Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hope for Japan Get together/jam in Yokohama

The flatland scene unites in japan to stay strong during this terrible time after the tsunami  and earthquake swept across japan, Nao Yoshida has a bunch of photos on his facebook showcasing a get together/ jam in Yokohama. God bless you all! Stay safe!

Words from Nao's facebook...
”Hope for Japan” 
Many people lost transportation to this power failure and the gasoline shortage, etc.The reconfirmation was good at not only BMX but also wonderful of the bicycle and it came because of this situation. many people are requesting the bicycle. Think by me that do not only have to take root to the environment of the day or more book the bicycle from now on.

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flatmatters said...

My thoughts are still with all of you in japan! I hope in time things can recover there. Terrible disaster! Beautiful that you guys stay strong and try and make a positive out of it!