Saturday, 26 March 2011

Zion Focus is now on sale at Flatland Fuel!

Sam's long awaited "Focus" frame is now available to buy with a few improvements from the prototypes, myself and Sam have been testing for two years now. A lot of time, attention to detail went into the design of this frame, yes a lil' heavier than the norm, but lot stronger to! 

Frame info/specs:
Zion introduces the Sam Foakes signature frame, the Focus. Strong enough to withstand pro level riding for ages. There is also one great innovation that on Focus frame that you haven't seen on any other flatland frame before: Taper Lock dropouts. Taper Lock is a patented design of dropouts made by a Taiwanese rider that completely solves the problem of chain tension in a most simple way, without the use of chain tensioners.

TT: 19.0"
HTA: 74 degrees
STA: 71 degrees
CS: 13.25" Centered (13.0" Slammed)
DO: 14mm (Taper Lock dropouts; Compatible with 3/8" or 14mm axles)
Weight: 5.1lb/2313g

Clips with Sam onboard the Focus:


Howard said...

This looks really nice ,right down to the smallest detail ,looking good.

Upsweep said...

heavy as lead! hahaha
but good tecnology on flatland. Props

Lísias Tabarelli. said...

é muito pesado...!2.300Kg
tem que ser menos de 1.900Kg

flatmatters said...

5.1 pounds is not heavy...

also consider how long it will last...

Howard said...

Totally agree E 5.1 lbs is not heavy my frame is 5.4 lbs does the job . This Zion is better and will last longer than these wafer thin tubing sub 4 lb frames that crack after a short time ,mentioning no brands .

phil dolan said...

I can hear james white breaking out into a sweat