Wednesday, 17 November 2010

40 years of bmx Flatland Event - AM Contest - Part 2&3

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Mr.Cyr said...

Being that I'm an old school rider from the 80s, I need some clarification. I'm trying to understand the catergories of riding now at various contests.

Granted, I know that I'd be in the vet. class at a contest if it was always and option. However, there seems to be a real discrepancy at times. For example, when I watch this video I would categorize it as an amateur class. Yet when I watch amateur riding video submissions for 'Ground Tactics'...I think there are 3 posted at this seems like these guys would be of a higher level. What are your thoughts?

I wonder how one could construct a uniformity of levels as I wouldn't know what level to enter in a contest besides vet.

I would like any flatlanders opinions on this including yours Effraim. Thanks guys!