Monday, 31 August 2009

Martti Kuoppa is busting!!!

Great edit here from Martti, check the high speed steam kickflip to crack,multiple kickflips steams, brakeless g strings... theres so much hard stuff from the big man on this edit im pumped!! (whispers) groundtactics!!! f yeah martti!!! time to go riding!!! im pumped!!!

Flatland gathering in Brighton

Yesterday on a moody bank holiday weekend about 20 of the Uk flatland community headed down to Brighton seafront, for a day at the seaside and chilled riding day. Some new faces, and of course some old. Heres a few photos from the day.

Level 3- Dominik Nekolny

Dom's at it again!! The sequence continues, Normal level!! Great stuff!!

DOMMODe - Level 03 from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Martti Kuoppa foolin around

New edit from Martti messing around, rolaid from pedals is nuts!!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Akira Okamura mixed Soul 53 part/Same thing daily rider list announced

Nice mix of Street and Flat from Akira Okamura...

Dane Beardsley just announced the rider list for STD2, Akira section on there, Shintaro, Dane, Markus Redlberger, Sebastien Grubinger, as well as the rest which are normal cast now. Look forward to this...

Flatmatters on Groundtactics!!

This week belongs to Martti Kuoppa, creating a site for you the rider, this is not about him, but about you. Yours truly has been given my own thread on there, which im really stoked on! Get involved, ask questions, and gain feedback, get motivated, below is the link to the forum.

And for now heres now of martti's bangers from his solo dvd "moments"..

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fade to Brown: Durbano & Tagi re-edit from Intrikat's classic Background video

Chad Johnston @ Intrikat just sent this re-edit by Adrian Furniss in, Durbano and Tagi from Intrikat's background.

Fade to Brown/// from Adrian Furniss on Vimeo.

Matthias Dandois in Paris

Short video just found, in related news Matthias is in Hungary filming with Sevisual Tom and Adam Kun, so look for the annual summer video sometime soon! Foir noe enjoy this mellow video...

Matthias bmx flat in paris from teddy morellec on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Martti Kuoppa launches the Groundtactics online video contest website!!

Martti Kuoppa is a leader. Years ago in a magazine, I think it was Ride uk, I called him the leader of the new school, the name has stuck, but this guy leads more than just the riding, now he gives something back, and gives others the chance to shine, ask yourself a question? What is flatland about? What got you into it? What are the best feelings about it? Time and time again, I hear people say the "creative process" of coming up with something thats your own, and capturing it. You could be that rider, out there and without knowing it inspire many others. Its the creative riders that stand out from the pack.

Heres what Martti had to say about the launch:
"I really want to my best to support the younger riders out there. I want to show them the right way which I understood a long time after my crazy years in success. It is not always easy to be in the spotlight, and thats why I want to show the younger generation the right positive way to handle things. (edit) Riders be greatful for what you have now.Also show some respect and learn some new styles/tricks. We are out here just to help you out, not to profit.Let's go together to the next level of flatland, and save the whole thing!! Thanks!! "

Check the site, which looks dialled!!! Bios from Marrti, Viki and Chad. Look under competition to see what we are looking for!!
Get riding, get creative!! Im psyched on this!!

One of my favourite videos of Martti, training before COB in Tokyo japan 07.

KGB Martti Kuoppa Freestyle 2007 Japan from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

Simon O'Brien in Servon (Agoride vid)

From a few years back, but some tidy combos nevertheless. Simon's solo vid still stands the test off time, one of the best yet...

Flatlanders facebook!

I just came across this site late last night, I havent seen anyone talking about anywhere, the sites been done by Andy Johnson, a flatlanders facebook website,tons of updates, videos, old school heads and new school heads, great concept!!

Rad Dad's just added Voodoo qualifying to the site....enjoy...

Voodoo Jam 2009 Pro Qualification Highlights from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pralex web vid, part one!

These guys have a lot of fun wherever they go? Can you ask for more?

Pralex Spring/Summer Web Edit Part One from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

TGM Jam + Brighton get together this weekend!!

This weekend Phil Dolan is organising a flatland jam at the the infamous TGM spot in West Norwood on Saturday, and on the Sunday, everyone is making it down the seaside in Brighton. Old farts get together, etc etc, just found this video of Phil and James at James' infamous Level Vibes jam, enjoy this! Get down the mile or brighton this weekend, support the scene!

Level Vibes 3 from brian on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Bmxboze Izu jam edit

Thanks to taku sending this in, great footage of Taku busting out for his third place, and also Yuki, and of course Moto looks silky smooth to take the win! Enjoy this!

Chad Degroot commercial on decobmx

Chad is awesome, had lot of fun hanging out with this guy when we were both on Haro, enjoy this!!

Chad DeGroot commercial on from Chad DeGroot on Vimeo.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Dominik Nekolny Level 2

Two edits in one week! Heres Level 2, more to come, great stuff!!!

DOMMODe - Level 02 from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

Moto Sasaki wins the IZU jam in Sizuoka

1st moto sasaki( suelo)
2nd yuki takeuti(otokogi bikes)
3rd takuji kasahara

There were two class, high and low, 24 riders in high class. Big props to Taku, getting third!!!

BBQ jam in Kariya

Nice Miura combo at about 2;58, worth a look....Style for miles!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Kotaro Arai - the epiphany

Saw this guy ride at the KOG finals last year, unique style, crazy jumplashes variations, and even crazier edit! What do you think?

Kotaro Arai - the epiphany from FuckFlatlandEntertainment on Vimeo.

Keisuke Matsumoto killer back wheel style at FG 07

Every year a japanese contingent make their way over to europe, and kill the contests, Keisuke was over in 07, we shared dorms at the gypsy games 07, rode loads there, and then made the trip to amsterdam, this guy brings his own flava to the backwheel, enjoy!!

Matthias Dandois' flawless run from FG 06

Flatground vids from agoride

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Geoff Rowley in Southsea

Anyone who knows me, will know I am a big skateboard fan, so when Geoff Rowley cruised past the skatepark tonight I was stoked like a pro flatlander was in town, motivation for flatland comes in all shapes and forms for me. Im guessing its the same for all of you reading this, but I am stoked. I cant wait to ride tommorow. Great guy, super cool to chat to one of my favourite skateboarders.

Enjoy this flick below..

More from the Deep bmx crew-Dominik Nekolny edit

Loving the production of this edit, computer game style.
Dominik Nekolny has noticeably upped his game, loving the halfpacker pivot to xft jugglers in this edit, great riding, check this out, Marttis round the back xft hitch as well into steam even...Deepbmx are taking over currently!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

OG summer contest pictorial by Mizo.

Denes Katona is perhaps one of the most underrated riders on the planet right now, how steep is this brakeless smith?

Shane Badman in the mix, takes a break from updating his flatland australia blogspot site...

Winner of this years OG summer contest, Dominik Nekolny all crossed up...

This years venue, looks great!!!

A barefooted Waldemar Fatkin..

Sonic in the house, always stoked, always smiling, always fast...

Wouldnt be OG summer contest without the pool!!

BMX Pros Trick Team Demos 2009 Ohio State Fair

Kip Williamson just sent this in, great stuff from Trevor Meyer, Kip brings his own flava to flatland also, enjoy!

BMX Pros Trick Team Demos 2009 Ohio State Fair from MASTER BLASTER PLANET on Vimeo.

Shinde experimenting on one wheel bike

Pretty fun video, what do you think of this? Brush up your skills...

Gypsy games pictorial up on deepbmx + Barcelona trip edit

Lil' pictorial on the ever improving deepbmx site,

Founds nice edit meant to stick up before, Barcelona trip, some good footage of Mike S...

Barcelona- trip from El Poder de la Bike on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Martti Kuoppa promo vid

Remember this: TGM jam 2007

Just came across Colin Smith's great edit whilst looking for something new to post up, I know I did a homage to Colin and his videos a few months back, but seems timely to show this again. Around this time every year, normally theres a tgm jam going down, take some time to watch this if you havent seen it, Sam Foakes combo at 3:20 still has my head shaking now, double infront of bar one handed whips to pendulum, theres a good variety of riding styles on this edit, what do you all think?

Green Mile jam 2007 from colin smith on Vimeo.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Yet another bmx boze video, Tokyo Holiday 2009

TOKYO HOLIDAY 2009 in YOYOGI from BMXboze on Vimeo.

Dominik Nekolny wins OG summer contest

News just in, thanks to Robert Voller for the information, videos soon..
1. Dominik Nekolny CZ
2. Katona Dénes HU
3. Waldemar Fatkin DE
1. Szitás Gábor HU
2. Tátrai Sándor HU
3. Papp Zoltán HU
1. Szabó Gábor HU
2. Mizo BR
3. Pavel Paseka CZ

Image from

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bmx Boze Hiratsuka Beach park jam edit

Saved this vid for today, but it appears Jffe?? has beat me to it, oh dear...
Banging stuff from Moto Sasaki, Takahiro Ikeda, enjoy enjoy...

Hiratsuka Beach Park Jam 2009 -BMXboze- from BMXboze on Vimeo.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Terry Adams journey through the Voodoo jam 2009

Terry Adams sent this in yesterday, ESPN covered Terrys journey through the VJ 09, interesting!! take a look, some good insight into the battles, especially the part talking about his battle against matthias. More videos like this please!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Chase is the boss!! Part 2 of his video series!!


KGB/Intrikat Online contest

Martti and Chad are working hard to bring flatland back to what its all about, hard tricks and creation. This online contest will hopefully bring some crazy progression and push the sport to new levels and bring out some new talent for the online commuinty to see, yours truly is helping judge this, which im pretty stoked on.Let me finsih by saying this is just the start, Martti has bigger stuff planned for next year already, that will be released soon!

Dear pro rider/friend/company owner/business men,
please find on the flyer what me and Chad Johnston has been up to lately. As you can see that we really care for the future of flatland and we want to see it going to a positive direction. And what would be the best way to make things happen in a worldwide scale? Internet competition. That makes it possible for poor and rich riders all over the world to be part of it and show their skills.
As we all know the size of flatland scene pretty much then you realize that we are not after big benefits out of this project. We want to help. We want to push people to go next level and talk to their friends to get involved in flatland.
So, why I write you all this?
It is because now I am offering you a fair change to be a partner in this project. You can be involved as a sponsor with your company. You can be involved as a supporter (you get your name mentioned on our website along with a photo) or you can be just a hang around guy. We do not require oblications from you. Just if we can use your name/company name on the sponsor/supporter/friend list on our website and if you feel like donating something you can do so and the rider at the end will remember who donated.

Ok. There is one more thing I need to ask if you would like to be part of this. It is 50 EUR entry from you. The riders don´t need to pay to enter but as we all have been to the scene long time and we all have some other things going on in life besides hardcore riding only I know that all the guys can afford 50 EUR. If not, then donate smaller amount. I am cool with any donation (if you are rich, donate more and you get a special award).

But the reason to get this 50 EUROS is that we want to pay the plane ticket to the winner of this competition to a big pro competition where he/she can proove his/her skills.
I could get this plane ticket money from a bigger corporate companies but to be honest, I do not want such image for this one. This is strictly from riders to riders competition. We share good things in life.

Please e mail me your answer by 25th of august and after that date we are ready to roll and launch our own website.

I really appreciate your help in this one and hope your participance!
Best regards,


Simon O'Brien's part from Here comes the sun

Simon O 'Briens Part From Here Comes The Sun from The Hour Glass Blog on Vimeo.

James White Ninja Spin 06

Thomas Dehove sent these vids in today of Whitey busting at the Ninja spin 06, great stuff!!

james white

James White

Shane Badman New edit

As is always the way, Shane found this riding spot, just as he was about to leave Sweden, this looks so good.For once the sun was shining in Sweden, so Shane shot this video, some good new switches from Shane whos currently riding in Hungary for a month, attending to the OG games, enjoy...

Best riding spot in the world?? from Shane Badman on Vimeo.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ed Nussbaum bikecheck

It's been a while since FM did a bikecheck, so....without further delay is Ed Nussbaum's ride....

frame: sick child instrumental
bars: sick child rehab bars
stem: sequence hook 26mm, ti bolts sitting on my desk
forks: wtp eco, shaved mounts and custom powder-coat
grips: animal edwin
bar ends: wtp ti stripped and hammered on
seat: MacNeil i think
post: primo
clamp: animal
rims: primo balance
spokes: dt swiss only
front hub: proper
rear hub: nankai, profile shell
pegs: sequence majic sticks w/grip tape to hold me to the bike
tyres: primo comet 1.5
tubes: primo
cranks: profile mini magna-somethings (ti)
pedals: animal
sprocket: animal
chain: no idea

I think that sums it up, thanks to sequence, animal, the guys at tip plus and primo, profile, and east county bmx. my bike would not be this dope without your help which is very much appreciated.


Vid from 06, loving his brakeless flow..

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Yamato Cup

Yamato Cup 2009 from psychobmx on Vimeo.

Showriding with Matt Wilhelm

In keeping with the interview with trevlon hall, and grassroots flatland, noone promotes flatland quite like Matt Wilhelm, check this out, this is great for promoting flatland in schools, Matt is constantly on the road, he commentates himself, that in itself is pretty rad.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Trevlon Hall talks about the grand opening of the worlds first official flatland park!

So trevlon I guess the first question is how did the opening go? How many people showed up? How much media coverage did the opening recieve?

The opening was awesome. This was basically the layout..
1) Our National anthem.
2) Words of blessings from a Reputable Pastor in the community.
3) Video presentation with Bmx Flatland to help the audience understand more about our sport and its magnitude internationally.
4) Jesse Puente spoke about bmx flatland and infrastructure.
5) Alain Massabova Spoke about bmx flatland and infrastructure.
6) Trevlon's first Sponsor (Algico Insurance Manager - Victor Copeland) speaks to the audience on how he meet Trevlon and his growth over the years.
8) Trevlon Hall Speaks to the audience about his humble beginnings, the magnitude of the FlatPark accomplishment and his future plans for continued infrastructural development.
9) Government official cuts ribbon with Trevlon and officially declares the FlatPark open.
10) Flatland demo begins and everyone has fun until close off.

The above was basically how everything went. I designed it to be educational to the audience which consisted of corporate entities, government officials, parents, kids and enthusiast to say the least. I only catered for 200 people based on my budget and there was roughly that amount.
Every major media network in Trinidad and Tobago was on hand to cover. So although there was roughly 200 people at the opening - over 800 000 people saw it on National TV and heard positives about flatland on the radio.
My intention was to get as much people informed as possible. and Our local media did an awesome Job at it.

There is already an overwhelming increase in interest since the launch. I get phone calls and emails everyday from young people who are very interested in flatland. It's ample evidence for me to acknowledge that I am in the right direction and I will continue to build from an infrastructural stand point.

Wow, I would love to hear Jesse's speech, we you briefing Jesse and Alain, or was that totally freestyle on their behalfs?

Jesse openly said to the crowd,"Trevlon is like obama, he said yes we can..and he did it, I got Trevlon's Back". That was one of Jesse's lines. Jesse also said it's a really big thing and everyone will benefit, it's something that has never been done before on the planet.

Though Alain is French he did a very good job of getting some points across in English at the launch. Alain said," it's a dream come through and I am very happy to be a part".

I did not brief Neither Jesse or Alain, they freestyled with their words directly from heart. Both has been to many countries and respected the reality of the achievement.

I will drop a video soon with some of their lines.

Maybe a bit early to say, but since the parks opening, or even around its buzz of opening, are there many kids taking interest?

There is a far bigger interest now. With all the media and the buzz... My phone is ringing twice as much. Parents, kids and companies who want to advertise in the FlatPark. I saw the positive influx from day 1 in my visions and its happening.
I have locks on the area to keep vandalizers away from the ground. Before I opened the gates yesterday 2 kids in desperation to start flatlanding Jumped the fencing. Since the launch I am seeing new faces and faces who were there in the past returning.
I will only get bigger from here as I am planning major stuff with all my sponsors. Let me re-phase the term sponsor to investors. My projects are long term and investors are happy to be a part of projects that grow and take on brighter life.

A home adds monumental life to our sport and will generate an income which will go directly back into our sport. In other words Trevlon understands the secret of advertising & marketing. I am not here to take from flatland but to give to it. And how is that done? The Ground is situated very close to a high school and in the mist of a thriving residential community.
It's a gold mine location. Advertisers understand the power of that. My corporate & government support is growing faster and faster. I am a person of principal and great ideas. Serious Investors like organized people with projects that illustrate massive potential.

I will bring a book to flatland in the near future so others can learn some secrets. Literature is very, very important!

Anyways, There is already an amazing build up and it's only several days after....just imagine the scope in years to come as I continue to focus deeply and act passionately on infrastructure. I spend more time on infrastructure than on riding. I know that someone has too sacrifice the time for the sport to grow. As time go by the scene will mature with a proper foundation. This is how sk8Parks and Bmx Parks are thriving..they got organized and have homes that identify with their sport.

Mahatma Gandhi said it nicely, "Be the change you want to see in life". I don't like talking without serious action. I like to get things done and hang around people with great vision that get things done. I know people from their fruits and if your not bearing it's enough evidence for me to understand the tree.
If I was a contest Junkie there would be no future for the sport in Trinidad and Tobago. And my actions will benefit even beyond our little island. Contest is great, but I have gifts that will add massive life to the sport and I will continue to do what I am doing. I am in this sport for life! Time is very, very important too me so I have to spend it wisely. What you think and do most you become!
Contest is only one part of infrastructure. There are other pertinent segments that I will continue to build and after years of momentum many will see the fruits of my labor as it blossoms through reality.

Many riders came into flatland and left flatland only leaving trick concepts behind. A deeper sense of giving to our sport needs to be done - infrastructure. And as infrastructure matures... generations to come will be happy that we sacrificed with our lives. As I always say..everyone has different gifts and will bring different gifts to flatland. I will sacrifice my life developing infrastructure so others will have life ........

Lets keep this short trevlon, so the opening and all of the work must have effected your riding time a lot!!!! are you back to riding normal hours now? Whats that been like for you?
My riding hours have been shortened with all that I have going on. But I will return to at least 4 days of riding as soon as I get certain elements in order and I am almost there. My sacrifice is for a bigger picture so I am not really stressing the riding. Thanks again effraim for taking the time!

Photos suppied by Trevlon Hall.

Voodoo pre jam 2009 Erik Otto Monolithic edit

Everyone knows Erik Otto makes great videos, last years Voodoo pre jam edit was one of the best edits of the year, heres this years edit...Enjoy... Better than last years? Lets hear what you think?

Voodoo Pre Jam 2009 from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Voodoo jam final battle

Its finally up, the livefeed got cut off as we tried to watch this and only caight the last run, which looked like Ucchie took it, but watching the first runs, looks like Matthias pipped it. Unfortunate for Ucchie that he got a puncture,seemed to ruin his psych.

Championship Flatland Battle! Voodoo Jam 2009 from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lazy Sunday edit with Pete Hollinger

Lazy Sunday from Pete Hollinger on Vimeo.

Voodoo Semi final battle, Terry vs Viki

Today is Terry's 26th birthday! Happy birthday T rizz!!!

Voodoo Jam Pro Battles Terry Adams vs. Vikki and Matthias from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

89 Haro show part 2

Moliterno busts out in the opening section of this vid, straddle roni to pedalpicker double decade out, im stoked!! enjoy this!!! Memories!

Thanks to Howard Avery for the link to this!

Greg Guillotte's Voodoo jam edit

Nice gritty edit of the Voodoo jam, from the legend that is Greg Guillotte, enjoy this people!!! Thanks for sending this in Greg!

Voodoo Jam Weekend New Orleans 2009 from Greg Guillotte on Vimeo.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pete Brandt's highlights at Voodoo jam by Rad Dad!

Rad Dad is f'ing awesome! Great lil mix here of the rest of Pete B!

New Chase Gouin edit

Timeless!! Chase Gouin is the boss, double footed elepahnt glide whips anyone?


Back on the Voodoo battles, Viki Gomez vs York Uno

We are just recovering from Waldemar's bomb promo video, Gomez vs Uno... Enjoy flatland!!

Voodoo Pro Battle 5 Vikki Gomez vs. York Uno from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Waldemar Fatkin The Blitz promo!!!

Waldemar Fatkin THE BLITZ promo from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Japan vs World Bmx flatland

Taku just sent this link in from York Unos blog, wrap up from the party after the KOG, enjoy! Looks like they had fun!

Voodoo aftermath chat with Scott O'Brien

Photos by Leo Furmansky

Ucchie Ucchie!!!!! Killed the backwheel, check the videos, unreal flow, no scuffs,originality, style, he has it all!!

The 2009 World Circuit champion, has almost had a complete swoop on all the big contests this year, two footed backwards spinning death truck ala Foaksey.

So I'm guessing your pretty tired after the weekend Scott? Are you happy with how it went?
Yes after dropping of the last guy at the airport yesterday I went for some dinner with my family then I fell to sleep and woke up 14 hours later. Crazy!
Yes I was very happy with it.
It's pretty evident from your "is it worth it" post that you are puzzled as to lack of support ESP from American riders? Has much come of your post?
Yes the post pretty much shows my frustration and it has been this way for about 3 years. Its just now that I actually have said something. I don't get it really?
As to what has come of my post is a few email but not much. Pretty much standard for the USA Pro/Master class rider. I guess they are all just happy with what they have in the internet and at there home town so whatever.

We watched the contest in silence haha which is another story.. Any personal highlights for you this year?
Terry's qualifying run was really awesome. Issiah Jordan, Diego Tejada and all of the Expert class was dope. They deserve more and I wish I could give it to them. The freaking crowd was the highlight as well. Those people are crazy for Flatland. They come every year and go nuts!

With the lack of support in some areas do you feel like you are fighting an up hill battle?
I guess anyone would feel that way a bit. But every year we just seem to make it happen. Who knows what the next year will bring.

On a different perspective to the lack of American riders, does it matter when voodoo is part of the world circuit?
Of course it does. The BMFWC is being watched by a lot of people. More than you can all imagine. There is plenty of opportunity for sponsors and riders alike.

Shintaro Misawa is overlooked by many, effortless tech style from one of the worlds finest, just went out to Ucchie in a tight battle.

One of the main points for me, I've set there as a judge and as a rider, so I feel like I can comment on this, there needs to be some guidelines set as to what is a pro rider, and it should be more of a challenge to get into the pro class? It should be a prestigious thing you know, a big deal! Its about quality not quantity…
If people had to qualify to be a Pro then we would have a contest of 3 guys. No one would even participate but a few guys. And what contest are the bases of this qualifications? What riders are going to participate? We just might run off even more riders. While I do totally agree with you, I think for now the riding speaks for itself if you are a Pro. I think if we start this then even less riders will ride in contest.
Then again maybe its the answer, I am just not sure. There is so much uncertainty that its a bit scary. Like things are going underground. It seems as though we just do not have enough riders to worry about that right now. We just need a solid foundation of contest to grow on at the moment. We need to concentrate on actually keeping this alive and riders entering Pro that are not Pro is not that big of a problem at the moment.
I really dont know, but I will be thinking about it and I need some time to process my thoughts on everything.
I have a question for you. So you would not qualify as a Pro because you did not even compete this year? Just curious?
What would you say to be the start for the whole qualifying as a pro? Because we have to start somewhere.

I would agree with that, and I think the same goes for other riders there has to be some guidelines and prestige to being a pro. I cant be about a riders ego, thats nonsense..Last year I was ranked 2nd in the uk groundroot series, and I was working towards a system whereby riders can't just turn up and ride pro. Whats wrong with having a banging am class..this year at the worlds we were going to have a qualifying round for guys who wanted to be in pro that weren't top 30 in the world. It's not about quantity but quality.This will help the sport grow, its too easy right now. Maybe a qualifying round or something like that would be the answer, it is going more and more underground because people are happy to sit at home and watch it live on the Internet, almost like why pay $2000 to go to voodoo when you can watch it for free. The rankings is a good incentive, seeding the riders for battles, I think it brings more to the sport. What do you think of that?

I think your points are great but my brain is hurting now and im going to ride my bike.

I love you! ****! (censored)


Yuki, is another japanese backwheel killer,all x'ed up, mid session outside the hall.

Terry Adams with a Katrina on homesoil.

The next lot of Voodoo battles, Dandois vs Wilhelm, Ucchie vs Shintaro

Dandois vs Wilhelm, super close one to call, what are we talking here is minor details??

Voodoo Jam Pro Battle 3 Matthias Dandois vs Matt Wilhelm from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Ucchie vs Shintaro, brings an interesting topic, Ucchie is regarded as the more stylish, but is Shintaro effortless pivot switching with smooth buttery not style as well? Dont get me wrong I love Ucchie's riding, he pipped this battle for me, but are riders such as Shintaro getting overlooked? Lets hear your opinion..

Voodoo Jam Pro Battle 4 from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bizarre New Martti Kuoppa vid: Who the fuck is perro?

Inside joke here?

New Clips from Takuji Kasahara

Our japanese contributer Takuji Kasahara just testing his camera ready for this weekend in vancouver, where he will film the jam, few clips to enjoy. Smooth...

riding in the dark from TAKU on Vimeo.

Captain Kenya's World BMX Battle vid

BMX Flatland Battle Leicester 2009 from Kyalo Mwailu on Vimeo.

Voodoo battle Pete Brandt vs Viki Gomez

Two KGB heads battle it out, Viki came out on top, check it out..Close call, what do you think? Lets hear it..

Voodoo Jam Pro Battle 2 BMXDigital from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hoffman OKC Contest 1995

Filmed on location, OKC, Oklahoma, September 95
Nikola Olic, Jason Brown, Dennis McCoy, Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Albert Retey, Sean Peters..

Awesome footage, stoked on Trevors tomahawk on the pedal, that still hard now!! What do you think of this?

Flatland Flashback! Hoffman BS Series '95 from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Hybrid Coventry flatland show with Moi, James White, Phil Dolan, and Jay Forde

The morning and afternoon of the World BMX battle, we made the hour trip east to Coventry from Leceister for a couple of demos, Shinaze Reade was also there to sign autographs, and encourage young people to get out and active on their bikes. Jffe has already posted this before me on the global flat forum, but never mind...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Is it good enough for you?: Adam Kun..

Its good enough for you ? from adamkun on Vimeo.

Plus, enjoy this, old mix of a few kickflip variations by Mr Kun..

Kickflips... from adamkun on Vimeo.

The old school vids return!...1989 Haro show

Thanks to Howard Avery for providing the link to this vid... Old school Haro show with Lee Reynolds, Joe Gruttola, and Rick Moliterno, some good stuff on here, backwards nosewheelie one foot on backpeg one on front one handed anyone?

More from the Voodoo jam

The videos are slowly starting to get posted from the final of the world circuit tour, close battle here with the world champion Raphael Chiquet and Hiroya Morisaki, who won this battle? Hiro... Who do you think won?

Voodoo Jam 2009 Pro Battle 1 from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

Matt Wilhelm in the mix..

The world circuit winner, Matthias Dandois winning all three rounds..

Ucchie kills that back wheel!!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

David Hoffman

Works his halfpacker turbines nice...

More caracho-crew BMX >>

Hanging out in Manchester with Mr Foakes and DC White

The weekends host with some epic turbine hitch jugglers to...

This weekend has been non stop laughter, banter, riding sessions, demos, and beers!! Saturday night myself and james white arrived from london euston, on the fastest train i've ever been on, those virgin trains are dialled!!! we went straight to sams local spot, on the university campus and sessioned till dark. Then headed out for beers, upon returning to sams apartment we watched the voodoo jam live with no sound, one of funniest nights ever!!!Today we have rode a ton doing shows for Skyride, a Sky and British Cycling concept which aims to get one million people on bikes by 2013.., Whitey and Sam were going off!!! Non stop sessions all day, and boy we are feeling it now!! enjoy the photos, the banter will live on forever!

Sams local spot, university campus..

Below: James White x 2, xft spinning lawn, plus one handed whiplash jugglers.

Backwards whip to backwards crack twist.

Undertaker flip..James has these dialled now..

Sam is the master of the halfpacker, ive never seen anyone take off with such speed and precison and push this trick so far, mid demo..

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Voodoo jam live!!

I'm watching the live broadcast of the voodoo jam with no volume at sam Foakes apartment with James white, top four battles going on right now, Terry just beat Viki Gomez for the third spot.. Close on the battles with Hiro and Terry, the final is just about to happen, Ucchie vs Matthias, this will be interesting. Looks like ucchie got a puncture can't tell with the live feed with no volume...
Final is going down right now.

The live feed has just gone off right before pro results, but from what we saw Ucchie looked to have done enough to win, Waiting for results, just heard Matthias just won, ucchie second. Ucchie busted out!

Am voodoo results

Thanks to John yull for the heads up on the results!

Issiah Jordan
Diego tegada
Cesar caldron
Alexis Lagrassa
Alexis Poirer
Eric Wright
Bryan huffman
Tyler gillard
Ramon Lopez
Ryan Russell

Congrats to issiah for taking the win....

New Dane Beardsley edit

Thanks to Shane Badman for the heads up on this.. Dont forget Dane has profile on the new props which is out now, sweet riding!!! Butter...

Untitled from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.