Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shane Badman-Countdown to Surgery Day 1

Shane's in for the operation tommorow. Get well soon mate!!!


Howard said...

Sick riding ,what operation is Shane having ?

flatmatters said...

he has arthritis in his right arm i believe, so hes having operation to hopefully cure the reoccuring ache after every riding session.

Anonymous said...

damn. good luckl with the surgery bud. have a good recovery!

joseph said...

i had a lumbar discechtomy once and was out for about 4 months, so good luck with your recovery from someone who was once taken out of the game

Anonymous said...

hey effraim. sorry to do this again. maybe i can actually get your email adress this time?. so i can just send you the link in the mail.

you please put up new video too - its just a how-to.


and btw - best of luck to shane badman. and the riding was sick too.

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