Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ronny Engelmann wins first round of Am groundtactics

Congrats to all the finalists, and everyone who took part in this. A great standard of riding from all the AMs, cant wait to see what the top 16 bust out for a place in the final 8, next stage finishes Feb 1st 2011. Good luck!!

1 Ronny Engelmann
2 David Dudelis
3 Navid Saleki
4 Thore Saggau
5 Rayk Hahne
6 Luke Malone
7 Szitas Gabor
8 Julian Dela Cruz
9 Issabre Gaoussou
10 Andrew Wickhan
11 Szabo David
12 "Final Battle" -unknown rider?
13 Phitak Roungrean
14 Omari Kato
15 Michelle Maiolani
16 Aborigino Sandino Guerrero Stuart
17 Barre Neirynck
18 Ramon Lopez Colon
19 Malte Orth

1 comment:

flatmatters said...

Great riding from the ams, really stoked on some of these entries, keep pushing!!