time you kissed a girl:
A few minutes before I went riding. Her name is Heather.

Last time you were drunk:
Drunk is such a relative term.

Last bikepart you broke:
Shadow Conspiracy half-link chain (Somehow, I actually broke a chain riding flatland.)

Last time you rode with the Animal crew:
A few minutes ago, followed by sitting around while Bob Scerbo, DJ Mr Green and a Jersey City hip hop duo named Animal Crackas worked on music for the new Animal video.

Videos of the week

Tight edit from J-F Boulianne. Feeling this...

J-F Boulianne January Edit from FermeTaGueulePisRide on Vimeo.
Great edit from the Obey crew in Japan..

"OBEY" yourself from FuckFlatlandEntertainment on Vimeo.
Really nicely filmed short edit from Yasushi..

Documentaries are always interesting, this one with Matthias Dandois has caused a right storm on global-flat..

Real chilled vibe to Marco's edit, no playing around with the two footed coasting backyard full whopper spinning hitch tho...

Moya promo edit

Thursday, 28 January 2010

New-Marcos Paulo de Jesus edit

Nice feel to this edit, watch out for Marco's kid getting in way :)

OG Balance3, second test ride

OG Marton is a beast! awesome stuff!!

OG Balance3, second test ride from og pictures on Vimeo.

Kani plus 3

Remember: Trex Games...

This was an awesome looking, very professionally run flatland contest, kind of has feel as though flatland were on the Olympics, this is what it would be like. Justin Miller stomps this contest so hard, one of the best runs ive ever seen!!!

tre-x games flatland from guryun on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mark Webb- Sunny side up!

Banging edit!!! Tech as...

Last times with Denes Katona

A few years back, Denes Katona was living and working in London, i'd occasionally get to see him ride at TGM, often not on his own bike, many a time i would watch in amazement as he whiplashed (with variations) the whole mile, not to mention nose wheelie the lot too, one of the best riders on the planet for sure, without further a due, Hungary's answer to Phil Dolan, enjoy his last times..

Photos by Andras Pentak.

Last time you rode with Og Marton: ’09 OG Camp and Contest Szombathely

Last time you rode outside: 5 days ago, before the snow fell down

Last time you nosewheelied the whole of TGM: ’07 TGM Jam

Last time you time you did a x hand nosewheelie: 5 days ago

Last time you checked flatmatters: 5 minutes ago

Last time you did a double decade: uh hard one, about 2 years ago

Last time you lost count how many whiplashes you did: ’09 OG Camp and Contest Szombathely

Last good film you watched: August Rush

Last song you listened to: Tirpa - Tirpa

Last video you downloaded: „Martti came back from holiday”

Last time you kissed a girl: hehe A long time ago in another galaxy :D

Last contest you rode in: ’09 Offline Sport Games Budapest

ast time you screamed outloud when you pulled a combo: Last summer, when I did a magaspin decade after 2 years.

Last time flatland made you smile: yesterday

Last time flatland made you angry: yesterday

Last bikepart you brought: odyssey flatware stem

Last bikepart you broke: pedal

Last trick you learned: x hand x foot nosewheelie

Last trick you invented: secret

Last time you rode in the wet: 2 weeks ago

Last injury you had: 2 days ago I sat onto the bar and hit my reins.

Last nosewheelie variation you learnt: nosewheelie to whiplash...

Last whiplash variation you learnt: …jump back to nosewheelie and again

Last time you thought "damn OG Marton is amazing": a few days ago when I watched OG Project „A”.

Style wars:Miura vs Ucchie

Style: The way your arm moves? The movements your body makes?The clothes you wear? Not laying the bike down after a combo surely? Style debate....

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Greece represent

A few greek riders came over for the Level Vibes in early december, looks like they have a developing scene over there, check it out!

Flatland in Greece - Freestyle King 2010 from fatcutproductions on Vimeo.

Enjoy the trick!

Enjoy the Trick: Bret, Jeff, Joe & Justin from Enjoy the Trick on Vimeo.

Thai flatland trip 2009

Thailand Trip 2009 from ojmax on Vimeo.