Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Remember this: TGM jam 2007

Just came across Colin Smith's great edit whilst looking for something new to post up, I know I did a homage to Colin and his videos a few months back, but seems timely to show this again. Around this time every year, normally theres a tgm jam going down, take some time to watch this if you havent seen it, Sam Foakes combo at 3:20 still has my head shaking now, double infront of bar one handed whips to pendulum, theres a good variety of riding styles on this edit, what do you all think?

Green Mile jam 2007 from colin smith on Vimeo.


Howard said...

Great video here from Colin always a treat to see his filming.

Flat out Vegan said...

This video was a big thing for me when I first saw it in 2008 sometime. It was snowing like hell in Norway and I just new I had to go somewhere warmer to ride. Props to Colin, who also helped me find a place to stay in Portugal!