Monday, 14 February 2011

Chad Johnston Video profile

“For over twenty years, pro flatlander Chad Johnston has pushed the envelope at many different levels in the flat game. Starting with the VHS release of “RealiTV” in 1990, Johnston has been at the forefront of independent flatland video production since, producing over 15 videos in the years since, all the while pursuing a progressive and original path of his own in flatland. For the past few years, Johnston has been riding pegless and getting flow from S&M Bikes. Recently, S&M stepped up and gave Chad his own frame and bars, and Chad was nice enough to sit down and chat about the new developments, as well as his pegless and his latest pursuit: Neighborhood BMX Shop.” Brian Tunney, via ESPN.


flatmatters said...

Hell yeah Chad! Blowing up in the LBC! That was a dope profile! mad respect!

Howard said...

Top work Chad ,sweet looking bike simple lines,shops looking great S & M /Revenge got it goin on.

george manos said...

juast awesome!probably my next frame!"sky is the limit"!!