Thursday, 31 March 2011

James White and his extended playlist!

James is so on it!(Insert Beastie Boys reference here) I interviewed James for an up and coming article and this extended playlist arrived! Complete with a lil' insight on each track, awesome stuff! Here's what James had to say about the topic. "Okay, i know this is more than five but you gotta know where I’ve been to understand where I’m at!!"..

1)Kraftwerk – one of the first electronic groups and basically invented electro/Hip Hop. I remember trying to copy this dance!! -
2)Doug e Fresh and Slick Rick ‘The Show’ – One of the first decent Hip Hop Tunes to make it into the main stream and the first record i learnt all the words too. -
3)Beastie Boys – I listened the beasties first album so much i wore the vinyl out. I still have two copies! -
4)LL Cool J- Can’t Live without my Radio – Not a truer word spoken! Would you believe the Beastie actually discovered LL and got him signed to Def Jam!! -
5) DJ cheese – DJ’S are a big part of my listening pleasure and this was one of the first proper tablelist. -
Extended playlist...
6)DJ Grand Master – While I’m talking about DJ’S  I can’t miss ‘flash’ who is basically the equivalent to Bob Haro in DJ Mixing. -
7)Eric B and Rakim – Follow the leader. As about as near to a perfect Hip Hop Record as you can get!!! -
"As I delved deeper into Hip Hop i discovered a whole world of music with nothing off limits Check them out":
8)Lou Donaldson - Midnight creeper - Blue Note Records Mod Jazz-
12)Ananda Shankar-Streets Of Calcutta-
13)The Doors - Peace Frog-


flatmatters said...

Cracking List Def James!
Im thinking I will extend the playlist to ten after looking at this.
Always digging a bit of Eric B and Rakim! Karftwerk clip was sick!!!!

Howard said...

Top choice James Beastie's track is dope,Kraftwerk is super expensive on vinyl b boy material,Eric B,Doug e Fresh yeah man love it,The Doors stuff is great so chilled .