Monday, 25 January 2010

Sam Foakes presents Zion Luna frame to a lucky winner at Bolton YMCA

At Level Vibes, Chris Massey brought a ton of kids from his youth project in Bolton to compete, what many didn't realise was that, these bikes were funded for the project and don't actually belong to the kids,Sam wanted to give away the frame to a young kid just getting into flatland, hoping to encourage him to ride harder.
Sam recently went to the Bolton YMCA project to personally give the Zion frame to a very stoked Kieran Guffog!!
This is a great bit of youth work on Chris and Sam's part, I hope these kids stick at it, much respect to all involved!


Howard said...

Nice touch very encouraging.

flatmatters said...

Without a doubt, Chris' project is one of best things to happen in UK for a long time.

Dave said...

Should have given it to Yinka.

flatmatters said...

Kieran didn't have a bike Dave, just a borrowed bike from Chris' project, if this gets another kid into flatland, surely this is a good thing! The tgm locals have hooked up Yinka great, two frames already, pretty good going.