Monday, 16 May 2011

We have moved!!

Today we are moving from blogspot to website, hit the link!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 1

Shane's in for the operation tommorow. Get well soon mate!!!

Game of Skills 2011 Final Battle

Amsterdam Flat Sessions 2011

Good stuff from Dez, JF and the Amsterdam locals!!

Old school sundays

This weeks OSS with Dennis McCoy, 85 AFA contest in Venice Beach...

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 2

Mazars Fri 13th Jam

Mazars Fri13th Jam from Bikeflip Productions on Vimeo.

Andrew Parrish edit

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Matthias Dandois wins Game of Skills!

News just in! Matthias just won the 2nd annual Game of Skills contest in Vienna, Adam Kun placed 2nd (and won best trick), Dez Maarsen finished in the 3rd place spot! Congrats to all!

Photo Credit: From Adam Kun's facebook.

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 3

Bike Days Solothurn 2011 by Chris Böhm

Bike Days Solothurn 2011 by Chris Böhm from Chris Böhm on Vimeo.

Jorge Nazario Castro edit

Straight outta Peru! Doing it for Supreme Bykes...

Bike Days interviews...

Matthias and JF interviewed at the Bike days contest...

Gabysann clips

Gabysann working on pedal junkyard pivot pedal time machine, hard stuff!!

Flatland Valencia Arnette. 2011

Moya and the Valencia crew enjoy the sunshine, beach, girls, Valencia looks fun!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Trevor Meyer - Boston Flatland sessions

Always good to see Trevor riding, skills to pay the bills!

Pete Olsen- slow down edit

This is an alternate version of the previous video i posted (it has been reformatted to fit the screen better). Pete Olsen rips!
slow down from thegoldfi on Vimeo.

Luke Malone clips

Blogger went down for almost 24 hours, and lost the previous 30 hours posts, ironic as I've had no trouble with Blogger up until now, and I'm switching to a website next week. Anyway until then, I'll continue with the posts and any news that comes up. Beginning with these Luke Malone clips!

Effraim Catlow Flatmatters exclusive #16!

Part of the process of these exclusives is to share new ideas, case in point here! Working on new trick xup megaspin half whopper, strange feeling trick! Momentum is lost through x’ing the bars then whipping…

Ciaran Perry short edit

Multi directional Hitch jugglers, Ciaran is hot on the edits/clips right now!

Hisato 3rd Anniversary

Ramón López Colón short edit

Ramon- 11 mayo 2011 from Ramon on Vimeo.

USJ Local 9th May edit

Subway flatland lifestyle! Japan!!! Love how this video is shot!

Props Groundwork on Props 78 Bonus Section

Not much flatland on Props 78, BUT…. Props Groundwork is on the Bonus section! Look forward to getting that back on the collectors shelf…

The Cardboard Lords

“The Cardboard Lords were a breakdancing crew from York, PA in 1984-85.
After having a slow start in the local break dancing competitions, the crew set out to become the best breakers in the area, and by the end of their run in May of 1985, they were winning every break dance battle & competition they entered from York, Baltimore, Harrisburg, & Philly.
The Cardboard Lords were: Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Dale Mitzel, Jamie Mckulik, Barry Markle, Jake Sires, & Mark Wales. Most of the crew went back to their BMX riding roots & joined up with a local freestyle team called the Plywood Hoods. Special Note: In this clip the Cardboard Lords make it to the “GREAT YORK TALENT HUNT” finals, where they win and receive a VHS VCR as the grand prize. This VCR was later used to create the first Dorkin’ In York video.
The rest is history…”

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ground Tactics FINAL round results

1. Akihiko Takahashi
2. Pakhpum Poosa-Art “TOON”
3. Dane Beardsley – tie
3. Jean-Francois Boulianne – tie
4. Bert Ribul
5. Jason Plourle
1. Ronny Engelmann
2. David Dudelis
3. Rayk Hahne
4. Navid Saleki
5. Luke Malone
6. Issabre Gaoussou
Thank you for everyone who participated and no hard feelings to the ones who didn´t send in the final video.

Adam Kun-Sevisual Astrolabe contest edit!

Amazing riding from Adam, this past weekend in Northern France at the Astrolabe contest!

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 5

Osaka Market Jam

Feel the japanese vibe! Late night sessions with Takuji, Hinago, and Miyuking. NOt sure who the girl rider is, but sick to see her in the mix. Japan is awesome!

New PS3 Film Called 'Controller' feat. BMX Flatland

This looks like its from a while back, Jason Forde, Sam Foakes and Phil Dolan, working with PS3. Good stuff!
New PS3 Film Called 'Controller' feat. BMX athletes from pureeau on Vimeo.

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland 2011

19th May is the date, the Red Bull Flamenco 2011 event will go down in Malaga. The rider list has already got people talking. Jesse Puente, Matthias, Moto, Ikeda , Sam Foakes, Guelo, Camilo and Viki Gomez !!!

OBC Stylecats

Flatland at Dew Tour?!

Putting two and two together, but is this connected to the "Flatland United" thread a few weeks back, over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about getting Flatland into the Dew Tour. Dennis McCoy was even at the Jomopro last year to check out how the flatland ran. Word since seems to have gone quiet, until I saw this petition late last night. Take a moment of your time, to sign the petition, and have your say!

Diversion DVD Boxset Video Contest!

Bobby Carter at hit me up with this awesome giveaway! Read on!

Show us your best move! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or super pro, post your best you-tube or vimeo video on the "May 2011 Giveaway" channel. We will randomly select  3 people to win a Diversion DVD box set.
Winners will be announced on this page on June 1, 2011.
Only one entry per account. Multiple entries on the same account will NOT increase your odds of winning.
Video Posting Instructions:
1. Login
2. Go to
 More Menu > Post a Video (or click  "Web Channels" and scroll to the middle of the page.)
3. Click on the "
Post A Video" Tab.
4. Select the "
May 2011 Give-Away Channel" and Enter your video link.
5. Preview and Submit your video.

To View the Entries:
1. Click on 
"Web Channels"
2. Under Select Category, select "
Community Channels"
3. Under Select Channel, select "
May 2011 Give-Away" channel.

May 29, 2011. Winners will be announced on this page on June 1, 2011.

PRIZESThree (3) random winners will be select to receive the Diversion Video Magazine DVD Box Set. This includes all 7 issues in a 5 disk pack. Diversion Video Magazine is a video series representing the global flatland community. Journey around the world and meet amazing people dedicated to making their dreams a reality. 

Bo Wade remix edit

This edit was taken down a few weeks ago, back up this morning. Bo Wade killing it at the Studio City riding spot in LA! Check out his blog -

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Yosuke Shibuya clips

Amazing riding from Yosuke, feeling the pumping whiplashes, as smooth as that floor!

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 6

Writing a flatland guide book.

For anyone wihing to make a how-to PDF for flatland tricks, heres a real basic run down of how you go about it...

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery

Shane's uploading a clip per today right before he goes into surgery on his arm! Speedy recovery Shane!

Ride Sessions - Orange Episode 3 Matthias Dandois @ Ninja spin

These Ride sessions edits Matthias and Orange are putting out are pretty sweet, nice insight into the Ninja spin contest with some dope clips to check out!

Ride Sessions - Orange Episode 3 Matthias... by Orange

Takashi Ito short edit!

It's been a long time since I saw any new footage of Takashi, good to see he is still riding. York is busy with the edits right now!

Sunny Singh: Diary of a Turbined Steamroller Framestand Tomahawk

Liking the diary format of this edit by Sunny Singh, keep up the good work!

Flatland Live edit by York Uno

About a week ago we featured a post called the "The next Moto Sasaki", well this kid featured at the beginning of this edit is even better! 11 years old and a great future ahead of him, feeling the live music vibe in this edit, top work by York Uno!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Akihiko Takahashi May edit

Some sick new switches from Aki!

Matthias Dandois wins 2nd Bike Days contest in a row!

Congrats to Matthias, winning the Bike days contest in Switzerland for the second time in a row. Also congrats to JF Boulainne and Shintaro rounding out the top three. Check out the final battle with Matthias and JF, really consistent riding from both!

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Jean-Francois Boullianne
3- Shintaro Misawa
4- Chris Böhm
5- Dan Hennig
6- David Hoffmann
7- Didier Genet
8- Jeremy Brosset

Battle for third place, Shintaro vs Chris Bohm.

Adam Kun wins Astrolabe contest!

Pretty wild there were two flatland contests at the same time this weekend in Europe! Congrats to Adam, Alex and Stephan Fabien (the top three) at the Astrolabe contest in Northern France. Adam says he had the best run of his life at this contest, look forward to the videos of this one!

One Love- Go Pro edit

Good stuff from Darin at One Love! The Go Pro edits are blowing up!
Fun with Gopro from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

David Nagy: Sunday ride

It's been a while since I've seen any footage of David Nagy, looks like a trailer for a new edit?

Flatland Caricature Gallery #3 By Niko Del Real

Fat Tony published some more great flatland drawings from Niko Del Real, check out the link!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Martti Kuoppa:Candy bar Forward Death truck

MK keeps pushing forward, coasting candyman, or candy bar forward death truck, whatever it is, its dope!

Voodoo is back! Scott O'Brien interview!

Terry Adams continues to publish some great interviews, really enjoyed this one with Scott O'Brien, and great to hear that the Voodoo jam is coming back! 

Bikedays Best trick contest by Global Flat!

Martin at Global flat shot this nice uncut video of the Bike days best trick contest, that was won by JF Boulainne, congrats!!

Hokoten contest Japan

Literally taking flatland to the streets! So many events in Japan!

Old school sundays Part 2

Back with more BMX Beat footage, this time with Hutch's Jason Hassell, he gave me my first sponsorship with Hutch, all them years ago...

Old school sundays Part 1

"Here is a short video of the third annual Old School BMX Reunion, organized by Steve Swope. There were over 250 people in attendance. It was a great event; it is always fun to see the parent/ child families riding together and to hear all the BMX stories from the legends."
3rd annual BMX Old School Reunion from Woodward West on Vimeo.

Full No handed Whip: Mazar!

As the tile says, full no handed whip, sick bike control from t-dot!!! Multiples look possible, never imagined that would be possible, crazy!!!

Sunny School Sessions

Couple of new things in this edit from Lachlan, cliff bar flip karl out, actually digging the bar spins on the ground, lot of potential there, keep pushing!!...

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Terry Adams travel interview on Transworld

Terry Adams travels a lot. Fat Tony recently took the car journey with Terry, Vanessa and Matthias to Jomopro, with so much time to kill, they put together this lil' interview. 

SuperB** Frame and bars prototypes!

Matthias published these photos on his site today, interesting frame design, going for the tapered seat tube similar to the Benny L Fit frame. Looks good! In Matthias related news, he qualified first today at the Bike Days contest in Switzerland.

Alex Jumelin's St Martin prototype

Jason Forde just published these photos on his blog of Alex Jumelin's new St Martin signature prototype, Jason will be riding one soon.

Adidas All In 24 edit/commercial

Can't make my mind up if this is an edit or commercial, Botak has lil appearance towards the end. Good to see Adidas supporting Botak!
Adidas All In 24 from kayuhbmx on Vimeo.

New Ciaran Perry edit!

Fresh as always! Such good bike control!

AnCUP Expert Class 2011

Tutuji edit

ANCUP Girls & Kids Class 2011

Friday, 6 May 2011

Ninja spin Pro qualification edits

And just early I was saying there wasn't much coverage from the Ninja spin! Wow! Great stuff from Maxime!Thanks for sending in!

Ninja spin Masters qualification edits

Great stuff from Maxime! Comprehensive footage...

Ninja spin expert qualifications

Whole bunch of Ninja spin edits to check out by Maxime Luchetti.

ANCUP Open Class 2011

Amazing footage from japan, backwheel killers!!! I love that I dont know hardly any of these riders!

Akira Okamura Super Ultra Zai

Looking forward to the next chapter of the Zai dvds, this has reminded me I need to review the Ultra Zai Dvd...

Vans Ninja spin Matthias Dandois edit

Hasn't been much coverage from Ninja spin, tight vans edit right here with Matthias.

Double X Thaibmx edit

The thaibmx crew having fun!