Saturday, 16 April 2011

Matthias qualifies first at Ninja spin 2011

Catfish just tweeted the Ninja spin Pro prelim results...
Photo by Matthias Dandois. 

8- Raphael Chiquet.
7- Dub.
6- Adam Kun.
5- Alex Jumelin.
 4-Dez Maarsen.
3- Moto.
2 -Ucchie.


Prasheel said...

Yeah Dub! Nice to see him qualify, excited to see how he and everyone else do in finals.

flatmatters said...

Yes! Dub is sick!!! Also stoked to see Dez up there!!

lachlan66 said...

yeah Dub!
I knew ya had it in you...
Blow the judges minds in finals!
good luck!

Howard said...

some sick riders in there .Can't wait to see the footage.