Thursday, 21 January 2010

Last times with Michael Sommer

Today is Michael's 34th birthday so what better way to celebrate than posting his "last times" today....

Last track you did under the Amtrak name:-Pirates feat. Klumzy Tung ...but watch out for the newmusic project "a_i"!

Last track you downloaded: despina vandi -GIA (nherz remix) free download though :)

Last trick you learned: cross foot cross hand nuadavarial.

Last injury you had: bruised spine.

Last time you danced: last week in my appartment, new years eve in a club.

Last bike product you designed: felt - darchor frame

Last contest you competed in: church fight / chech republic

Last time you round outside: 2nd of january! awesome whiplash time!

Last time you kissed a girl: yesterday!

Last time you travelled anywhere: czech republic for church fight comp..

Last time you threw your bike: cant remember... i dont like to throw my bike. its always my fault anyways ;)

Last trick you pulled first try: iron lotus

Last time you rode in underground car park: 2 weeks ago. air was too bad for a time.

Last time you went snowboarding: never :)

Last trick you invented: theory or praxis? my trickbook is way to full and unfulfilled.

Last time flatland made you stoked: martti's "back from holidays vid" a disqualified rider doing the combo of the year and an awesome funny end sequence with glasses and chewing gum!

Last time you screamed outloud when you saw a trick: underground carpark watching sebastian grubinger and markus redlberger.

Last time you checked flatmatters: last night.

Last trick you did on the opposite side: whiplash.

Last time Amtrak played in public: Frank Lukas´ comp in Koblenz.

Last time you were drunk: new years eve! thanx vincent! :)

Last time you filmed with Sevisual: october 2009.

Last film you watched: Avatar (imax 3d)

Last video you downloaded: sevisual carhartt roadtrip

Last person you rode with: Markus Redlberger

Last time you rode around Vienna: yesterday

Last backwheel trick you did: bikevarial

Last time you saw Senad Grosic: somewhere in a club... but can´t remeber ´cos we had a blast :)


flatmatters said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!! Have a good day!! Hope the sun is shining in vienna today!

lee said...

i wanna see the iron lotus mike!

Anonymous said...


rafael said...

Ive never seen an "iron lotus" or a "nuadavarial"
Someone has a vid???