Sunday, 12 July 2009

Am finals results, Thailand rocked the house!!!

Great standard from the ams this year!!!!

1 Worawee Srivichai [Thailand]
2 Pascal Nanko [Germany]
3 Renauld laspeyres
4 Sietse Von Berkel
5 Charles Patys
6 Ronny Engelmann [Germany]
7 Alberto Moya [Spain]
8 Alexander Gurbig
9 Ben Ofuso
10 Szitas Gabor [Hungary]
11 Rayk Hahne [Germany]
12 Michael Von der Kroft


Howard said...

Well done Worawee Thailand flatland in the house nice one.

lee said...

what happened josh? well done to salvodor and trev aswell

flatmatters said...

Atmosphere in am finals was so good, better than during pro actually, the haro team show was about to happen, so the crowd was massive!!