Saturday, 13 November 2010

Calvin Tan's bikecheck

A while back we featured a lil photo of Calvin Tan's ride, well here it is in my detail, the prototype Ares AY DAW frame, check it!

Frame: AresBykes AY DAW 2011 Prototype.
Toptube: 470mm (18.5").
Rear Center: 325mm (12.8").
Head Angle:74.5.
Seat Angle: 72.
BB Type: Spanish.

Fork: Arestic 08 Garuda Fork Offset 10mm.
Handlebars: Arestic MIDI Bar.
Barends: Arestic Barends.
Stem: Arestic IND-4 Stem.
Aheadset: Arestic.
Grips: 88 Grips/ Wilson Tennis.
Griplocks: -
Brakes: -
Tyres: Arestic A-Class 1.75.
Tubes: Arestic.
Pegs: Arestic UMA Pegs.
Seatpost: Arestic ARI Seatpost.
Seatclamp: Arestic PSC Seatclamp.
Seat: Arestic ORI81 Saddle.
Chain adjustor: -
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock 2.
Cranks: Arestic Ill Blend 150mm Cranks.
Chainring: Arestic Peace Ring 18T. 
Pedals: 88 Plastic Pedal.
Rims: Alex DM22 48H.
Front hub: Arestic Boo Front.
Freecoaster: Arestic Boo2 Freecoaster.
Spokes: Arestic Spokes.

Any modifications: 
About 1/2 inch off each end of the bar, trimmed the nose of the seat and tennis grip tapes over normal ones underneath for a better grip.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
Tennis grips, tight chain and 120psi in the tires.

AresBykes Japan, AresBykes Singapore.

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
Ride what's most comfortable for a start. With experience and progression you'll understand what works best for you and fine tune it from there.


flatmatters said...

Loving the black set up bronze bars and seatpost, super nice looking ride. More and more people seem to be using the tennis grip, never personally tried it, anyone else tried it? If so, how was it?

bmxism said...

feeling Ares right now