Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jason Forde's Evo 1 bikecheck!

Above photo by Marcelo Nardi, photos below by Vlad Shcherbakov.

Jason always has a dialled ride, when his new St Martin Evo 1 popped up on facebook, it was time for another Jason Forde bikecheck, lot of new parts, check it out! Bmxism!!!

Frame: STM Evo 19'2.
Fork: STM Mikado. 
Handlebars: STM Evo. 
Barends: A-Bike-co plastic. 
Stem: STM X26. 
Aheadset: SuperStar. 
Grips: A-Bike-co Edwin D. 
Griplocks: none. 
Brakes: none. 
Tyres: Oddy Chase G. 
Tubes: Schwalbe. 
Pegs: STM Hollopegs Griptape. 
Seatpost: Thomson Elite. 
Seatclamp: Mankind Archangel Slim Seatclamp. 
Seat: KHE Watanabe MK1. 
Chain adjustor: Demolition. 
Chain: YBN narrow hollow. 
Cranks: STM Evo 150mm. 
Chainring: STM Ringo 18T. 
Pedals: Superstar nylon. 
Rims: STM Domino 36h Front and Rear. 
Front hub: STM Domino. 
BB: BDS 19''mm Spanish. 
Freecoaster: KHE Geisha Light 36h. 
Spokes: Ti Rainbow on the rear.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: Black paint thats it. 

Any modifications: Ti bolts on the stem, painted wedge to, the tubes i use are 20'' 1 3/8 super narrow and work fine, I cut 1/2 an inch off the bars and rear end is slammed, my bikes go though many changes, the next time you see it something will have changed.
You can get just about all the parts at Edwardes of Camberwell and a big shout out to James Hitchcock at
www.zealbmx.com. Mad props to St Martin for always supporting me when I need it and even when I don't, 8 good years on the team now i think. TGM ALL DAY, POW POW


bmxism said...

Looks lush! In effect right there!

flatmatters said...

Love the look of the frame!!!

Lísias Tabarelli dos Santos. said...


Howard said...

Frame is awesome .

flatSTYLE said...

tight as a bucket