Sunday, 29 March 2009

Battle in Gallery weekend

Phil Dolan- G turn Nosewheelie.

The legend that is James White.

Cunners was busting this weekend, much improved, stick at it mate!

Yo! Just back from the Battle in the Gallery weekend!!
Battle in the gallery sadly turned out to be a “non event”, the spot wasn’t suitable to hold a contest (it would have worked better as a show as it did on the Saturday night party), almost all the riders that turned up (the majority being foreign) headed to the Green Mile, riders such as Frank Lucas, Matti Rose, Flo Sailor, Daniel Fuhrmann, Shane Badman, Dominik Nekolny + Martin Drazil, (didn’t show Sunday at the green mile), plus many more sessioned hard all day on the Sunday in the spring sunshine. It says a lot also that they were more foreigners at the mile than UK riders, bizarre weekend! Mario filmed most of the riders, so expect something up online sometime soon. Enjoy the pics…

Pics/text by EC.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Flatchat with Cory Fester (Part two)

Trick you got hurt on the bike flip bunny hop?
Yea, maybe haha.
or is that hush..
No. I am just not sure if I want to try that again. I got pretty close so well see. -Haha of course. I hate getting hurt just like anybody, but that’s just part of it.

You will Cory, I know what you are like haha,you cant let it go!
Yeah maybe I will get pissed one day and lock myself in the tennis court and throw the key over, and go till I get it lol.

How does that compare with Contest riding?
Contests are just a totally different side of riding. I think one thing that people don’t see right away is that there are so many subtle things that can make a semi difficult trick super hard. Like instead of having both feet on and doing a pivot style jump you do it off one leg only. It looks like the same trick but jumping off one leg is 10 times harder.

Yeah of course cause you are killing the momentum, jumping to one foot, as opposed to two foot landing.Dedicated to pushing flatland forward, what flat needs..

Is that soundtrack from that video part the one you bought in Hungary at the Gypsy games?
Haha no that’s just a song I really like. It wont be the one, that’s in the video. It’s actually a song by Ravi Shanker. I don’t understand a word of it, but its such beautiful sounds. Kind of like watching flatland sometimes. It can still be awesome even if you don’t understand it.

I like it. But I also listen to Alanis Morrisette so ...........

Different taste in music that’s fine, not many people ride like you, its refreshing to see, Canada has always brought out crazy flatlanders..I think about Nathan, Rigby, yourself, Chase, Jason Brown, Steve Roy…I could go on, Faris..
Yeah, I miss that guy.

I remember he and Martti had a great rivalry, the Worlds in Portugal sticks in my mind, practise was unreal, they pushed each other so much…

I see lot of similarities with yourself and Andrew, no holds barred approach to riding..
Ha-ha. Yeah I think Andrew could have been in the same level as Martti had he kept riding. It’s hard though. As you get older life just kind of starts to take over. Personally I don’t think it was riding that burned Andrew out it was the lifestyle he had to live in order to stay on top.

He was partying more and more towards the end, he was wasted at the Worlds in Madrid, think it was on a Props or something.
Yeah he likes his drinking ha-ha...

When I was competing against him, he was one of only guys I was totally in awe of you know, epic stuff he did.
Yeah, he was so ahead of his time. Funny how he did all that whopper stuff years ago that is so trendy now,condensing his links down to no filler.

Whopper combos yeah, I liked his stuff before he got almost taken over with the whopper stuff.

Whoppers are the new hitchhiker. Yeah, I remember learning his barflips in the hang 5. I had stitches cause of that trick..

I’m sick of seeing them to the frame, got a bit milked these days..

Yeah, I don’t pay to much attention to the popular switches. I try and stay away from anything that becomes the newest coolest thing..

You’ve already done it Cory, saw that tucked away on bonus of HTCS haha..
Haha yeah that was a great day. I pulled that right after I pulled the last link in my section. felt on cloud nine that day.

Can you do a forwards half packer? haha, tell me about that story, that makes me laugh..
Haha yeah I forget who asked me that in Myrtle Beach. He was serious though. Sometimes I wonder if people really think that.

To me that proves a lot of people don’t understand what the hell you are doing. ah he just goes backwards, you know what i mean… Well I guess they see you go forwards in this next video haha.

Yeah, I don’t know. I think people would be surprised at how much I can do in a game of pig.

Yeah i bet, have you seen the berrics?I wonder if that would work in flat, could be awesome.

What’s the berrics?
It’s a website where they have this massive game of skate, each week different battle, it's all over now, was amazing concept.

I think we should have video sections like that. That would be cool. I have a few people I would love to do that with. Didn’t they do that in skateboarding?

Yeah they did Rodney Mullen vs Daewkon Song, really good video, where they both went on a personal mission to push each other. That would definitely work in flatland.

Yeah, that’s the one. I definitely wanna do that just not against Marrti or Simon lol

I can imagine Justin has stupid amount of tricks.
Haha people have no idea. That guy is unbelievable, one of my favourite riders and people for that matter.

Yeah I remember us drunk at the masters, Justin was getting on it!! Haha, you turned up next day green haha..I remember buying that crate of beers with Justin, I think there were 20 beers, and Justin went back for another 20 haha. Those 40 beers were gone in an hour of watching spine mini. Mad times, he was on fire!
Oh man that was the worst shape I ever was in. I spent the whole night throwing up in Justin’s hotel room.

That was a good night, Sam legged it haha..
Yeah, he owes us a good drinking session.
That’s a sight to see I tell you Cory haha

Haha I can imagine..
Sam rules.

We were talking about contest riders the other day, and pretty much agreed that Justin is the best contest rider of all time.
Yeah, he’s up there for sure. Martti when he was winning the x-games is up there too.

Yeah for sure, we were talking in terms of consistency. he never messes up much, a bad run is 2 touches.
I really want to see Justin do a video section. I just cant imagine what he can do if he wanted to. And he dials such huge switches. like all those kickflip tricks,

Yeah 5 in a row everyday, one time for a camera..
We’ve talked about ideas and stuff before and some of the things he thinks of are nuts!

I really like his halfhiker kickflip to halfpacker, I was trying that before saw him do it..

Yeah that’s a tough one, but the bar up the arse is not good feeling haha. I was blown away when he dropped that with ease at the masters 07..

Haha man you should have seen him crash in Toronto. I thought he broke his arm. But he just got up and pulled the trick right after. One tough Hombre.

Do you see yourself getting more into contests again?
Maybe. depends on my life situation. If I can get a place to ride in the winter then for sure but taking off 4-5 months every year makes it pretty tough

Yeah, you losing almost half the year, you travelling this year?
Yeah, I plan on going to a few events this year. Going to jomopro in 2 weeks. Hoping I get to ride before I go, but its snowing outside right now so who knows.

That looks like being a good contest.
yeah hopefully

Let's hope there’s a positive thread afterwards

Man I wish people could get some perspective. especially the pros.

Sponsors must just take one look, and go “ah lets not get involved in that!”


P. R. R. (pro riders responsibility)
It’s so lame. all these pros bitch cause ams and beginners don’t show up and support the comp yet most the pros show up like unapproachable rockstars, take over the floor so the ams cant ride, win whatever money they can and head out straight to the bar after. Then post on a message board when they get home because they can’t pay their bills you know, all I read is about growing flatland. Lets get one thing straight. Getting pictures riding on an airplane isn’t growing flatland, setting up classes at your local bike shop will. If I was a sponsor I would rather see 100 ams at a comp than 500 spectators and 20 pros. I would rather see potential customers than potential advertisers. People say the street comps are so much louder. I got news for people, that’s not because its random people on the street, its the 100 young street riders in the crowd. That’s what we lack in flatland right now.

Haha I better stop there or I am going to quickly become the most unpopular pro on the planet.

Well there’s a lack of people willing to speak their true mind Cory, I agree that we need more ams, I was talking to Bobby Carter a while back about that, jams seem to be the place where pro riders engage with ams, at a contest they do not. It’s the ams buying the bikes, for the most part..

Yeah, it sucks. I guess I just feel bad for all the beginners you know. They pay to come to these events out of their own pocket and then they get treated like they are second the whole weekend. And when they cant afford to come, they get ripped on a message board by the very people they look up too. It’s pathetic.

Who do you look up to? When you were at am rider, who did you look to?
When you were at am rider..

Riding wise there are so many people. Martti, Simon, Andrew Faris , Dan Rigby, Ross Smith has always been a favourite, the most underrated rider ever. right now I really like watching Justin, he’s probably my favourite rider to ride with right now, him and Sam.

Oh yeah I remember now you are a big Ross Smith fan, id second you on that, hes got mad skills!!
His tricks are crazy. He is Chase with brakes.

Master of feathering brakes, a very difficult technique actually..
Yeah his no footed whiplash to decade is beyond me

ever see a video with you and Ross in it?
Haha we’ll see. I know Ross is still riding but he stays pretty low key.

That’s awesome he still rides, lets finish this up Cory. We could talk for hours, its been interesting, as always talking to you. Goodluck at Jomopro!

Thanks. I will need it lol.

Flat chat with Cory Fester (Part One)

Whats to say about Cory Fester? You might call him an artist, his video sections are proper. Theres no messing about, he works at his parts, for the most part with never seen before tricks, continuing on the path lead by the likes of Andrew Faris, and Dan Rigby. Much respect due.

Ok, Cory, just back from the Fu5 in Toronto, you were saying you hadn’t rode in 4 months before the contest, how did it go in the end?
Pretty good. I rode ok, just happy to be back on my bike more than anything.

What’s your mindset going into a contest like that with no preparation?
Haha. To be honest I was just hoping not to get humiliated more than anything. I just want to make sure I go out and pull some things. The biggest fear is going into a 4 minute run and not pulling anything. That sucks.

Did you pull much stuff?
Yeah I had a pretty decent first run, but the second run I got caught chasing a trick for like 2 minutes. You think I would learn not to do that.
That’s hard though when you know you can do it, one more try? Then its over.
Usually I try and put a limit on tries in a comp like three, but then after the announcer is getting the crowd going and from there you are pretty much committed to it. It’s hard to switch to another trick when everyone wants to see the big trick.

Talk to me about the difference between contest riding and video riding? I mean you are one of the best (and creative) video riders, there something totally different about videos isn’t there..
Ugh thanks. Yeah, I think for me the biggest thing is the mentality. I think a video shows more of what you are capable of learning vs. what you can do everyday.

What’s this video I'm downloading now? Your latest project right...
Yeah, your getting a sneak peak at my new video section unedited. and you are being sworn to secrecy haha..

Haha I love an exclusive, its pretty epic I have to say! When and where will people be able to see this?
I am not sure. It’s going to be in Stewart’s(Munro) next video release, sometime this summer. I took five months to film it last year, so I hope people will enjoy it.

Lot of variety, totally different feel than HTCS. The ender is stupid Cory! Amazing…
Yeah, I really try hard not to repeat very many switches. Whenever I film for anything I start out with a list of ideas and just learn them from there. Most of the switches in the video I learned just for that video. I think that’s why filming burns me out so much. It’s hard to try and put a timeline for learning tricks. I think for this video I had to learn and film each link in under two weeks to stay on schedule, gets kind of crazy with a deadline.

Feel much pressure to produce an even better part especially after “Here comes the sun”?
I feel pressure for anything I film for or do for that matter. I always want to be the guy with the new crazy switch. It’s a lot to live up to sometimes.

Videos are timeless, there’s a nice quality about being able to go back and watch someone’s section
Yeah, I really like seeing guys do tricks you don’t normally see. For me, Martti is hands down the best rider on the planet, just because of what he’s done on video..

Yeah, have to agree with you especially after watching the Kgb DVD and also take into account all his intrikat parts, absolute monster..

So this is the first section a lot of people will see you on the OG Kunfu frame, how was the transition from going from your tank of WTP DIV haha.
It was a bit of an adjustment to say the least, but it’s one of those things that after I did it I was so mad I didn’t do it sooner. I am one of those people that just don’t deal well with change. Something as simple as switching grips is such a mindfuck lol.

I know what you mean. Is the pain and struggle of producing a epic video part worth it for you? Knocked out cold on backwards decade one time I remember you saying..
Yeah, I learned my lesson on that one. Or so I thought anyways. sometimes I get stupid and I try and just pull something without really taking the steps to learn it. I usually get hurt doing that. I wrecked my ankle really bad last year trying to get a dumb trick on this video. Now I have to get surgery so I hope I learned my lesson lol.

Yeah of course cause you are killing the momentum, jumping to one foot, as opposed to two foot landing, you are dedicated to pushing flatland forward, what flat needs..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

"I dont get it?" Finnish clips

Great riding from the finnish crew, as well as Dez marssen, Martti Kuoopa, Matthias Dandois, worth a look.

I Don't Quite Get It PART 1/2 from Julius on Vimeo.

I Don't Quite Get It PART 2/2 from Julius on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Chris Bohm BMX Flatland project

Chris Bohm just sent me a link to one of his videos, I'm guessing some of you may have seen this, but thought this was awesome in the promotion of flatland in the community. Enjoy for those who haven't seen.

BMX Flatland Project (Children Psychiaty) from Chris Böhm on Vimeo.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Gabe Kadmiri: Gangi Clothing Co

Gangi t designs + logo, website will up from first of May.

edit by Shayne Khajehnoori.

Lyon Contest 30/31st May

Magic fruits flow rider Florent Guyennon is organising a flat contest down in Sunny Lyon...

Thursday, 19 March 2009

London Bikes: Will Redd/Scott Ditchfield.+ FU5 teaser

Neat inside sideglide pivot sideglide pivot to halfpacker at end.

FU5 Flatland Contest Teaser from daniel caruso on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Ninja spin prediction...

Based on current form, what ive seen on video, etc.. Heres my top five for Ninja spin this weekend. The ninja spin guys are already taking bets on this, should be interesting weekend, lets hope for some new tricks!!!

1- Justin Miller.
2- Martti Kuoppa.
3- Adam Kun.
4- Matthias Dandois.
5- Raphael Chiquet.

What are your predictions? Comment below..

New tricks video with Lee Musselwhite, Keelan Phillips, and Lee Wilson

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Justin Miller wins CFO Flatland Unlimited No 5 in Toronto

Pro finals
1 Justin Miller
2 Matthias Dandois
3 Shintaro Misawa
4 Dominik Nekolny
5 Dane Beardsley
6 Cory Fester
7 Jeff Desroche
8 Lachlan Cameron


1 Percy Marshall
2 JW Provost
3 Adam Pergentile
4 Adrian Furniss
5 Luke Malone
6 Bryan Huffman
7 Prasheel Gopal
8 Paul Igwe
9 Alex Porier
10 Rob Shaw

Congrats to Justin and Percy for winning their respective groups, no doubt videos up soon...

CFO Flatland Unlimited Am qualifying results Toronto, Canada

1. Jean-William Provost
2. Percy Marshall
3. Luke Malone
4. Bryan Huffman
5. Adam Pergentile
6. Alex Porier
7. Rob Shaw
8. Paul Igwe
9. Adrian Furniss
10. Prasheel Gopal

(Top ten make final)

11. Avram Moorey
12. Billy Gordon
13. Dimitri Koupyiynov
14. Josh Ducharne
15. Roy deGuzman
16. Andrew Wylie
17. Jesse Hefferon
18. Joey Kyllo
19. Will Wolffe
20. Andrew Parish
21. Nick Vaes
22. Geoff Inwood
23. Dougald Cameron
24. Steve Lapsley
25. Eugene 32t Barkley
26. Christian Boodram
27. Addison Moore

Pro today...

Friday, 13 March 2009

Keelan Phillips "Low-Kee" bikecheck

Photos and text contributed by KP.
Frame: Zion low-kee real happy with how it all turned out, I got a couple prototypes when i was testing it, gave 1 to my mate lee, and 1 to lee musselwhite, they both love them too
Bars: cirrus bars i like the higher rise and 2 peice
Grips: some crappy grips that I stole off a saracen mtb
Stem:bizhouse as it so short, I think I've had this for over 5 years now!
Wheels: khe geisha 32's, I really had my doubts about running these cuz I thought they would break, but they hold up well and really light.
Crank: khe 2 peice, simple and less bolts to do up.
Pedals: I've had the same Odyssey plastic pedals for 6 years and there still going strong!
Tyres: Comet on front, and Frequency g on back,tried one of them P lyte things other day thats pretty good too.
Seat: One of them watanabe things, its actually uncomfortable to sit on haha but doesnt wear when it scrapes the floor and its lasted a long time so its good.
Pegs: metal tantra pegs on front, plastic alchemy pegs on back, I like having the plastic 1s on the back especially when i ride indoors and my bike falls down it doesnt mess up the floor.

Tell me about your bike Keelan?-
Back in the day i used to break parts all the time, but I think(hope) i'm a little smoother these days , and once you go a bit lighter you want to go more and more lighter, so I now run 32 spoke wheels front and back, and plastic pegs on the back too,ive also got 8 inch rise cirrus bars now, I prefer the higher bars alot,some tricks feel weird when i put them on but overall I think i get a bit more bike control with higher bars, also I cant ride anything but a comet on the front, I have to have that tyre,anything else and I cant ride properly,and I change the colour every couple months,think im gonna go back to chrome plated soon, you cant beat that colour!
I noticed a few holes on your bike,influence from James White there?
Haha james bike looks stupid light, when i got my frame i had to test it and ride it hard,and i wanted it slightly lighter but still to keep the strength, so i drilled holes in the seattube, bb and headtube, to lose a bit of weight and to see if it would crack or bend under pressure (and it didnt!), so when the final frames were made, we could make the seatube , bb and headtube slightly thinner and lighter knowing the strength is still there.

I know you've always like the straight tubed frame and 2 piece bars why is that?
I'm not saying i dont like bendy or cross tubes frames, i just like my bike to look normal! bmx back the day was simple, normal looking frame and 2 peice bars, thats how i think a bmx should be, so you can differ on weight,angles lengths etc, but in no way do i feel a straight tubed frame makes riding any harder, I just prefer the look of it,and I think part of it may be down to my cousin and loads of mates are street riders,and they would take this piss.
Whats your plans for this year then?
Keep myself busy doing shows with musselwhite, keep filming new tricks, I also wanna get back into comps this year,problem is sometimes it can be expensive to get around to them, but definitely wanna go to a few this year for sure.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Flatchat with Martti Kuoppa (Part Two)

I think flat misses the day of when Martti used to wallop everyone, and you knew who won, now its so close, you know what I mean?
Please explain. So close..? My thinking is that flat misses the days when lot of guys come over to the comp to bust out in the jam circle in the practice. Many guys and always some new tricks were going on...
By close I mean, any of top guys can win, but back then, if you rode good, you clearly won. But yes jam circles or more maybe just sessions are sorely missed..
Hmm, never thought of it that way...
Why is that?
Soul of flatland is confused at this time.
Which is interesting, because hardly any money in it at the mo, should be more artistic than ever.
Maybe we need totally intense back Martti haha.
True. But also, the level has been raised pretty high. Chase, Kev and few others raised it high long time ago. So many tricks, difficult tricks have been done and it just gets more difficult to be original, so that’s a small issue I believe.
That’s very true, also the reason why contests are so close now...
What was the last contest you went away satisfied with how you rode?
Last time I was in a good shape was 2007 KOG finals. I rode really well in practice, non stop freestyle without any mistakes. But then at the comp, not so good.
I cannot remember. That must be year 2002 x games or the worlds
Hehe. I got a breakdown after the x games 2003, because I repeated too many before I went there and ended up getting the last place. Osaka 2005 or 2006 either year
That you rode well?
But the organization of the comp didn’t allow me to go to the next round, because they had to make the sponsors of the comp happy. I rode well in the battle against York. But I lost it. And lot of people in the crowd were booing on the judgment.
Yeah. I was bit bitter afterwards to hear the reason for it but I tried to understand.
And do you understand, or will always be one of those things that bugs you?
I just haven’t been able to focus on repeating the combos after 2003. I have been repeating switches but not combos. So, how I freestyle is that I have to have most of the switches under my control and then I just link them together how I feel like it. It is definitely more interesting that combo riding. I hate set combos more than anything.I love and hate riding.
The craziest relation ship of my life has been to a piece of metal. Love and hate. Very extremes..Hehe.

KGB Martti Kuoppa Freestyle 2007 Japan from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

I can understand you changing your style, after everything that’s happened. Its a love hate relationship. So many highs and lows.
I have been going through a lot regarding this issue and it is not an easy thing to handle. But I am working on it all the time and digesting slowly what, why, how and where...
But it’s also been the best relationship of my life the only one that lasts, hehe.
I cant even imagine Martti, for a rider such as yourself that’s paved the way. I don't think a lot off riders understand the work ethic that goes into being that rider at the top
I cannot get rid of it no matter how much I want sometimes.
Still have a big urge to compete?
It come and goes. Really depends on my mood of day. As I have told before that I got really sick physically because of stressing about the comps I cannot really go into that mindset. Just because the physical sickness gets me down, or it can get me down. I have to be easy on my thoughts, relax, and work on a lot how to relax.
Yeah, you looked like you had a lot of fun in the best trick last year at masters?
Hmmm. probably still drunk. shit.. damn, but yeah, it was fun.
I know a lot of people were stoked when you casually dropped that blender
They just need to do something about the floor at the masters. First it is good then the contest day it is so dusty that it is difficult to do a funky chicken there as far as scuffing goes.Hehe. Legendary blender. which wasn’t named by blender by me.
That is a name from Mark Losey. I named it the spinning unicycle in the first place.
Interesting, yeah blender was originally spinning steamroller from Ross Smith,long time ago.
Effraim flat anorak comes out ha-ha
Some flatland knowledge that no one knows about, whaaaaaaattttt???
Like Nerd that I know that

I thought that original blender was x footed circle K.
Was that one to, so many same names for tricks.
What are your plans for this year?
Whats going on with kgb?

Right now everything seems to be open.
And your working in bike shop? is that full time? KGB parts in there?
I told my sponsor end of last year that I won´t be competing and they cut off my budget. Then I change my mind and I told them okay, I will do 5 -7 comps. So right now they are thinking about it and so on.
That Red Bull?
Yeah, right now I am working. Not sure how long I will be working there, but I am sort of searching what to do when I grow up, hehe. I take things as they come to me. I am just being patient to see. Of course I would like to continue pro life as a flatlander but only if my sponsors are supporting me enough to get by in that world. if not, then I just do something else to get the food on the table. as simple as I can express it.
Yeah true enough, So right now I am open to anything. work, riding, move out from Finland,. Maybe I move to Tenerife and rent some beach chairs and sell ice cream on the beach.
See yourself down in Madrid with Viki?
That’s one possibility.
Ok Martti lets close this we could talk for days already been hour and a half, with couple of light hearted favourite lists
Five people you'd love to start competing again?
What do you mean? Five people I would like to see competing again?
Oh and one question I forgot, many riders over the years pop in a tape of you to get motivation, what do you look at?
I look at smart moves. Not necessarily difficulty, but I admire smartness in moves. Like afterwards you think like "why the hell I didn’t think of that because it is easy and it is just right there" that is purity of originality
Andrew Faris
Day Smith
You mentioned about jam circles, sessions back in the day, got me thinking about old faces, seemed to be lot more mutual respect back then…
Jason Brown
Trevor Meyer
Edgar Placencia.
Interesting list, lot of respect for the old guard.
Drinks of choice Martti, top five?
Straight Whisky no rocks
Whisky with cola
Cherry vodka.
any final thanks martti
Hey. Thanks again Effraim!! Talk to you later!
Thanks to all the riders out there showing your support to the pro riders and others. Thanks to good people and everyone who ever gave me the helping hand on the way!!Yes. Indeed!
Thanks for the continued inspiration since 96!!


Lil clip from Martti on Jason Brown's "5 combos" video.

Flatchat with Martti Kuoppa (Part One)

Since 1996 Martti Kuoppa has helped progress modern day flatland more than pretty much any other rider both in contest riding, and infamous video parts on the intrikat videos, solo dvds (moments), and Impulsivity (the new kgb video). How does someone who contributes so much to the sport handle the high and lows, how can Martti match what hes doing on video? , I wanted to ask Martti about the struggles, to dig beneath the surface of a flatland genius. This is the first part of two part flatchat, enjoy.

So Martti the kgb video came out a while back, and you reached yet another level, how do you find it starting to ride again after dropping such a banging video?
What happened with that project was that I went to Thailand and I filmed my new stuff there. Then right after I went to Madrid to film all the whiplashes because it was already winter in Helsinki. So, I finished whiplashes and went home and started waiting Viki to finish his stuff. So basically I put that material aside, tried to be satisfied and continue riding. Then the video just came out like 3 months ago to my house and I have watched it only 3 times so far...
Just for the fact that yes, right now as it is winter and I cannot ride as much as I would like to I cannot top that level, or even think about it...
Were you happy with how it turned out?
Yes. Only trick I am bummed is that hitchhiker flip that I don´t continue rolling, but that is my next goal. I will pull it with a nice roll.
Yeah, thats gotta be so tough. I would imagine a lot of takes just for that one?
About 1500. With the video parts and everything regarding my riding I got to push myself a little to be satisfied. Otherwise, I just keep thinking I could do it better and better. But I have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise I loose my mind and it´s been pretty damn close to that already.
Haha, just a few. Would you say you have to be obsessive about flatland to be great at it?I mean you have put so much into flatland, I remember when I first saw you in Koln 96
I don´t suggest to be obsessive person. Flatland and the repeats of tricks made me obsessive person and it affects my life sometimes..13 years went very fast Effraim...Damn
Since 96 you have contributed so much, both with videos and contest riding, more than any other rider I’d suggest, now you help run a company, but its far from glamorous life, that must be hard..
Yeah. It is not like a real superstar athlete in flatland. But, I chose my way, I had faith into flatland and passion. I chose to live flatland life which gives sometimes some problems, but also it gave me many good experiences.
I always remember that time in Raliegh NC when you went out filming so early right after landing, you filmed almost whole part with Chad (Infinite pieces), I think those were the best days of flat, by that I mean, flat was highly progressive, and the riders earnt decent with x games and stuff..
And I went to ride and pull all my tricks 5 o´clock in the morning before to catch up the 8 o´clock flight to America. Obsessions... But yeah, I do miss those days somehow..

I guess you had something to prove back then.
What’s the motivation now when you proved everything?

Yeah. I wanted to see where I can go with my skills, it varies. I am scared to catch that obsessive way of thinking of repeats. I simply cannot repeat my tricks, or try to make them super dialed, because then I just feel like leaving my spot.
I can imagine that! Watching the kgb dvd gave me the feeeling that "this is whats been mising from flat for last few years"…
So those crazy days at the comps for me was a prove. I prove that with enough of repeats in hard circumstanses I can be very consistent rider with difficult tricks. I don´t want to prove it again, plus, young Martti was more flexible. Haha.
Yes i remember so many crazy reflex saves you made over the years..
But the old Martti is more flexible in the head.Will power..
It is about how much you really want to pull it off. You have to really believe in back of your mind that you can stay on your bike no matter what even you are about to crash.
You can make pretty nice saves with that attitude, maybe that kind of riding don´t look so stylish, but what counts, pull the trick or not.

KGB Martti Kuoppa Freestyle 2007 Thailand 2 from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

That hang five no hands jump to crackpacker springs to mind.Determination to make it happen
That is the best trick of my life, ever, I would say..
I want to see someone pulling that one off or give it a try, hehe sorry for my cocky attitude..
There’s that guy in France (mika), but he’s in doing it in circle, slightly different technique, still awesome though!
Yours was pretty much straight i'd suggest thats much harder.

damn hehe
Even still that trick for the most part has been untouched for years, that must be satisfying..
But actually, I wouldn’t say it is the best trick of mine. All the tricks are different and therefore it is stupid to compare. They are difficult on their own way.
Years on, that’s still a video trick, I dont see anyone dropping that in a contest.
Sure, That was year 2000.
Amazing, on the green quamen, some have called that your most creative period?
For me the best trick I have seen in flatland in general is Chases double brakeless rolaid.
2000 - 2002 I believe that I came up with new style.
Yes I did some good money. fast come fast go..
Much partying back then?
Too many stupid things in my life, I guess it all started around those times. Afterwards I understand why and so on, but I don’t regret a thing. It’s my artistic side that is in control for many of my actions.
That’s awesome. I guess also when you won the worlds in Köln, that must have been a highlight
I blame on that. hehe
I remember you saying you wanted the world title
That was. I am still proud to say that I have won the world champion title. Which I will again this year in Köln. Hehe.
I sense your joking, but I think you could, depends on your mindset..
True. Half of me is joking and half of me is thinking, hmmm, 5 more months is enough to get in good shape with tricks. And I know that I don’t necessarily need to learn any new tricks, because I can open the suitcase of tricks I already have and choose the good ones and dial them in.

(more flatchat to follow tommorrow)

Flatland at Nass 2009 is off!

Due to the clash of dates with the Worlds in Koln (July11-12), this year the organisers have taken decision to drop flatland from the events happening that weekend in Shepton Mallet. (Was a great contest last year-if lil small on turnout). There is a chance of some other event later in the year, but thats way off yet, will keep you posted. See you at the Worlds!

NASS 08 AM BMX FLATLAND from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

NASS 08 PRO BMX FLATLAND from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Flatland basics: with Chad Degroot, Day Smith

Just found this on the snafu website, good how to video for beginners (lil old if anything), somewhat bizarrely kickflip steamroller is on there :).
Beginners enjoy, get motivated, get out there trying!! Any beginners reading this comment back on what you thought of the video, is this kind of video helpful or not?

Saturday, 7 March 2009

James White KHE Paris 1 bikecheck

My bike. My escape, My release, My everything......well almost! Sadly it's comes way down on the list of priorities these days. But it's still my favourite possession in life by far!
This is my favourite bike I've ever had. I've been running more or less the same set up for a few years now and not looking to change anything. In fact I'm starting to look around for replacements of parts that are now obsolete.

Frame: Paris 1. Currently sporting a Rustic look for the spring time! What can I say!! Bought it when it first came out..hacked great chunks out of it (coz i'm lightweight freak) and it's still going strong!! I ain't about to blow KHE off or anything but credit where credit is due. They've been with us from the start and their still pushing it.

Forks: Inertia. Shame this company stopped, it was kinda what I wanted London bikes to be all about. Clean, simple and light. I've cut the dropouts out a bit so the wheel sits further up and made holes in the steerer tube and trimmed off other bits and pieces...okay I know I'm obsessed with my lightweight problem, but I'm going to rehab with Sam Foakes who's bike is obese.....Bike like owner I hear someone say...stop it!!!

Rims: Sun CR18. These are light double walled and thin, they make my tyres look like 1.5's and I think thinner tyres is the way forward. Tempted to try comet 1.35's. Anyway had these rims for a couple of years with no probs 10/10.

Spokes: Double butted 13g-14g. Again had these for a couple of years and not snapped one. Had titanium ones before and would snap some every sesh. Alloy nipples in all colours. That's how I roll baby!!!

Front Hub : Proper the first one with a magnesium shell and ti axle. One of the lightest hubs. Surprise surprise!!

Rear Hub: Ares the first one. It took a bit tweaking but it's been running fine for about a year now with no probs. I ground down the sprocket to accept the thinner chains and a few bits inside, changed a nut or two for alloy ones all to satisfy my need for a lightweight bike. Yes I do keep an eye out for those men in white coats!

Tyres: KHE Mac1's.. great tyre just too god damn expensive for a man with three kids a wife and huge mortgage!!

Inner tubes: KHE Front. Decathlon prestor vaule rear. No particular reason!

Brakes: Get real....Why would you want to stop or slow the flow???

Seat/post: Onzo bmx mini race seat. This is light as light can be, makes all the difference!!!! the seat post is samller diaimiter than regulaur 22.2 I think so I had to make a shim. Comes with the post glued in the seat. I put a seat clamp over it to strengthon. Probably wouldn't recomend it to anyone but i'm happy with it and it's holding up. But then i am the smoothest son of a bitch in the world...yeah baby, I'm the god father of this shit!!!

Seat clamp: Proper...why? It looked light thats why, got a problem with that!

Stem: Biz house with ti bolts and holes. What?

Bars: Suelo - Nice up sweep, No back sweep, look like two piece bars, just how I like them. I think this is my third pair..oh and there light!

Grips: KHE lock-on. Lock-on my arse I had to glue these puppies on, I like the feel though!!

Headset: half Federal half Kink. Can't remember why.

Crank: Old profile bmx mini crank. Bought for a fiver off ebay. Love it! 10 speed ti bottom bracket/axle 168grams of lightweight bliss!

Chain: KMC 10 speed racing chain. hollow pins, inside and outside slotted plates. the lightest chain i could afford!!!

Pegs: Ares, the news ones. Plastic, light and thin in diameter. So far so good. I like to stand on them and try and do tricks.

Pedals: MKS Comfort lite. There meant for hybrids and stuff. There compact and light (of course). I like e'm simple as that!

Big BMX Bicep: optional but recommended. Big muscle + light-bike = Control baby and thats how I roll.

There you have it, the lightest Flatland bike in the world. Check the Guinness book of records if you don't believe me!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sam Foakes talks about his signature Zion frame!

intro and interview:EC
photos: Abigail Taylor

Where do I start this intro? Without rambling for hours... I've known Sam now for 11 years now, I've seen him grow from a lil kid doing one handed funky chickens in my local underground to accelerating through mind boggling combos under the most heated contest pressure in japan, throughout this time, one thing has remained constant. His love for riding. And the desire to push his riding. Without further a due, lets get this started...

Jaffa hows it going? What have you been up to?

Good thanks. I have recently moved to Manchester to work for British Cycling as a Go Ride BMX coach. It is all about developing the sport at grass roots level, going into schools and council sessions to promote Manchester BMX club and coach riders BMX skills both in the schools and on the BMX track. For me it is a great opportunity to work with the best cycling organisation in the world, and develop the sport of BMX. It isn’t flatland, but it is nice that I have an opportunity to work in a similar area. It ties together my Sports Science and Physics Degree with my passion for BMX. I am really happy at the moment and am enjoying my new lifestyle a lot.

How have you found the move from KGB to Zion? I know you look up to Martti a lot..
It was a tough decision. As I have said before it was always a dream of mine to ride for KGB, and I am really proud that I have had a chance to represent Martti and Viki for 2 years.Martti is the best Flatlander of all time in my opinion. He dominated flatland both in contests and in videos for years. Even right now the KGB vid is ground breaking. I don't know anyone in this generation who is as far ahead of everyone else as he was. I also don't know anyone who managed to win all the comps whilst still being so hugely progressive and innovative. I do look up to both Martti and Viki a lot and view them as friends and this made my decision hard. The reason I have moved to Zion is that Mislav has offered me a fantastic opportunity to design the bike that I have always wanted. I think the quality and engineering of Zion great and I also really like Mislav. These factors seemed to offer me a new opportunity that I really wanted to pursue. It was not a quick or easy decision though. A massive thanks to Martti and Viki for their support.

So I guess you know this interview is “focussed” (haha sorry Sam couldn’t resist) on your frame, firstly tell me about the bent tubes on the front end, they are very specific in their construction?
Absolutely. I wanted simplicity, but couldn’t ignore function. Whiplash type tricks are an important part of my riding so I looked at where the foot steps over the frame, this is why there is a slightly tighter bend at the front of the top tube. It isn’t drastic and it isn’t the lowest frame on the market, but it has room in the right area for whiplashes. The down tube is smoothly bent, again, I like to be tight in when doing halfpackers so felt room was important in this area. The tubes do not touch, because we wanted to avoid excessive welding which often makes frames brittle. This is also why you do not see any multiple welds and gussets in the front end like many frames.

The seat tube angle is kicked back, it’s perfect for slotting into cliffhangers?
Seat tube angle is a feature I am happy with. It is kicked back by a degree to most standard frames. This is because I like to be locked into cliffhangers, it has also proved more comfortable slotting in and out of them too...It really helps

You’ve previously always rode shorter top tube frames why change?
Space. Again I guess it was whiplash focused, more room to whiplash. It has turned out to be a really comfortable frame for a lot of other tricks too. I’d also like to point out, although it is longer, it doesn’t feel massive, it actually feels nice and easy to manipulate.

I'd second that...The back end is super short, why did you choose that?
Backwheel combos. The overall wheelbase is really similar to the superpower. This makes deathtruck type combos a lot more comfortable. It also spins really nice and tight on the backwheel. It might be one of the specs to come under review, maybe add a tiny bit of length to balance out the frame a little. Whether that happens or not, the back end will still be tight for the reasons mentioned above.

14mm dropouts, you’ve always had to cut out your frames, must be nice to just slot that 14mm axle in there now? What about the guys who run 10mm like me haha
The 14mm dropouts might seem a bit strange but I have always run 14mm hubs front and back. 10mm axles don't hold up for me and I hate breaking them. This has meant every frame that I have has needed its dropouts filed, and to be honest I was sick of it. The frame will come with 14mm to 10mm adapters as I understand not everyone runs 14mm. This should make the frame friendly to everyone.

I’ve been riding the mid version for about a week now, I find the front end really comfortable and stable on whiplash stuff…
That is exactly how I have found my frame. Whiplashes seem that bit more stable and I feel like I have room to move. Really happy with it in that area

What about the weight, I know the weight of bike helps your current non pumping style, the prototypes have come out lighter than you expected right?
The weight obsession in flat puzzles me a bit. Momentum is such a key factor in all flatland. For the last 6 months I have been trying to minimise pumping through using the weight during turbines and whips to generate momentum. You can only do this on a frame that has some weight behind it. The weight actually makes riding easier. I am currently riding the 4.58 frame and to be honest, I am thinking of taking the weight up a bit, maybe get it close to 5lbs. I really don’t think it will be detrimental, only beneficial. Also, weight distribution is key to this frame. We are testing three types of tubing to see which gives the most stable and steady responses. Extra weight through a whole frame doesn’t tend to make a bike feel that heavy. It tends to be heavy components, like a back wheel or cranks for example.

Did you find it strange people almost expected you to reinvent the wheel with your frame design? I guess that’s a compliment towards your riding being original.
I was a little surprised that people were critical of it being ‘un original’. We had to way up things. The double triangle frame is tried and tested and the force flow diagrams work. Crossed tubes and unique looking welds and gussets can have forces running into one another. Trying to come up with something completely unique broke away from one key function of the frame which is strength. The bent tubes are gentle and smooth and do differ from the frames it has been compared to. Aesthetically, I am super happy with the frame and also think it is unique – perhaps not revolutionary, but it does have it’s own characteristics.

Lets talk about the colours of the frame, very strong colours, why did you pick those colours?
Because they look amazing. The paint on these frames is a little more expensive than most standard frames. I wanted a dark colour - the dark blue, a medium colour - the dark red and a light colour - sparkling silver (star platinum haha). (editors note: Sam's Cliffhanger stall is referred to as Star Platinum in Japan- a cartoon character who has the ability to stop time) The paint jobs are really deep and sparkle. Personally, it is something I always wanted.

Whys it called the Focus?
Well there are a few reasons. In Japan, people call me Sam Foak uss, even when I explain it is Foakes haha.
The other reason is the obvious reason that you need to focus to ride flat and my name is Foakes, so it seemed like a good idea.

You’ve mentioned a few times, about your plans for some online videos, you’ve never really had your own section to date? Must be a hard void to fill after such a successful year last year?
A lot of video footage of me has been from contests or from general riding sessions. I have never really taken the time to write down combos and work on a video part. There is quite a lot of stuff I have done that I haven't yet filmed so I guess that will be my starting point. As far as it being a hard void to fill, I think it will be. Last year I could 5 in a row some really hard stuff so stepping it up for a video is going to be a real challenge, but it should be fun. I also think it would be nice to cover a lot of tricks whether new or old because I have never really had a chance to do that in a section. I would like to cover a few things. Backwheel, backwards, turbines, stalls and whiplashes. I'm also thinking about having numbers as a theme. Not exactly sure what I'll do but it'll be gradual.

Your not competing this year, how do you intend to promote the frame?
My main focus at the moment is to develop my long term prospects in my career, so I think promoting the frame is going to be tricky to juggle. There is no way I can compete this year. I had to ride so hard last year to achieve what I did and I simply cannot maintain that at the moment. I have had a good break from flat since Japan last October and am slowly getting back into it on a recreational level. I am hoping to promote the frame by doing some web videos, hopefully a series. This way I can film when I can despite my progress slowing down a lot in last 6 months. I also hope people will like the product and want to buy it. I think when people see it, they will like it all the more .

Thanks for your time Jaffa, hope to see you busting out soon.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Flat chat with Erik Otto (Part Two)

Lets get back on track.So you mentioned before you got some really old footage of Chase and Kevin from Bryan Huffman, whens that all going online?
Ah, the old footage. Yeah I have to edit that one soon. I want to be able to give Brian his tape back by the York Jam. It has some classic stuff. There was a contest here in 93 with Dennis McCoy, Gabe Weed, Chase Gouin and more. For Chase fans, this stuff is a goldmine. There is one part where Chase is practicing inside of a skatepark in the flat section between some ramps and this little kid is bombing around on his bike messing him up. It's hilarious.

That in Pennsylvania?
Yup, Shimersville I believe
Yeah yeah I’ve seen that.
Awesome I look forward 2 seeing your edit though, what are your top 5 web edits Erik? You must look at them differently being a filmer/editor.
I watch everyones stuff. I love to see what everyone is doing. Top 5, hmm well I would have to say the Sevisual with Matthias and Adam Kun rules. That is one I would pay for. I always loved Lee Musselwhite's Inertia promo with Radiohead, that was killer. The Cory Fester part in the Global-Flat Edmonton 2007 was insanely good. I love my boys from Texas so I always see what Rad Dad Mark Dandridge is doing with BMX

Yeah, everyone loves Rad dad.
He may be the nicest guy I have ever met.

Even more the us lovely english folk haha
I would love to see more of the UK represented at Voodoo. I have been wanting to meet Keelan and Lee for a while. Met Sam last year, he's a great guy. I am stoked that Paul Chamberlain is coming to the York Jam this year.
Is he?
Yup, from his own mouth.
Haha nice. I guess everyone wants to meet Kevin, he’s one of only guys I’ve never met..
Kevin sorta stays away from the limelight. He rides but the jam isn't like it used to be where everyone wants to see him ride. Everyone goes now to commiserate and have fun. Kevin and the York crew will be there riding just like any other Saturday. Kevin is a new daddy. That is hot off the press.

Awesome, lets wrap this up Erik, we could talk for hours, let me give you a choice of 5 riders to film with, who would they be and why?
Wow, hmm. I would love to film the guys that we never see that much of anymore. I would love to film with Jeff DesRoche, Lee Musselwhite, Paul Osicka, Trevor Meyer and of course Mr. Jones.

I forgot to ask, what camera equipment do you use?
My gear, I use a Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera as my primary and shoot stills with my Canon Digital Rebel 850xt. I love them both.

Any final shoutouts?
I would love to thank Kevin Jones, Steph Cerra, Tony Strickler, Aaron Frost, The Austin Texas crew, The York PA crew, my man Alain Massabova from Cream and the Frenchmen. Last but not least my boys Scott O'Brien and Terry Adams. They are like my extended southern family.

Thanks for your time Erik.
Anytime. You know me, we could do this everyday, ha ha.

We probably could yeah.

(end of flatchat)

Erik's latest edit "Flatland soldiers".

Two Flatland Soldiers from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Erik's Vimeo channel

Flat chat with Erik Otto (Part One)

Flat chat is a new section to flatmatters, which is literally what it says on the title. This first edition topic of chat is Erik Otto and his "online videos", I met Erik last year at the Voodoo jam, totally rad humble guy. Who doesnt mind being asked loads of annoying questions about Kevin Jones. Without further a due, lets gets started...

Tell me about Monolithic Erik what’s that all about?
Well I guess Monolithic was created to ultimately be a consortium of artists working and collaborating together on different projects. I have a film background and I have always loved riding so the two came together.
The name is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the monolith being the symbol of the next step in evolution.

Lil bit of thought gone into the name then, the Voodoo pre jam video is one of my favourite web edits..
Thanks man. That was a great night. I love the Voodoo Jam. New Orleans will always have a special place in my heart.

Yeah, you liking Bourbon street huh?
What's not to like! ha ha. I have had some funny experiences there, that could be a separate interview. Let's just say that Aaron Frost and I have had a good time. He is the little devil on your shoulder.

I would never have thought that.
Oh and seeing Tony Strickler getting kicked out of a bar on Bourbon street, not an easy task. It is always a good time. Love the vibe, the food, everything.

I see you just set up the monolithic channel on Vimeo

Yes, that is the best way to see my video's in HD. My site needs to be updated badly. I have an entirely redesigned site in flash that I will have up by the spring time.
Vimeo is a great tool for connecting with riders and other artist out there.
I have some stuff that hasn't been seen before from Texas and also from Voodoo. I have some things I shot here in Pennsylvania.

I guess that links to my next question, Looking at your vids they are pretty much contest footage based, any plans to get outside of that?
Absolutely. There is only so much you can do with contest footage. I think I have done as good a job with the contest footage as I can do. When I first started Monolithic, I put out 4 contest based DVD's in the first 2 years and even though the quality was there, people just don't buy contest DVDs. So I made the decision to just put up web videos that can help expose flatland to more people and get people stoked on coming out to events. I will be filming for a Pennsylvania Flatland scene DVD this spring.

Do flatland videos really sell Erik?
There is no money in flatland, ha ha. It all comes down to distribution. Bobby Carter can sell a lot more DVD's than the rest of us and even he has problems covering his own expenses. I can tell you this, not one flatland filmmaker is in this for profits. We do it because we love it and want to give back.
I mean it would be nice to have some travel expenses paid for, but no one is looking for more than that really

I was talking to Martti online yesterday and he now works in a bike shop full time, your talking about one of the best riders of all time, and he can't make a living off of flat, he’s just released one of the best videos ever.
Tell me about it. it's really sad.
That is really.
That is a very big reason that I am doing this now. I had about a 9 year stretch where I was out of the scene from like 95 to 04 and when I came back the first thing I did was walk into a local bike shop and asked them who rode flatland in the area and they looked at me like I was from mars. They had barely heard of it. At that moment I knew I had to do something to get flatland back into the collective consciousness of kids.
Yeah, the magazines seem to be totally oblivous to how flatland is part of bmx
That infuriates me. Don't get me wrong, I follow and respect street riding as much as anyone but the fact that flatland can't even get one page of coverage is an outrage in my opinion.

Yeah its bums me out, I’m over it though. I guess flatmattersonline wouldn’t have started but for Ride UK pulling the plug on that page.
Yeah, that was very disappointing. I was also said when Brian Tunney told me that they were dropping flat from DIG. At least we still have Cream. I am very proud to have contributed to that fine magazine.

Yes, I've used this video once before, but so what? Watch again. Voodoo jam pre edit

Voodoo Pre Jam 2008 from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

New Og Caramel 3's

I just put these new OG caramel 3's on my bike yesterday, off for first session on them after I post this.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cream 32 out now!

Cream 32 is out now, the march/april edition is 20 pages strong in flatland coverage.

The tone for this issue is set in the editorial by Alain Massabova. To cut the editorial short, a street wear brand no longer wants to communicate in Cream any more, translate communicate for advertise...

I personally couldn’t agree more with Alains editorial, Bmx is already small enough as it is, segregating flat doesn’t make any sense, especially when its influencing other forms of bmx so much.
Let me also say that the 20 pages off flat in this issue is hardly too much, fits in nicely!

So whats in this issue (bare in mind im only covering the flat!)

-Columbia to Panama, nice diary type story of Raphael’s trip, some great shots of young kids busting out on ghetto bikes.

- Great interview by Matthias with Michael Machard, aka Mika, you may know this guy who did the Martti hang five jump to crackpacker, really insightful interview, that discusses his lifestyle, motivation for riding, the paris scene, and of course the hang five jump to crackpacker. Probably the best article in this issue.

- Photography Portfolio of Tomas Olajos, couple of nice shots of Adam Kun in scenic locations.

- The Japanese influence continues this issue with Kotaro Tanaka, and Akira Okamura, amazing shots from Green G.

La Gazette this issue has coverage of the Revolcon contest in mexico, Whos next exhibition in paris showing the work of Cream magazine.

- The Long beach jam gets a page, nice shots of Puente, and Chad busting..

And that’s the flatland coverage this issue, go and buy the best magazine for flat, show support.

New Blood: Andrew Hale (aka Sagaris)

New riders are few and far between in the UK right now, I met Andrew at the Tgm jam last year, he had progressed a lot from the previous year, 360 bike pivots to two footed dump truck, and some nice halfpacker switches, new talent is really good to see, his latest video on globalflat shows a bizarre jump in the level of riding, I asked him a few questions to find out more.

How long have you been riding for?
I've been riding about 4-5 years.

How did you get into flatland?
After buying a Hoffman street bike, I couldn't be bothered to ride to East Grinstead skatepark each time I wanted to ride ramps so I started riding flat in my front drive after stumbling across That site is basically the whole reason I started. A year later I got a DK Signal and just kept riding!

We dont see you at many events, last i can recall was the TGM jam, do you plan on hitting a few more events anytime soon?
Music and my A levels take up alot of my time at the moment, so flat is taking a backseat for a bit even though I like to find an hour or so a day to ride. I haven't really thought about competing and in the past I've had clashing dates from work etc. In summer I'll be out and about more though.

Your video has a really bizarre jump in level of tricks, from hang nothings up to realy tech switches such as 360 bike pivot to two footed dump truck for example? Was that an intentional thing, to show basics as well?
I didn't think of my riding in terms of basic and tech really, I progress faster in some areas than others, the main backwheel pivot I do at the moment was dialed in a week or so, but I can't even do Hitchhikers after years of trying!

Thanks for your time Andrew, keep at it!!