Friday, 5 November 2010

Part 2-Outtakes, Second Angles & Behind The Scenes Photos from Fat Tony's 2011 Flatland Calendar!

Michael Steingraber
Photo by John Young in Sydney Australia.
Mankind sent over two photos of Germany's Michael Steingraber for me to pick from to use in the calendar. Both of them were great photos shot by Australia's John Young, but I decided to use the one that shows the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge instead of the one showing the Opera House.

Mike Robbins
Photo by Fat Tony in Long Beach, California.
Yep, another focus and lighting test shot. Don't let this monster-like appearance of Vegas Mike fool you, he's like a big teddy bear once you start talking to him. He's also the co-owner of Innertwine Clothing, so be on the lookout for their apparel.

Terry Adams
Photo by Fat Tony in Joplin, Missouri.
This photo doesn't really have anything to do with the calendar, but where else am I ever going to get to show a photo of Terry Adams swinging in a park? For some reason before I shot this photo I thought it was a cool idea, then when actually shot it I thought it looked horrible. Then when I looked at it again a few months later I thought it was cool again. Go figure.

Travis Collier
Photo by Fat Tony in Los Angeles, California.
You guessed it, another test shot! Last year while trying to shoot with Bobby Carter for the 2010 calendar I got kicked out of this spot in Downtown L.A. during the day, so I was pretty worried that Travis and I would get kicked out, too, but somehow we managed to get the shot we were looking for without security hassling us. This was the first photo I shot for the 2011 calendar and it eneded up on the back cover.

Viki Gomez
Photo by Fat Tony in Buena Park, California.
Last test shot, I promise…This photo, and the photo of Viki Gomez that's in the calendar was shot right across the street from the Quamen factory while Viki was there getting his first run of Fenix frames made.

Yasunari Ishijima
Photo by Yoshihiro Shinde in Tokyo, Japan.
This is one of the photos that Zenta from Quamen sent over for me to pick from for the calendar. The famous Tokyo Tower shown here is 333 meters high…and there's your random fun fact of the day! Sweet, dude! 

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