Sunday, 7 March 2010

FU 6 toronto update- Percy Marshall's no touch tun in masters

FU6 - Percy's EPIC flatland first run from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Few results in so far from the Toronto contest. Congrats to Billy Gordon and Percy Marshall for taking the wins in the classes, Pro is today..


1. Billy Gordon
2. Alexi La Grassa
3. Bryan Huffman
4. Mark Kuhlmann
5. Joey Kyllo
6. Andy Wylie
7. Roy deGuzman
8. Allan Box
9. Geoff Inwood
10. Josh Duscharme
11. Will Wolfe 
11. David Cyr
12. Nelson Yeo
13. Steve Lapsley
14. Addison Moore
15. Greg Leushner


1 percy marshall
2 tyler gilliard
3 brandon derbuwka
4 jon dowker
5 prasheel gopal
6 rob shaw
7 steve bergeron
8 kevin desautels
9 koit
10 alex poirier
11 ron monis
12 adrian furnis
13 lachlan cameron
14 simon marsan

1 comment:

Howard said...

WOW ! seen this guy before always rated him very different approach to some of his tricks a mixture of stuff and that Dark Side move was the bomb amazing stuff,well done Percy what a run that was.