Monday, 8 November 2010

Steve Lapsley and the Am Flatland Circuit!

This year the AM flat circuit gathered real pace very quickly, and helped unite the North American flatland scene, with 2011 fast approaching, it was time to catch up with the organiser Steve Lapsley to reflect on 2010, and the up and coming year, read on!

Alright Steve, the Am circuit was obviously a success this year, big ups for doing that and taking that lead role to make it happen, tell me about 2010 any lessons learnt that you add into the mix and improve for 2011?
The 2010 AM Flatland Circuit went great! I more than exceeded my expectations! 2010 was the preview, 2011 is going to be bigtime! I think by taking the lessons learned from the first year and combining that with some advice and feedback I have gotten 2011 should be a great year for flatland in North America! Big things are happening here and not just on the AM Flat side of things. Big things for the pros too so stay tuned!

Part of the problem with flatland is giving these riders a platform to shine and be seen, with that said who sprung to mind this year, as to "like wow this guy or girl is coming through?"
One of The AM Flatland Circuit's goals is to provide a platform for amateur riders to showcase their skills on a larger stage. We are slowly moving forward on that front. I think a lot of riders in North America got more coverage this year than they did last year. From the Expert Class, Joel Schallhorn came out of no where. I had never even heard this guys name let alone seen him ride. He showed some crazy original riding in Indy and Dayton. I think he is a name to look for in the Master Class in 2011. From the Master Class, Lachlan Cameron is moving up fast! I think by the end of the Circuit a lot of people had to take notice of him as he came on strong at the end. I know he is progressing fast and could be a big name to look out for in 2011. Add in the web edits he is releasing and hopefully by the end of 2011 he will have even more publicity! These guys are what the AM Circuit is about! Getting riders names out there that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise!

Some other riders who make you go "Wow!" and should make a big splash in 2011 are Bryan Huffman moving up to Master Class, Alexi LaGrassa in the Expert Class, Tyler Gilliard attempting to defend his 2010 Title, Alex Poirier and Prasheel Gopal are also always names to watch. A few other riders are on the cusp of the Pro Class and I am not sure if they will move up or not. Deigo Tejada, Percy Marshall & Isaiah Jordan to name a few.
Is sponsorship for flatland hard to come by?Absolutely. There is a real big lack of Corporate Sponsors in BMX Flatland here in North America. My focus right now at this time with the circuit is attempting to bring in some corporate sponsors. After that I will be focusing on contacting the BMX/Flatland companies. I am pretty optimistic about 2011!

Lil rumour Am Flatland Circuit finals in York PA, care to elaborate?

Hahaha! Not really! There is truth to the rumor though. I am working on a contest in York, PA as we speak. It will not be the Finals of the Circuit however. The details are not finalized yet so I don't want to say too much. I will tell you it will be big if all goes as planned! And not just for AMs but for the Pro Class also! I can tell you it won't be what most people expect though! So stay tuned!
Lastly, I'd like to say that Round 1 of the AM Flatland Circuit is March 4, 5, and 6, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! The CFO Flatland Unlimited 7! Last year was a great atmosphere and I expect it to be just as good if not better in 2011! The AMs came out in droves for this last year, but it is a great Pro contest also! They have really improved the riding area and surface over the years. JW Provost & Cory Fester represented from Canada, 5 or 6 riders from Japan came out also including Shintaro/Rayan Ibrihim who won last year. Toronto is like the NYC of Canada, so that makes for a fun time also! I hope to see you all there!

Dates for 2011:

Round 1: CFO Flatland Unlimited 7, Toronto, March 4-6, 2011
Round 2: Jomopro 2011, Joplin, MO, USA April 8-10, 2011
Round 3: TBA, Indianapolis, IN, USA TBA June 2011
Round 4: TBA, Dayton, OH, USA TBA August 2011


Prasheel Gopal and Alex Poirier said...

The circuit in 2010 went off amazingly well, and I'm beyond excited to see 2011 get kicked off, especially since it starts off in Toronto.

And Steve's right, the Toronto contest has improved immensely last year. Last year, they really listened to some of the constructive criticism concerning all contests, and made sure the floor (which is usually everyone's biggest issue) was not an issue. Kudos CFO!

See everyone in March! And thanks again to Steve for all his hard work.

- Prasheel

flatmatters said...

Good work Steve! You've helped give the am riders a platform from which to develop their riding, in years to come maybe this will be seen as a pivotal movement in flatland in North America. Much respect due...