Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ed Nussbaum bikecheck

It's been a while since FM did a bikecheck, so....without further delay is Ed Nussbaum's ride....

frame: sick child instrumental
bars: sick child rehab bars
stem: sequence hook 26mm, ti bolts sitting on my desk
forks: wtp eco, shaved mounts and custom powder-coat
grips: animal edwin
bar ends: wtp ti stripped and hammered on
seat: MacNeil i think
post: primo
clamp: animal
rims: primo balance
spokes: dt swiss only
front hub: proper
rear hub: nankai, profile shell
pegs: sequence majic sticks w/grip tape to hold me to the bike
tyres: primo comet 1.5
tubes: primo
cranks: profile mini magna-somethings (ti)
pedals: animal
sprocket: animal
chain: no idea

I think that sums it up, thanks to sequence, animal, the guys at tip plus and primo, profile, and east county bmx. my bike would not be this dope without your help which is very much appreciated.


Vid from 06, loving his brakeless flow..


flatmatters said...

Eds bike is always dialled. Loving that green finish, interested to know why he has bars setup Lil backwards. Starting up the bikechecks again has given me a few new ideas for future articles... Great ride Ed!

lee said...

i run my bars v slightly back, good to see im not the only one

flatmatters said...

Just trying to make space between bars and seat shorter lee?

Howard said...

nice ride there, my bike next E ?