Monday, 25 April 2011

20 Pictures Of Justin Miller – A Photographic Tribute To A Great Flatland BMX Rider

Photo by Fat Tony.

Fat Tony just sent us through this link- some great photos of Justin Miller, since Terry dropped that article last week, the whole flatland world is almost begging Justin to come back! Lot of Love out there! Check out some great photos right here!


Howard said...

Great combo on ice, lovin those photo's top pics . i predict Justin will return commitments aside he will return and ride not sure in which capacity but he's blessed with talent as such a great talent can never dissapear fully same with Farris ,be great to see again :-)

Navid said...

hahaha post this viedeo next winter to motivate people to ride more!! hahaha Respect Justin miller!

flatmatters said...

A solo dvd from Justin would be tight!