Sunday, 28 November 2010

Best of Old school sundays part 2

*6) One of my favourite riders of all time, Ross Smith.

*7/8) I posted this in a pioneers article I did on Dennis McCoy and Kevin Jones on the inspiration they had on the flatland scene, it was going to be an Old school sundays, but turned into a lil' more indepth article, watch these two great runs and feel the energy. I grew up watching Dennis McCoy's run on a skecthy VHS tape, and rinsed it to death! Love the crowd reaction to his run here, bustttttt it!!!! Jones' originality was and is always a treat!

*9) Ian Clemens 88 AFA New jersey run,way ahead of the time!

*10)Last but not least, Rick Allison's 87 Tizer World Cup run in manchester!


flatmatters said...

So much good stuff, was a pleasure putting these Best of Old schools sundays together, Ross Smith's style gets me stoked everytime I watch it, anything with backwards decade in it, i love that trick, timeless style from Ross, and at the time so progressive.
McCoy's AFA run was a huge inspiration to the entire Uk scene at one point in time, I think it was Carlo Griggs who brought that copy back to the UK, so much energy, to this day that gets me psyched! Still the same feeling all these years old.
Jones riding and the dead time between the tricks stands out in my eyes, and of course he brought so much to the table, he must have scared the shit out of every pro at that moment in time!
Ian Clemens riding like Ross' and Jones was so progressive, lot of new ideas an positions came in 88, the AFAs looked amazing back then, lot of memories reading about these tricks in the pages of Freestylin'. So good to see now.
Last but not least Rick Allison, a Hitch team-mate at the time, surprised all that the tizer world cup, with huge energy and showmanship, mixed in with some hard stuff, as a routine I always thought he was unlucky not to win qualifying with this run, as McCoy messed up a fair bit, finals was different story.
Gonna go watch that McCoy run a few more times...

Howard said...

Great stuff E ,lovin all of this .

flatmatters said...

Thanks howard, just an idea to celebrate the two years of flatmatters, old school sundays is a big part of that so...