Friday, 30 January 2009

KGB Impulsivity review

inTRIKat/KGB "Individuality" from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

"is the kgb dvd out yet?

I must have heard this over a thousand times over the last year, this DVD more than any other I can think of has a lot to live up to. The name Martti Kuoppa alone brings images to my head of bomb trick after bomb trick, add Viki Gomez and Pete Brandt to the mix and its mind boggling, each finishing their solo dvds and then working on on the team dvd.

When it arrived in the post, I was almost scared to watch it, Martti Kuoppa is one of my all time favourites, I hoped it would live up to his past projects.
Nothings sugarcoated on this DVD, the DVD starts and pretty much gets right into it, with a clip of Martti dropping fire hydrant 360 bar spin to xfted hitch round the back opposite xft hitch, and continues on with an onslaught of banger after banger. In the intro Viki drops a nice xft hitch round to two footed xft foot steam pivot to right handed halfpacker pivot jump to hitchhiker in really fluid motion. I can talk about tricks for hours on this dvd, Viki delivers so much footage, and all really tech.
This is a timely return to hardcore flatland, this DVD captures for me what flatland is all about, how it should be, this is real, DVD’s are for documenting what these riders can’t do in a contest, three years in the making, and you can see why. There’s so much amazing footage on here, it’s hard to take it all in.

Chad Johnston through the Intrikat empire was instrumental in creating a platform for Martti and Viki in their younger years to become the names they are today, so how fitting that Chad was chosen to edit the KGB DVD.
He deserves much respect for how he put this together, I’m sure there will be some people who don’t like the tripod shots, but to these people I’d say I think you are missing the point, this is about progression, and sometimes to tripod a combo or trick is the only way to get it recorded. This is the raw deal. I personally loved this touch. Flatland is not mass budget, like skateboarding, this keeps it real. Look at the artistry for what it is.

Here are a few highlights of each rider:

K (Kuoppa)- Xft one footed cliff 180 bar flip to spinning cliff!!!!!
Xft hitch round the back opposite xft hitch pivot to backwards backpacker pivot to regular xft hitch.
Mega spin whooper to mega spin!!!
15 backwards whiplashes!!!
13 xft whiplashes
4 backward xft whiplashes
No handed guillotine no handed jump to no handed crackpacker
Hang five 180 kickflip to halfpacker to 360 bar spin spinning cliff
Double fire without touching tyre to Double gadget whip
The ender is hang five 360 kickflip to halfpacker, one of the best combos I’ve ever seen, landed with nuff buttery, couldn’t land it any better, emmense!!!

G (Gomez)- Crackpacker jump to spinning circle k- (no hand on the bar during the jump!!-also does to halfhiker!! Mental!!
Whiplash to Cliffhanger boomerang to Cliffhanger!!
X foot gliding gerator to spinning two footed death truck, insane!!!
Xft mega spin turbines x over x fted backwards wheelie backwards rolling brakeless xft decade out
Two footed rolling frontyard boomerang (540?) to halfpacker

The list could go on to be fair, this video is banger after banger, so much stuff to take in, Viki without a doubt contributed the most footage.

B (Brandt)- Busting serious combos in his garage- (to long to name!)
Double Spinning hitch jump to halfpacker
Halfpacker jump to spinning hitch
(mid combo) Upside down wheelie pivot to blender

By now, you’ve probably read on forums that this is one of the best DVDs ever, I would say without a doubt it is. It is also a timely reminder that this is how flatland DVDs should be, a return to the Intrikat days of pushing the art form forward, thank you so much Marrti, Viki, Pete B and Chad for making this monster.
So worth the wait.

So the Kgb dvd is out, go and buy it.

Flatland is all the better for it. Top marks and then some.


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Isolated: Abe Hamilton Interview

Intro/interview EC, photos provided by Abe.

If you have seen “Same thing daily” you will know this name, Abe Hamilton, previously I had never heard of this guy, and he delivers one of the best sections I’ve seen in a while, unique whiplash body varial tricks with savvy style the section was short and left me wanting to see more.
Without further a due, lets get started with this interview.

I don't know much about you Abe so first few questions will be obvious ones. I guess onto first question. Introduce yourself , where are you from? How long have you been riding?
Well... My name's Abe, I'm from the beautiful and industrious city know as Hamilton, Ontario. and I've probably been riding the better part of a decade?

How did you get into flatland?
Flatland in specific, I guess cause I used to walk home from school with this guy who had some crappy twin top tube haro, I thought it was cool, and when we got to his house he'd show off by doing endo's and catwalks, then double ride me home. After a while I figured I should just get my own real bike and learn cool stuff too. Then shortly after I ran into the Pergentiles, and they were already pro. It just kind of rolled from there.

What's your bike set up?
Comfortable. It's Fly Campillo (sp)? with what ever the cheapest offset forks with a brake hole the bike store had, I think they're old Mcneil forks, and slam bars. Other than that, big seat, big gear, normal stem, classic powerbites, and a front calliper stolen from a garbaged bike.

Stolen from a garbage can haha nice, how did you hook up with Dane Beardsley for a part on his dvd?

I knew him for a bit before the videos, from Jams and stuff. He used to come up and hang out and whatnot for a few days before each HamJam. Then one day he asked to film a whiplash combo for Video name. Then a year or so later, after a Jam he asked if I wanted to film a part or few clips or whatever I wanted for his new video.

Hows the riding scene in Hamilton? Many riders? Good spots?
It's a good little street city, it had a lot of flatland riders, but people grow up and get real lives and stuff, you know. There's always spots around, but I've pretty much rode in the same spot ( Bethel ) for how ever long i've been riding, and they just built a skate park down the street from it, so I'm set.

Were you stoked with the reaction to your section on Same thing daily, no one knew who you were, and boom, one of the best sections?
Reaction? boom? best? haha wow, I don't know'bout that, but thank you. I was content because I had a few tricks that took me years to pull and that I thought were cool in it. I just tried to film stuff and a part that wasn't boring or full of filler, to me. I think it's pretty cool if some people thought it was alright.

Any new videoparts in the works Abe?
That's classified, but maybe, no promises.

The body varial whiplashes are insane, how did you get into that stuff? What inspired you?
Drugs, space, flow regimes, fibonacci. No, I don't know man. After learning all the whiplashes I got hung up on learning the basics, switches and everything without holding my seat cause I thought holding your arm out and holding your seat looked really silly and lame. I dunno, some stuff just feels right when you're learning it, and that kind of stuff did/does to me, dunno. No real inspiration really. It just ended up that way. I like simplistic stuff that flows and is right to the point, no whacky direction changes, no filler.

Do you see yourself ending up doing all that stuff brakeless, like your bike set up is ultra basic, doing that stuff brakeless would be the logical step? Simplify everything..

Haha, it pretty much is brakeless. The "fake-brake" is a piece of crap, it seriously doesn't work at all. I just have so I can pull my barrel adjuster all the way out and have some feathering in case traffic's bad when I bomb down the mountain road access, .. and to cut my thumb all up. Sometimes when I'm trying stuff, having my hand on a lever or squeezing one tricks my brain into thinking that i wont eat shit. It helps, but has no real function.

True undergrounders are very rare in this world of the internet, but you truly could be regarded as one, do you keep up to ate with whats going on in flatland world, or not of a concern to you?
Oh now, I don't want to be regarded as "underground" or anything, That's always got some weird "reclusive hermit" like stigma attached to it. I just ride a bike and have no desire to make enough effort to care about being out there. Some might call that, Aloof or uninterested, or maybe just lazy.

Up to date or no concern?
Honestly? No, no concern, no real super interest, not really. I like good flatland, and the people I've met from it and sometimes I'll search youtube for videos or browse the blogs and stuff. but yeah...I'm not fanatic about it.

What riders if any do you look to?
Anyone who just rides for fun i guess, no one who takes it serious.

Any shoutouts?
They know who they are.

Thanks for your time Abe.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Magnetic: Kritsada Prathumma

Remember this guy from Diversion, bad ass!!!

Kritsada Prathumma from Christopher San Agustin on Vimeo.

Athens Low Key jam

Athens Local, Darin Wright just sent me a message on Facebook with news of Dane Beardsley organising a flatland jam in Athens Georgia, USA, on Feb 21st. Address and map of where jam is happening is on Dane's blog.If you are nearby or fancy a trip down to Athens, well worth the trip. Athens scene is awesome!

Below is tiny section of Danes part on "Flatcrap", enjoy...

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Mike S wins BMX games

Congrats to Mike Steingraber for just winning the BMX games down under, Colony's Simon O'Brien landed 2nd.Canadian Eric Effinger in third. Other details are lil sketch, check updates in few hours no doubt on

Looks like a great scene they have got going down under, with Paul Chamberlain getting well involved, checkout that site, pretty awesome community.

Riding forever: Jesse Puente vid

"Riding forever", FM gives props to guys that have been around forever, and are still busting out, and pusghing the artform side of flatland. First video, is from Jesse Puente, one of the most creative flatlanders ever.
Rad dad at Bmx freestyler just posted a video of Jesse Puente busting out at Tex's Pirate jam, December 2006. Pay respect to these older dudes still busting out, creating, and most of all having fun being artists.

Jesse Puente at the Pirate Jam from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

KGB premieres/surferblitz blog

The KGB dvd has premiered in Athens, and has gone down a treat, living up to the hype surrounding it, found review on this blog, check it:

Mines in the post, review will be up on this blog sometime next week...
Few interviews are in the works, so keep checking back at the blog, few surprises in store.

Let me know your comments on the blog, too many lurkers out there.

Friday, 23 January 2009

A bad thing edit from Trex Games, Korea.

Tidy lil edit from "a bad thing guys" on their trip to Trex Games, check this:

bmx Korea trip from romuald noirot on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Seppl video

Seppl sent me an email today to let people know hes working hard on the new kunstform website along with Daniel Fuhermann, the new shop should go live mid February. For now heres a lil video of Seppl, new footage at the end...

Monday, 19 January 2009

New "Sonic" video

Mislav at Zion Bikes just sent me new video of "Sonic" braving the Croatian winter in his tiny garage, check it out.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

More Brian Tunney videos

Heres Tunney's sections from 'Flatcrap' and 'Videoname', two great dvd releases from Dane Beardsley.

enjoy if you havent seen...

Brian Tunney Flatcrap Section from briantunney on Vimeo.

Brian Tunney Video Name Section from briantunney on Vimeo.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Isolated:Ciaran Perry Interview (second part)

Yeah, I can see what you are saying, makes a lot of sense, lets move on though. I'm intrigued by your riding Ciaran, I used to be into pedal bar flip stuff, I got to a point and just kind of stopped going in that direction, what's inspired you to push that direction as far as you have, particularly the one footed bar flips? Was it natural progression?
I guess it was natural progression, its pretty evident I've always had a personal quest with around the world/walkaround stuff, often I sit and think about how many ways are possible you know. My spot limitations have certainly encouraged this also,
and I'm also sure it will continue, what the brain can concieve the body will achieve and all that. I'm really not influenced by the mainstream flatland scene today at all either in terms of styles, so I just stick to my own thing and focus on what I want to achieve.

It's refreshing to see a rider come at riding from a different stance, I mean it's obvious you can see videos online, but it's never quite the same as being exposed to riding face to face, what do you not like about the modern day flatland scene?
Hmmm tough question, because I don't have anything much to do with with it, so I can't comment in depth, although I will say people seem far to sensitive to criticism.
I guess I don't like how much trend following there is, you know like how it got with pinky's back in the day is how it is with turbine steams styles today and that's not to say it's a negative as such, but do all these riders really have no idea of styles or tricks that they want to explore themselves?
Obviously there a stepping stones in progression to get to where you want to be, but it seems the majority are walking the same path at the moment, which again is fine, but it'd be nice to see more variation in the scene with styles, kinda makes me wonder in the eyes of a newcomer will they feel in terms of conformity. They would go away and learn the styles they see in comp vids, because they feel that's what you have to be doing to get there? I dunno, it's such a complex topic and its easy to focus on negatives, all I don't like really is how fashion and style seem to be overtaking difficulty and originality.
I was speaking to TJ (Perry) recently and were both agreeing it'd be nice to meet more riders who are really into the riding more than just the social/fashion aspect and that's not like dictating in anyway as to how flat should be, but it'd be nice to you know, for me the "fun" is perseverance, hard work and achievement so obviously it's nice to meet some more riders who you relate to with on that level. I haven't got time to discuss parts ha-ha, let's ride instead.

How often do you film your combos? Do you find that helps with your own personal progression? Like a kind of, I've done that, I'll take it to the next level...
It's a common theory that filming yourself can help with progression and for some people and in moderation it can, I mean amongst myself, Chris (Wright) and Sabu we would commonly share progression videos and give feedback to each other which became motivating in itself. Yeah I used to be very much that way, you know film a combo sweet it's done, next combo but nowadays it's not like that. I want my links to be dialled especially at this time of year in the UK when the weather is so shitty. I want to be dialled, so I don't have to fight that frustration every winter of failing links for to long due to less practise, plus I shift my focus in winter to things I can practise in the wet, which aren't even my dry weather tricks to practise.
Again it's all about planning out what works for you and I think making the most of your riding time I would definitely say having tricks you can practise in all different conditions helps a lot, because everything can be pushed anyway like this winter and my personal mission with variations of kruzer flips.

I saw the videos, crazy how you've pushed that trick. Do you work out at all? Those bar flips are serious upper body strength..
Ha-ha nah I don't work out in terms of muscle, flatland and a bit of road riding are my forms of exercise, I like to stretch also.

I'm also intrigued by your motivation, how do you stay motivated, do you ride with other riders?
It's funny. I've been asked this question a few times in the past, to be honest I've never ever had a problem with motivation I think that's for a number of reasons. I love being alone and never get bored, also as anyone who knows me will tell you I'm pretty deep into music, since I was ridiculously young so riding for me becomes like an element that goes hand in hand with music, so all these things, riding, music, and the exercise of it all add up to infinite motivation for me. I ride alone 95% of the time with the occasional meet up in near by Bristol.

I guess that brings me onto music, what are you into? Do you ride with music on being that you ride alone?
Yeah I always ride with music, I always live with music on 95% of the time, music for me is something I still sit down and dedicate time to listening to in depth, not just as background noise. Music i'm into, ha'ha well I could easily say a good 20 pages worth on this subject so I'll just keep this short. I listen to Oldskool rave/hardcore, jungle/dn'b, IDM, psytrance, speed garage, jazz, funk, classical oh and Autechre who deserve a mention on their own for a number of reasons.

How long have you been riding by the way?
I started riding in my last year of school in 2002, so 6 years.

How much do you think your riding conditions dictate your riding style? You've mentioned before that no one would want to come and ride your spot?
I think it's totally down to the individual, for example I'm pretty determined with flatland. I love it so regardless of where I have to ride I will always make do and still put my all in. We used to have a wonderful spot here in Taunton, but it was built on so I'm left with a rough carpark on weekends and after 5 in the week, which isn't so bad and a totally shocking spot which is literally 3 metres wide and 7 metres long which I usually ride in the week after 4pm, it's very close and even though limited it's forced more creativity than ever before so I'm not going to focus on the negative. But yeah I would say to anyone who isn't blessed with great spots to focus on the positives don't waste time thinking about what you can't do focus on what you can do no matter how bizarre it may be, you'll surprise yourself with what you can come up with. The only limits are the ones we apply to ourselves.

You can totally see that the majority of UK riders, who have a rolling style and also brakeless, and you could link that to the fact its wet 60% of the time, sometimes more ha-ha, unless of course you have an indoor spot. Thanks for your time doing this interview Ciaran, been great talking to you.

Some more videos so you can see what we discussed in the interview.

Ciaran Flatland from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Ciaran p Flatland 11.10.08 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

comments anyone?

Isolated: Ciaran Perry Interview (first part)

intro/interview: EC

Ciaran Perry is the first of the 'isolated' interviews for my blog, it's great that in a country as small as ours, there's still amazing riders that I haven't ever met yet. Throughout the UK and no doubt every other country in the world, there are pockets of riders or individual riders that help push the artform forward at their own speed, not inspired by trends, but their own personal aspirations.
Ciaran's 23 years old, and lives in the South west of England, in Taunton. Not too far from where the NASS event happens.
No doubt many of you have seen Ciaran's videos on global flat, Vimeo, you tube, if you haven't theres a few videos within this two part interview, an awesome rider, with a real creative flair. Read on.

Your quite far removed from the rest of the UK flat scene, how did you get into riding? I'm always interested how riders get exposed to flat?

Well I used to skate for 3 years + before flat and was first exposed to flat at I believe the first ever NASS. Phil Dolan was doing a show with GT, I remember being massively intrigued by what was going on, it just looked so different and so fresh. I think even then I percieved it as being super creative and pretty much limitless ironically as a skater I was full into flatland skating but without the influence. I never knew who Rodney Mullen was or even saw flatland skating till pretty much after I had finished with it, it was just my natural style, so it was transitional to move to flatland. It was the perfect sport, my love for bikes and the creativity I enjoyed in skating all came to one with flatland. So yeah, Phil Dolan and the first issue of Ride (UK) I ever owned, which again had a Phil Dolan interview and Jimmy (Petitet) and Alex (Jumelin) interview in were my first exposures to flatland.

That shows the importance of flatland being in the magazines really, and also flatland in contests, that also really proves worthwhile when something I was involved in inspired somebody to get into flatland. Now your into flatland and fully involved, I guess you don't miss the magazine coverage and everything has moved online pretty much? What's your standpoint on lack of flatland in the magazines?
I can't really say I was ever much of a magazine buyer anyway, they were more like if I happen to be going past smiths I'll have a look to see if there's anything worth purchasing, so for me whether flatland is in magazines or not is no direct concern, but now we are all online I think it's positive for a number of reasons.
Firstly its easier to reach a broader audience online which is clearly a big thing, its also free online to both access and create so the concerns of covering costs aren't so great, but also outside of that, the internet is fast and everyone now is contributing like a family, if some jam comes down you can guarantee someone was there and will be reporting it online within a day and then it will be talked about and to be honest the only negative I can ever see is the lack of quality in online videos compared to professional DVD work from Bobby and Chad, etc, but I think slowly that's improving also.
At the end of the day flatlanders aren't film makers so they just want to see the riding, which is a shame because the art of film making and presentation is important to. The end of magazines isn't a negative though, it's merely a focus shift to a more accessible online format, it's basically made the most underground riders able to show off their stuff if they want to.

+ couple of videos below to educate on Ciaran's riding

kruser flip variations. from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Ciaran p Flatland 31.10.08 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

KGB vid out next week

Chad Johnston has been working hard on the monster task that is producing one of the most eagerly awaited flatland videos of all time, the wait is finally over, whens the KGB video out? I must have been asked over hundred times, now I can say next week. Read review here soon. For now heres a Vimeo clip Viki Gomez posted online 2 days ago of the KGB japanese tour 2006, check Martti's No handed guillotine to no handed crackpacker, timeless!


Ninja Spin back on!

Alex Jumelin and co have brought back the infamous Ninja Spin contest, after the success in Paris, the event is moving to the South of France to Monte Carlo, and will be a stop on the 2009 World Circuit Tour, check out the blog.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Short Ciaran Perry vid

We are working on a interview with Ciaran that'll be up shortly, for now check this video he filmed Jan 1st on a frosty winters day in Taunton, awesome!

flatland january the 1st 2009 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Brian Tunney edit

Saw this edit on Brian's facebook today, Brian's off the radar so to speak, so good to see hes still riding, enjoy!

[untitled] from briantunney on Vimeo.

Summer Gypsy Games Edits by Mizo

Summer gypsy games 08 Ajka - Hungary (2) from mizo on Vimeo.

Summer gypsy games 08 Ajka - Hungary from mizo on Vimeo.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sevisual at TGM

This Saturday just gone (10th January), Tom from Sevisual (infamous for the riding videos of Matthias Dandois and Adam Kun) was in London town, TGM local Jason Forde sent the word out and got decent number of heads down to the mile in freezing tempertures out and about, for what turned out to be a great day.
The whole way to the mile from Southsea the countryside was frostbitten to say the least, white everywhere, to my surprise the mile was bone dry when I arrived and James White was already there, shortly after Phil Dolan arrived, then TGM locals, plus Tom of Sevisual fame.
In the end the shoot had attracted 15 riders in tempertures that didnt get above freezing all day to the legendary spot, most riders filmed 2 combos each with Tom.
After riding all day, everyone headed to the boozer across the road, which as always when everyone gets together, was pretty entertaining.

Thanks to Jay for organising the day, and for hooking me up with photos,Salvador for the tube, more stuff like this year is needed, was great for the scene.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Top 5's with Pete Hollinger

James White
Chad Johnston
Alexis Desolneux
Jeff DesRoche
Alex Jumelin

Aesop Rock
Cannibal Ox
Rob Sonic
Sage Francis
Vast Aire

North Coast of Ireland

My lady, Danielle
Ed Nussbaum
Johnny McCrystal
My parents
Effraim Catlow


i-pod Touch
Garmin St Nav
Vauxhall Monaro

Intrikat Blend
Intrikat Background
Vibe 7
Intrikat Flatsphere
Intrikat Landescape A/B

Bike products:
Bizhouse Dialyser stem
SickChild Metro frame
KHE folding tyres
G-sport hubs
Animal plastic pedals

Ed Nussbaum
My lady
James White
Effraim Catlow
My parents

James White Birthday jam
Michael Sommer 2008
Martti Kuoppa @ Level Vibes from Flatland UK
TGM vid by Colin Smith
South Bank by TGM crew

Ed for everything, you know I'm forever grateful, Danielle for always being there, Effraim for the inspirational texts. Finally, anyone who has helped me with any aspect of my life, thank you.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cream review + some news

Issue 31 of Cream is out now and has some great flatland content, as I previewed it recently on this blog, I will keep this short and sweet and just to flatland content..

- Portfolio with Love Bmx's Matej Svadlena, great shots of the Czech scene.
-Double page spread on the 2008 World Circuit champion, Matthias Dandois, he talks about how he got to this point, and the need to get new ideas, new tricks for next year.
-Fashion shoot with Alex Jumelin driving around Paris in Ferrari's, Porsche's courtesy of InsiderCars.
- Double page spread on Chris Bohm's home flatland spot, I guess everyone has dreamed this, but Chris is doing it.
-La Gazette- The journal of the Bmx rider is probably my favourite part of this issue, covers: The Hollywood jam, Great interview with Michael Meza from Costa Rica (Ticos jam..), Report on the Trex games in Korea, Green G's reports on the KOG finals (sadly not more coverage on the KOG finals).
- Three part Special feature on the Top 6 who have paved the way in the Japanese flatland scene, this issue concerntrates on Takashi Ito, and York Uno, great photography as usual from Green G.

Overall, a good issue from the guys at Cream, as always more flatland content than anyone else. Expected more coverage on the KOG finals, and the bad thing tour, if Cream doesnt cover the KOG extensively who in the mainstream will?

Cream is available from FF, off Ebay, Borders...

In other news..

- Simon O'Brien is back in Australia after 11 weeks in Japan, we bumped into Simon and Mike S at the KOG finals, those two have been doing shows at the Tokyo Disneyland, in front of the castle, pretty good gig if you can get it! Simons planning on hitting up the first KOG of 2009, and is hoping to complete his solo dvd later this year.

Happy New Year to all blog followers and stalkers (those havent registered).

Im off for a sesh.