Sunday, 12 July 2009

Pro flat final results exclusive!!! Raphael Chiquet is the 2009 World Champion!

This is just in, just hot off the press, Raphael busted out, had a really good run with high originality to take the win, all judges agreed on the first place (which is rare).Congratulations to Raphael!!! Of course some people are not happy about it, but as with every contest theres always someone unhappy. I say congratulate Raphael for having a great run!!

1 Raphael Chiquet
2 Matthias Dandois [Frankreich]
3 Jorge Gomez [Spanien]
4 Tivadar Laszlo [Hungary]
5 Martti Kuoppa [Finnland]
6 Dez Maarsen [Niederlande]
7 Adam Kun [hungary]
8 Sinichi kiba [Japan]
9 Tomokazu Morinaga [Japan]
10 Frank Lukas (De)
11 Aleksi Ritsilä [Finland]
12 Susumu Morioka [Japan]
13 Matt Wilhelm [USA]


lee said...

raph wins hungover! perhaps cos hes finally got some proper bars on his bike

Howard said...

Well done to Raph sounds like he had a top run ,congrats to the other who busted out.