Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hotoke on St Martin!! Takuji Kasahara japanese correspondant for flatmatters!!!

Hotoke is now hooked up by St Martin Japan (lets hope World team soon, as one of Worlds best riders!!), check the link below for few pics and what not, rough translation from Taka reads:

"Hotoke is now on St martin Japan Team. we couldn't give him new st martin parts due to Taiwanese factory problem, he is killer!! Oh i think you guys already know that"...

Takuji Kasahara from Koshigaya japan is now helping me out as japanese correspondant on news, videos, interviews, kog reports, below is a video of Takuji busting out, this is old stuff and he will have a new video in two weeks.

Thanks to Takugi for his help, and congrats to Hotoke for the hook up with St Martin! Much deserved!

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Howard said...

Excellent news this guy gets my vote he is a joy to watch great stuff.