Monday, 26 July 2010

Robert castillo BMX freestyler trailer


Anonymous said...

I dont get it.

How is this guy "a legend"?? Give me a break.
Theyre calling just about anyone a legend now??

What makes him a legend??
That he can ride street and flat? That hes been riding for a long time?

His riding skills arent legendary at all.

Howard said...

To refrain myself from losing it to the above comment ,Robert Castillo gets my vote and respect ,nice one.

BIGBEN1986 said...

It's riders like you (new jacks) that have ruined this sport by not knowing the history of this sport. Robert and his brother Ruben Castillo are legends in bmx both picked up by gt back in late 86' they toured with gt and were all over the magazines. Do the math moron look how long he's been riding. He is a legend.