Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kerry Gatt edit

"Edit dedicated to Parris Whakarau RIP brother."

New Terry Adams clip

Yesterday Terry and Vanessa were in line waiting for iphone 4 at 4am, Terry filmed this lil combo when he got home in the yard, more to come from TA.

Randy Morales edit

Randy is 41, and still shredding, this got me pumped and maybe you to!
Randy Morales 2010 from Ramon on Vimeo.

Travis Collier and Friends in Hamburg

Travis Collier and Friends in Hamburg. from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fumiya Kanna edit

FUMIYA KANNA 2010.6.26 from minehito shinzato on Vimeo.

Christie Flat Freestyle 2010

Lachlan Cameron just finished new edit riding with his buddies, check it!
Christie Flat Freestyle 2010 from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Matthias Dandois interview in new US ride

Keep an eye out for this one! Matthias has big interview in this months US Ride, big respect to Fat Tony pushing flat as much as possible!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hiro Morizaki drops a new one!

Hiro dropped this on his blog a few hours ago, sick move!

Cory Strat mini edit

Always good to see stuff from Cory, check it!

York Uno flatland workshop

York does his bit for young kids getting into flatland, japan grassroots style, 
the young kid kills it already! This is great!

Kwon Seongtaek clip

Ed Boniol clips

Been a few years since I saw anything from Ed, so I was pretty stoked to see these iphone vids on, skills! enjoy!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Matthias Dandois wins the City Voice contest!!

Matthias just won the City Voice contest in Grenoble, France. Congrats! Thanks to Nicolas Delaporte for sending the results!

1st Dorian Vasseur
2nd Nicolas Delaporte
3rd Aurélien Simille

1st Quentin Pellorson
2nd Mathieu Bonnecuelle
3rd Charles Paty

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Thomas Noyer

Old school sundays...

This weeks OSS, is Derek Schott, he invented the rolaid back in the day which of course is still doing the rounds today, check 1:01. Wicked stuff!

LBC style @ the globe spot

Camera work isn't the best, but what the hell, Long beach sessions at the globe spot,I had some good sessions down there with Chad a few years back, brings back memories! Enjoy!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Ganji Bootleg DVD available to download now!

Ganji Bootleg Tour from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.

The wait is over! The Ganji Bootleg DVD is complete. So, a little about the release...

We have decided that it would be best if we released this DVD as a torrent, so the whole bmx community and anyone else interested can download it for free. If you are not familiar with torrents, please check wikipedia.

Included in the folder you will download are the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. Drag and drop these into your favorite dvd burning program and burn yourself and your friends a copy of the DVD. Some video playes such as VLC will play a VIDEO_TS folder also, just drag and drop.

Also included is the soundtrack, the cover artwork, and an iPhone/iTouch/iPod version of the video.

The video stars the Ganji Crew (Gabe Kadmiri, Stephen Hearn, Shayne Khajehnoori, Darin Wright) as they travel around the United States riding at different spots and checking out different scenes and events.

Running time is 45 minutes.


Currently, I'm the only one uploading, and I'm in the middle of nowhere Alaska, so, be patient at first until more people begin to seed!!!!!


Keep your $20 to buy a dub.

Ideal flat part two

More of the good stuff from Hotoke's event...enjoy!

Com'In Lyon Soul Bmx edit

Really good edit from the crew, check it!

Com'In Lyon II from Manu R.D. on Vimeo.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Carhartt Jam 2001

Peeped this on today, one of the best contests I ever went to.

Ideal flat part one

First footage coming in from Hotoke's contest we featured a few days back.

How-to one footed nosewheelie with Chad Johnston

Good work by Fat and Chad, Long Beach style!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Holiday Flat Jam 2010

Two good edits from Hungary in a week, awesome stuff!!

Holiday Flat Jam 2010 from flatlanddothu on Vimeo.

S&M Customer Appreciation Flat Jam and After Party Oakland 2010

Thanks to Chad J for sending this in!

Alex 75

Bobby has been kicking ass with regular updates on his site, if you don't already know. Ton of videos!

Terry Adams off Lotek

Fat Tony made the announcement on the transworld site late last night, quite whether Terry has something else lined up is unclear, good luck Terry!

Odyssey's new seatpost

This is a pretty neat idea, check it!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shintaro Misawa's no touch run from Malaysian Championship

Hotoke's 2 min combo from Ares DVD

Thanks to Bobby Downing for sending this in! Hotoke is sick, this is a few years old bear in mind!

Brett Crowther edit

It's been a fair few years since I heard anything from Brett, so pretty stoked to see he's still riding!!

Viki Gomez Go·Pro edit

Viki Go·Pro from Luis Caldevilla on Vimeo.

Lachlan's Secret Chill Spot edit

Secret Chill Spot - Cement Tennis Courts from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Moto Sasaki wins groundtactics final stage!

Moto's 3 min combo link took the top honours in the final stage, before the live finals in Finland on the 7th of august.

The top four were:

1- Moto Sasaki
2- Sam Foakes*
3- Takahiro Ikeda
4- Toon

* Sam is getting married the week after, so has lot of work to do for is wedding so is unable to make it. That means the fourth place spot gets a free flight.

Martti will be posting the rest of the results later. A few people bailed from this round, which is a shame, but thanks to everyone who took the time to film and post their entries!!!

OG flatland jam edit

Wicked edit, really enjoyed this, great stuff from OG Marton, Denes, Peter Sarlos, looked like a fun jam... OG Flatland Jam, 12-13 June 2010, Balatonfüred, Hungary from og pictures on Vimeo.

Rodney Williams toughhombre section

Forgot to post this the other day, more from Rodney Williams, enjoy!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Moto Sasaki wins Ideal flat contest!

Moto is on it! Whilst we all recover from his 3 minute combo for groundtactics, the man of the moment is killing all in his path. This contest was organised by Hotoke. Let's hope theres videos soon.
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Yasunari Ishijima
3rd Koji Takahashi

How to decade by Rad dad

"Get Over" The Fear of a Decade from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Steffen Peter edit

Really well produced edit here,nice chilled edit, this is refreshing! Thanks to Rayk Hayne for sending this one in!

Last minute groundtactics entries

ground tactics from fabien stephan on Vimeo.

Saskatoon Berry Jam coming soon!!

Teaser from Jeff Desroche section in Impaqued VM #3

The ender is still tight, to this day! Mad style from Jeff!! Great to hear he's riding again!

Teaser for Jeff Desroche section in Impaqued VM #3 from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Old school sundays...

This weeks OSS is with one of my Hutch team mates, Darren Pelio, famous 
for his lever scraping karl kruzers, which Moto Sasaki brought back to 
the mix in his own way, check it out! Great riding from Darren!

Sam Foakes Groundtactics!!

Hiro and York-Tokyo show

On a tiny stage, beatbox style, thanks to Bobby Downing for sending this in!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ganji Trailer for Bootleg Tour DVD

Can' wait to see this, looks amazing! More Stephan Hearn please!!!

Ganji Bootleg Tour from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.

More groundtactics flava!

Toon from Thailand, tearing it up for three minutes.
Takahiro Ikeda's entry, prepare to get dizzy!

Moto Sasaki drops a 3 minute link for Groundtactics!!

I wondered if anyone would push the boat on this round of groundtactics and combo for the whole time duration, and Moto has gone that extra mile, will the long link return to flatland?

moto sasaki ground tactics final from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

Tsutomu Kitayama riding history edit

Tsutomu kicks ass! Wicked stuff!

Hurricane Katrina: Terry Adams tells his story on ESPN!

Brian Tunney just wrote a great story on the effects Hurricane Katrina had on Terry's life...

Shinde's A style jam edit

Kew Beach Jam edit

KEW BEACH JAM 2010 from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Simon O'Brien Deju Vu interview!!

After watching Deju Vu, I thought it would be interesting to follow up my review, with a mini interview to see how Simon was feeling about the project, read on!

How long filming in total for Deju vu? 
About 3-4 yrs,but in this time. I have been busy with alot of other stuff also.

The production and quality seemed to go up a notch on Deju Vu, was that a conscious decision from you to push the quality standards higher?
Yeah it was,professional dvds look way better,due to filming and shots and editing,so I tried my best with all of it and had my friend Mason Rose do the intro.Just trying to make flat look good you know,trying
to do my part.Also,just like flatland,its good to look at other stuff as well as wanting to progress.

I always wondered what drives people, What’s your motivation behind a solo dvd, it’s certainly not money right? And did that motivation change after "Made you Look"?
Well 'Made you look' was about showing my real riding that people hadn't seen,I got alot of good feed back and people said it was motivating....feels great to be able to motivate someone!I enjoyed doing the dvd, so I thought it would be a great challenge to try and better myself with a new dvd and hopefully motivate people again!

What’s the pressure like filming for a solo dvd, I’d imagine you felt an air of expectation after "Made you Look"?
Yeah absolutely,I knew I had to really try hard and do new stuff,I find its harder as you get older! It seems other things happen as we get older and dont ride as much,so it was bit of a mission to do sometimes, but good fun. :)

What was the hardest trick for you to capture on film?
The backwards 360 kickflip,hardest thing i've ever done.

Are you happy with the end result?
Yeah i am,it has alot of cool stuff in there that i'm proud of and wanted to share with people.For sure things could have been better but,i tried ya at the end of the day if it motivates a few people i'm stoked!
Plus i will have something in the future to look back on :)

If you could watch a solo dvd by any other rider who would it be?
Corey Bohan, or Martti and i've done that, so its cool.

Where can riders get Deju Vu from?
Flatfuel,newcircle,kunstform,and a few other places.

You’ve done the video project thing for a few years now, any desire or hunger to get back in the contest scene?
I would love to do the contest thing, purely to see old friends and travel again.The pressure to prove myself isn't there as much or no amazing money in comps, so it would be great to catch up and travel.

Any final thanks you’d like to give for the dvd?
All my friends that helped,Colony,Etnies,,,,,Mason Rose,,,,,and Effraim for the interview. Thanks!


Thanks to Dez Maarsen for sending this in, look at that spot! Don't know these riders, always good to see some fresh riders.

How to Link Hang 5 to Steamroller by Rad Dad

How to Link Hang 5 to Steamroller from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Com'in Lyon pro qualifications

Bmx Force have been rocking with the updates this week... Another nice edit from the Lyon contest!

Com'in Lyon 2010 Pro Class Qualifications from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

New Mates Tuček edit

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Diversion Tv: Contextual: Battle of Elsinore 1998

Battle of Elsinore 1998 went down in Toronto, Canada. An event that was once primarily a flatland event went street, and flatland eventually got the axe from the program. I'm not sure about the details on the organizational end, but the name changed and the annual event is now known as the Metro Jam.

Despite all this, in 1998, flatland was embarking on a journey into a new era, as Martti Kouppa made his debut on the global flatland scene.

After a mesmerizing run at World Championships, rumors were flying everywhere in North America-"Dude, there's this guy in Europe, he's like the next Kevin Jones!"

Sponsored by Chiquita Bananas and adorned in bright colors, it was hard to miss Martti Kuoppa, throwing down the new tricks and styles people had been hearing about.

From that point on, Martti continued to change the face of flatland, chronicled in the Intrikat video series.

This clip also showcases other flatland moguls of the time, Chad Degroot, Andrew Faris, Dan Rigby, Brian Tunney, and Cory Stratychuk. There's also a Dan Rigby interview as a bonus!

I personally feel that in this era, the most varied types of techniques were being widely used in flatland- rolling, scuffing, barflips, front brake, back brake, turbines, g-turns, undertakers, etc. -Framestand locomotive to cross-footed stick-b, sick!

Text by Bobby Carter.

TJ Perry Compilation edit

TJ recently won the masterclass global flat online battle, here's a compilation of all his best combos, great stuff!

Battle Compilation from TJ perry on Vimeo.

Rayk Hahne edit

Com'in Lyon artistic edit