Thursday, 3 February 2011

Matthias Dandois leaves A bad thing!

This is big news! Yesterday Alex Jumelin announced he is leaving Abad thing, today Matthias follows out the door, heres what he had to say on his blog! Now Matthias has left, is that the end of A bad thing?

"You might have been read that Alex Jumelin is leaving A bad thing. I'm leaving too.
It's been 3 awesome years we had altogether with Koxx and I'm so thanksful for it! They work with the best technologies and are the nicest people to work with but I have a new project comming so it was time for me to leave this company.
Big up to Alex Jumelin, Raphael Chiquet, Yohei Uchino and the whole Koxx staff! Thanks a lot!
I'll let you know soon about my new project!"


flatmatters said...

Huge news, is this the end of a bad thing? and what does matthias have in store, seems like a big project must have come up, flatware? we shall see...

Howard said...

Yeah sounds like a new project in the pipeline ,interesting stuff .