Thursday, 20 August 2009

Geoff Rowley in Southsea

Anyone who knows me, will know I am a big skateboard fan, so when Geoff Rowley cruised past the skatepark tonight I was stoked like a pro flatlander was in town, motivation for flatland comes in all shapes and forms for me. Im guessing its the same for all of you reading this, but I am stoked. I cant wait to ride tommorow. Great guy, super cool to chat to one of my favourite skateboarders.

Enjoy this flick below..


Howard said...

Same here E big big skateboard fan Rodney Mullen,Jamie Thomas etc gotta love Geoff Rowley legend sick skating here..

flatmatters said...

Looking forward bro his new flip videopart, he said it's his best yet. They came back to the park today as well , super friendly guy!

Flat out Vegan said...

So good, something out of this world over that videopart, like watching marrtis green quamen-era stuff. So hard and hardcore.