Friday, 14 May 2010

Fise update!!

I arrived in Montpellier yesterday, the flight from London was full of bmxers, felt great to be a part of this!! The venue for Fise if you have never been here, is like a festival, city backdrop, canal one side, banks each side full of spectators, food/bike/skate stands, the flatland area is small but right in the middle of the venue, for maximum exposure between the skate and bike street courses! Pretty awesome! This event is huge, i'm blown away how big this is!
Qualifiers is scheduled for today at 6pm, the finals will be live, yesterday it got rained literally as soon as I got on the floor, few guys were there already, met up Kotaro Tanaka and Adam Kun, then later Ucchie, hit a few bars, good times... Lets hope the weather is better for today and this weekend.
Keep checking back for updates later today!
Im out!


Anonymous said...

should of gone to this really

flatmatters said...

Yes your missing out trev,this feels like the worlds, but way bigger, crowds, big crowds!!!

Caustic Urban Coast said...

Sounds like you decided to take your bike after all!

What an event, complete with riots and all!

Anonymous said...

Ah fook it, next year it'll have to be.
Hope the rain stays up for ya E..