Monday, 24 May 2010

King of Ground contextual

Text by Bobby Carter.

King of Ground is the longest running flatland series in the world. It was created in 1999 by a group of pro flatlanders that wanted to help build the BMX scene in Japan. The series was successful. With the absence of skateparks at that time, flatland blew up in Japan.
There are three events in various parts of the country, allowing most riders to participate regionally. Although most of the media out there is of the pro class, if you go to the event, there is a very large amount of AM participation. Hundreds of AM riders come together and have fun at each event! The video presented here is a throwback clip of an early KOG finals in Tokyo!


flatmatters said...

Later this week, i'll be reviewing the king of ground book to celebrate 10 years of KOG.
That throwback edit is awesome Bobby. Old school Shintaro!!!

Chris said...

KOG too orsome for words...saving for my plane ticket already !

lee said...

worth it for the one old school shintaro combo alone!

Aidwin said...

T.I is still the best