Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ganji Trailer for Bootleg Tour DVD

Can' wait to see this, looks amazing! More Stephan Hearn please!!!

Ganji Bootleg Tour from Ganji BMX on Vimeo.


Howard said...

This looks awesome ,0.54 was very nice.

Anonymous said...

one more for my collection !! cant wait to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention...................................................................

Anonymous said...

Who smokes weed anymore? Little Kids?
What is this? HighSchool?
these guys are still smoking weed.?

Start popping pills like a real man

Pralex said...

^ lol@ Mazar
- Prasheel

Anonymous said...

oh prasheel - you got me.

4 months after i posted those comments on your "fan page" and you still havent moved on???

Pralex said...

Haha, there's nothing to move on from, I'm still having a gay old time with my gay buddies riding gay flatland.

And what about you? Still sitting in your parents' basement being bitter?

Anonymous said...

so why you still talking about me and sending me txt mssgs????

Yea I ride in my parents basement?
So What!?

Why do you care anyways. i saw your video - i didnt comment on it - so really.

Leave me alone and stop talking shit about me at every little jam you go . stop sending me stupid txts. then i'll beleive you

cmon man how many times have you given me props.

telling me at the first zero degrees jam "I'm glad you decided to come"

Telling me at absolut jam in montreal how you thought my tricks were crazy and "i cant even comprehend it"...this was at the after party at JF.

the PM you sent me telling me "How far youve come" after the one time i competed at FU...

So all these little jokes - it esentially lessens the sting because i know you secretly respect me.

I got nothing more to say to you.


Anonymous said...

actually let me keep it a 100.

let me just say this - Yeah i know i was the first to start with the comments so im sorry if i offended you by my comments. like sincerely.

But heres my problem man . If someone knows you for like 6-7 years. has been to your house. eaten there. and vice versa. then how the fuck do you act like you dont even know me at FU?

Yeah im 24 - live with my parents, have a part-time job, ride a little bike way too seriously. so what?

whatever man say whatever the fuck you want. about how i "push-off into tricks..."constant foot tapping..."no ride-ins"..."no ride-outs" .