Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Jungle rider update...

Just got back from Tokyo last night, I couldn't watch the competition because I had to leave and take a little nap.
After this weekend it was really easy to make a decision for me that I won't be participating in competitions anymore in my life, maybe I'll go but as a spectator only.
Therefore I also had to change the name of my signature model.
Since I ended my professional competition career into a holiday shall my signature frame be called HOLIDAY.

I am about to end my vacation here in 
Singapore and will leave back to Finland tonight and start fixing things up there.I will continue progressive riding and filming, don't worry about that.
Flatland won't get rid of me. HAHAHA.

Update:Forgot to mention in the update of Jungle Rider that we will make a longer version of it as well.
19.3 with 13 ct..This small and medium versions has 12.8 ct..

I am back home finally!!!

Thanks! Out.



Johann said...

Good luck Martti, I'm sure everyone here will always be keen to see you to come to the UK to just jam or simply hang out!

Thomas DEHOVE said...

Happy man focused on the central truth of riding !
First picture is very symbolic !

flatmatters said...

Check the update guys and girls, Martti's making a 19.3 version, boom!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what we like to hear!

Gregory said...

Holy fuck! My prayers have been answered!

trevor said...


Howard said...

Frame looks sick ,big props.