Monday, 21 February 2011

The Brotherhood DVD

Another week, another Erik Otto production for the archives, enjoy! Here's what the man himself had to say about the Brotherhood DVD...
"BMX Flatland is an art form that blends style, athleticism, balance, flow and imagination. The brotherhood that exists between flatland riders today is simply amazing and the positivity of this lifestyle was never more evident than it was at the first annual Texas Flatland Roundup in San Marcos, Texas on July 9th, 2005. See everything from the young up and comers to the veteran Pros and the great event they experienced up close and personal. Riders include:Terry Adams, Art Thomason, Scott O'Brien, Will Redd, Scott Ditchfield, Eugene Collins, Stephen Hearn, Chadwick Davis, Kelly Baldwin, Adam DiClaudio, Sean Maher, Chris “EZ” Anderson, Lee “Huck” Edwards, Diego Tejada, Cesar Calderon, Jeff Smee and more."..
The Brotherhood DVD from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

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